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Gray Dust. Pegasus, unmarked Dashite, and gun for hire. The kind of stallion that the Talons rely jobs they don't want to do, and the one that takes them from whoever can spare the caps, doing them with cold precision like many othes do.

The only difference? He has a pair of wings in a sea of hooves and horns. Something that usually calls unnecessary attention.

When he's tasked with retreiving a pony's keys as proof of success, he learns a moderately important lesson.

Third place winner in the Wasteland Writing Contest.

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A few thousands of years ago... Equestria didn't exist.

Instead, the continent was populated by three warring tribes of Ponies; Earth Ponies, Pegasi and Unicorns. They all thrived on their own sepparate ways, divided by who had what, but grudgingly kept together by trade and need.

Until the Great Frost broke out.

Crops failed, the soil froze. Food couldn't be grown anywhere, and Ponies starved. Many fled south, only to meet their end to the storm. Others went north, to even colder areas, with the hope of finding deep coal reserves to heat themselves up, and perhaps warm an area up enough to grow crops on it, with the use of arcane and technological marvels, rushed into existance by force.

This is the story of the first time the three Tribes put their differences aside for one common goal; Survive the ethernal winter.


Inspired by 11-Bit Studio's game, Frostpunk.
Not proofreaded. Like, at all.

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I'll say it again. Crossover between MLP, and Payday (2), but with a little more 'Touch'.

...It has been five years since a crew of four Stallions wrecked havoc across Manehattan, Fillydephia, Baltimare, and VanHoover, robbing, murdering, and taking everything by the force. Countless Royal Guards have fallen on their hooves, as they Heisted for an underground organization, simply known as CrimeNet.

Five years without any shots fired, no alarms tripped...

...This is going to change when the group is called back to action by Bain, the mysterious figure behind these crimes...

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Yet again, a Crossover of Guns of Icarus, and MLP. Just becasue, why not!

Five hundred years ago, Equus crumbled into shards of land, that started to float. Today, at the year 1.516 A.N.M, we still don't know why it happened. But, we adapted. We survived.

Pegasi could fly already, so they found no trouble. Unicorns designed Airships from the remmans of the Naval Fleets, and Earth Ponies built them, with their strenght. A new Era started the day the Earth crumbled into smaller pieces.

And, these smaller pieces turned into smaller States. Equestria, as an unified nation failed, as the Alicorns felt during the fragmentation. There is no record on what happened to them...

However, travelers and adventurers from the far North tell tales of an specific island... A Floating library, where all the knowledge of this world is stored at.

...Maybe somepony's interested in an adventure.

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