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Psi Onyx looks like your average earth colt, but he has one thing greater than most young ponies or even ponies at his age: his brain. What he and others see to be a birth defect, Psi lashes out and in turn, leaving many places on fire and ponies in pain. Unable to control it, his family moves away to Ponyville, believing it to be a form of exile. Instead, he is being taught to harness this power in hopes of helping Equestria. Will he succeed in becoming something great, or will the pressure make his mind snap like a twig? Stay tuned...


This is a fic that I'm only partially taking seriously. I came up with the idea 4 years ago and I realized that while the ideas I had are kind of dumb, they could be fun as well, so I'm sticking with it. I hope you enjoy.

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Nika and Mr. E have been a musical duo for five years. Their styles are completely different, but their spirits resonate with the same beat. One day, the two awake in Equestria in the home of another duo, and, seeing the music of this unfamiliar world, decide that they should bring in their influence as well. However, with city councils trying to silence their music, and the mysterious behavior of children across Equestria, the two alongside their new friends, must work together to discover the cause of this behavior and end it before Equestria is silenced. Permanently...

Rated Teen for language, violence, and occasional sexual reference.

Chapters (5)
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