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Journal 7? No it's 3... I think. · 12:04am Sep 12th, 2012

It's 9/11. Today's date I mean... what a nightmare. The whole incident, I remember seeing it when I was just a wee boy in middle school. 8th grade. I was at school, and all the boys and girls started crying. I was busy organizing books (Library assistant... *sigh* What a pain in the ass job. It wasn't even that fun.) and all the buses came to school. No one got on them, except for me. Everyone was picked up by their parents. I didn't know what was going on! I was just a boy no older than 13!

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What happened to the original story "A Few Good Stallions"?

dafuq is the original few good stallions??

only 2 comments
that just sad...
work harder mayby more people will take notice


I HEREBY POST THE ALL MIGHTY FIRST ON THIS WALL!!! wondering why no one commented sooner...

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