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In her effort to sculpt the flawless pony, Rarity's reeducation-turned-torture goes too far. But does the mare that she has created have a name beyond lipstick, ribbon and recital? Heads will turn, gossip will fly, and the social heart of Canterlot will skip a beat. There's a new lady in town and her name is . . .

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In the aftermath of an "experiment" gone too far, Twilight Sparkle must make an impossible decision: to continue dreaming a lie or to awaken and drown in a nightmare. As a certain group of friends struggle to come to terms with the betrayal from one of their own, they will have to remember the value of friendship, and embark on a struggle to rekindle their inner joy.

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Friendship Reports? Piece of cake, declares one studious Twilight Sparkle. Wrap a moral around a few choice paragraphs, and you earn your weekly rent.

Yet when the fountains of creativity run dry, Twilight Sparkle will be introduced to the common foe of all writers big and small . . .

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