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After a 'spiritual kidnapping', I find myself in a land populated by small, sentient equines. Was I brought here for a reason or was it all just an accident. Accidents is the only theory I can really believe. 'Cause what good can a single person with an average life do to make a difference? That's what I have to find out.

This is me. The only human in Equestria.

[Equestria Girls is non-canon in this story and takes place during season 6]

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Author's Notes: This story is up for adoption!

What if you were somepony who has been subjected to a forbidden spell since birth? Would you cope being less than equine and more than mortal? Or would you be tormented by that curse till the end of your life?

Cover art by Jacky-Bunny

Additional Tags: Dark Magic-wielding Pegasus, Potential Hero of Equestria.

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