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Shitpost please ignore · 4:11am Aug 4th, 2016

ayy lmao

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Someone's ripping off my story, lol... · 2:16am Feb 14th, 2015

Hey guys, long time no see. Before anyone asks, no I don't think I'll ever write the sequel I mentioned a few years ago, that is, unless I win the lottery or one of you wants to repay my student loans and all my bills, haha...

So, on to the point of this post. One of you guys tipped me off that someone on Fanfiction.net is word-for-word copying and pasting my story there and claiming it as his own: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10308916/1/The-Past-Is-Future . Thanks, Wonder.

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Job interviews! · 12:04am Jan 15th, 2013

I realize most of you probably don't care, but I just got some good news that I'm pretty stoked about...

I found out Cisco, (the networking hardware company), is interviewing me for a full-time position tomorrow!

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...And now a word from our sponsors... · 1:19am Jan 11th, 2013

Do me a quick favor and check out my friend Shira's new story: Hearts, Hooves, and Hands .

In case you don't remember, Shira is the guy who helped me with my last story.

I'm still slowly trudging along with the outline for my followup, but in the meantime, go check out Shira's work!

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IT BEGINS · 3:14am Nov 14th, 2012

I'm writing an outline for something. Nothing good can come of this.

Also, disregard my last blog post. I just don't have the time or BAC to complete that challenge. Sorry if I let anyone down in that regard.

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I'm Going To Get Drunk And Write Something Ridiculous · 10:14pm Sep 14th, 2012

I want to write something again, but all my ideas are focusing on followups to "The Past is the Future", and I'm not exactly crazy about writing anything serious right this second.

So... If you have any ideas that you'd like to see get wrecked, leave them in the comments, no matter how ridiculous you think it is. In fact, the crazier the better.

I'll pick one that I think has the most potential, then go down a "few" drinks to let the "creative process" work its magic.

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Final Chapter · 5:02am Aug 16th, 2012

Should have it all posted sometime tomorrow. Thanks to FlowerGirl3765, De Carabas, and Shira for their help with proofreading everything.

I'd post it now, but I'm on my phone away from my computer. Just got settled into my place back at university.

See you then!

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Proofreaders? · 12:15am Aug 9th, 2012

I've got the last parts of the story done. They're written, and ready to go, and have been for about a few weeks now. The final chapter is like 25K-26K. The epilogue is only about 5K-6K.

I've already gotten the last chapter proofread, but I could really use a second set of eyes on the epilogue. My usual proofreader has been understandably and incredibly busy as of late, but I'd really like to get this stuff posted before I get too busy moving back to school.

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Going out with a bang · 10:50pm Jul 17th, 2012

I'm almost done with the final update to the story! It's over 20K words so far, and I still haven't written the epilogue yet.

Hopefully, I'll have it wrapped up tonight!

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Dude... What? · 1:57am Jun 30th, 2012

So... I know I promised I'd have the new chapter ready this week. NOPE.

Everything that could possibly hold me up this week has indeed happened. I've been kinda sick all week: between food poisoning and migraines, I've felt just bad enough where I can't do anything when I'm at home, yet not bad enough to justify calling in sick at work lol... Hell, I just crashed when I got home today, and finally woke up about an hour ago mostly headache free.

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