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Ryan, under the stage name of Magician Ronan, lives a successful life of a professional magician. However a close encounter with death leads him to another world filled with adventures, secrets, and magic. He'll make surprising allies and uncover the deeper history of his family's history.

This is a HiE and occurs after the end of Season 4
Story will contain the characters stated. The first part is just a teaser chapter to get a taste for what it will be about.
Tag will be added and character tags will as well once they appear.

Editors: Currently none.

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**Renamed from A Not so Ordinary Traveling Editor**

"Sometimes even the greatest need a little push here and there."
-StarSwirl The Bearded

In ancient Equestiran history, there once lived a creature that hasn't been seen for generations. Tales speak of a bi-pedaled, black-cloaked being that has the ability to shape-shift and travel through the darkness. However, because much of the information that had been gathered was highly controversial, historians deemed that creature a myth, a made up creature that haunted the dreams of foals.

And now, after hundreds of years, this creature returns.

Editor(s): S0ngb1rd

Tags may be added as story progresses.

... Since when did this get featured? >_> September 29, 2017
*Due for Rework*

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