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Shining Star is unique. So is her sister, Midnight Flower. Star is an alicorn. Midnight is an Earth Pony. Both live in the Everfree Forest. But their family is made up of the forest most deadly creatures. Timberwolves, Hydra, a Manticore, and the wise Phoenix.

Star and Midnight live in harmony with the forest. Nothing is out of balance for this peace. But those who enter the forest follow one rule: Take what you need but not of greed, else
the forest shall make you bleed. If you follow the rules then the Animals will not kill you.

The peace between Star's and Midnight's family and the Everfree Forest with all it's dangers. How will the mane six react when they find out that the forest holds more than just an old castle, a Zebra, and a few dangers?

No One would think that Star's secret would change Equestria forever.

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