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Liked the stories. wanted to comment.

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1280622 thanks. Though I have to disagree with the merging of Dark and Chaos Magic.

OK here goes.
What you could do is generalize the kinds of magic.
--'magical jedi' and 'star wars magic', (the later unused) could just fuse, or encompass all "Sci-Fi 'magic' "
--'Dark mages' and 'chaos mages' could be both defined into "Dark powers/magic" or "evil protagonist". wait no, maybe just dark powers.
--Chi masters and monks can be summarized in "Eastern/martial arts magic"
--"Magical alteration" and "Magical mutation" both mean "Artificially/accidentally gained magic" since the human was not supposed to have it naturally.
-- "Ancient secrets and magical artifacts" may just fuse together because a device that grants magic is liable to not have his creators around anymore and be pretty obscure.
--"Path of the gods" and "Mystics" can be fused (and expanded) with "Magic Granted", "Dealings with beings" (maybe without the rhyme) or "Magical being as the source of power."
--Delete "satyrs"
--Change "Earth mages" to "Earth's mages" or "Mages from earth"
--Change "Cambions and the like" into "Hybrids".

That was it more or less.

Hey, you replied to me on a forum in LoHAV, but the forum was deleted before I could read it. Can you tell me what you said there?

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