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It was always Digger's dream to journey to Vivogon Island and become a Master Fighter. He does get a chance to fulfill his dream, but what fun would it be without some real obstacles?

Suggested listening is Summer by Calvin Harris.
My Little Pony belongs to *shiver* Hasbro.
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When a powerful foe takes control of the changelings and griffons, and now appears to want Equestria in its clutches, the Element Bearers rush to fend it off. But just when they're about to strike, the elements are shattered and trapped in another world. Now, it's up to Twilight and her friends to find them, before it's too late. It wouldn't have been too hard, if not for the fact that they were stuck in the middle of a war between dragon tribes...

A crossover with Wings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland.
Tags will change as the story goes on.

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