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IT Brony that likes writing stories about magical horse land and witches. I also do quite a bit of editing.

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Don't read this, it was the first time I'd ever done any manner of writing. Its good for a badfic reading though; it's peak 2013 bad HIE.

Equestria, a land with a mysterious past surrounded by powerful forces. Enter Damon Flame, a 19 year old living on his own trying to get by in life after escaping his home five years ago. He was just starting to regain some semblance of control over his life and was beginning to accept some of the scars his past left on his mind. Things are finally looking up but his healing is interrupted by life kicking him in the teeth, stealing a couple organs, and dragging him to some freaky place. At least it had the courtesy to leave him in the ICU.

*Authors note*
Tell me what you like and hate about this. I'm completely open to constructive criticism.
Rewrites of the chapters are currently in progress.
Also thanks to Total Eclipse for letting me bounce ideas off of him.

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