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FivNEIN! - I am alive, but totes not too. · 10:18am Dec 2nd, 2015

Long things short, I'm still alive.

Short things long; I'm still lazy as fuck, and although I may have secretly slid a new chapter to one of my stories (The one that got some attention for a reason unbeknown to me.) , there may be more to come. Oh, and I've secretly been training my writing style. Expect less typos (I hope), 'better' paraghraphs, and more stuff like this.

Oh! New horse. The one that's currently hanging in the profile picture.

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Fiveight - What my evil heart has ready. · 8:11pm Feb 12th, 2015

Quick things first. I've got a story on my mind. It's all about Pirates, Loot, and...

Well. A pretty emotional moment too.

I don't know why, but I've suddently had the idea to mix those things together. I'm in the need a Pre-reader though -In order to check how emotional it can be. And if possible, to boost out how much damage it can do to the feelings.

Thus far, I've only made Crossovers with a little comedic touch. But now, it's time to make the Yin of the Yang i've beem making.

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Fiv-Sev : Happy pretty late new year, How my helper almost died that day, and Batpones. · 9:00pm Jan 12th, 2015

FIrst things first. Happy holy-Shit-Late new year.

Second; this:

...In contrast to this:

Let's talk about these, shall we?

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Fiv-Six: De-hell? · 11:37pm Dec 7th, 2014

So, this is something that I find interesting.

I've happily decided to launch out a little story of mine. Currectly, it's on revision, awaiting approval (Something that still has me nervous, for some reason.), AND, out of nowere, it got one like, and one dislike.

I've made sure to keep it as a secret. It has a password, and all that fancy stuhp.

Yet, a few managed to slip in, and upvote -And downvote.

Seems that the moderators don't know what to think about that story of mine. :I

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Fiv-Fiv - Respawning, strange depressions, and god-damnit Evening Star. · 3:59pm Nov 28th, 2014


Gesh. Just two weeks, and I've accumulated 1K of Feed items.

"Why two weeks?"; I feel you ask.

Good question, voice in my head!

The reason is as simple, as all the bullshit that's been going down the drain!

Since I'm not here to pass that terrible feeling with words and such, lemme summarize it.

Terrible recent work conditions - Recent bullshit with Family - Issues with almost everything - GOD, DAMNIT RAIN - Recent death of a tortoise.


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I have a Derpy. · 6:55pm Nov 7th, 2014

Your argumen has been derped.

Neh, in all seriousness, tis' an interesting little piece of story you'd surely like.

As y'all should not know, today -And the next two days counting from 7'th November-, there's this thing called 'The Manga Saloon' -Best translation from Spanish to English.

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Five- EEEEEEEEEEE - The day when everything falls, Giving to recieve without even asking, outbreaks. · 2:39pm Sep 24th, 2014

Oi, long time no made one of these Blogs...

Well, hooves to work! This'll be a long one!

...I'll start of with my "The day when everything falls down". Today, one week ago, I got a ticket of 6.66€ ( Yes, I live in Europe. ).

At first, it won't sound much, unless you're a strong -forgot the word- person. I, personally, just believe them for the lolz.

...That is untill weird stuff started to happen.

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Five-Two - Sweet fuggin' Akatosh! · 4:52pm Sep 1st, 2014

...I'm back, in the first place.

In the second place, holy dulley! 750+ Feed items! Gesh, how long have I've been off-duty?

Oh, right. Just a week and a half... But welp.

ALSO. I ain't gonna be on too much. no, I still don't have to get working till' next week, and I'm sure y'all are now busy with school, and that fancy stuff...

...More likely how active I've been so far. Te-hee.

Anywho', off I go. Again. For fun.

-Axlgx, that guy in the green T-Shirt.

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Five-Juan - Ninja... VANISH! · 10:20am Aug 18th, 2014

...Nuff' said.

I'll be vanishing for a lil' while... Maybe a bit longer. The reason: Internet.

Althought I live in Europe (Kindoff), we have chosen to live into the best, desertic corner it has to offer. AND, by being in the desertic corner, we're more like... There. Yeh, it's a good vacation spot, BUTT being so far away comes with concecuences, such as a relatively bad internet connection, AND having to pay more for the food that we have to get from oversea. Yay.

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Five-O' : Good ol' Summer, Birds, and mah' face! · 9:53am Jul 30th, 2014

Summer. The time we all love. Ideal time to go to the beach, the vacations, Etc, Etc...

Y'wanna know how it's here?

Like freaking hell.

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