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The Plan · 3:03am Mar 17th, 2015

So, I've decided that I don't like how I wrote the A Not so Ordinary Traveling Editor. So, after a few more chapters of YHaY: The Thief I am going to swap my attention to rebooting my first original story.

Do not worry, not much is going to change, the first three chapters will be relatively the same. I'll just read through them, edit, and move on.

Plus I feel this will help me with writing something different and getting out of the figurative mud.

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Doing some Editing to the Editor · 5:01am Oct 20th, 2014

So, after gaining what little experience in writing that I now have. The thought has come to me of rewriting the 'A Not so Ordinary Traveling Editor'.

I had tried for a " oh, I'm not supposed to change what is originally supposed to happen" type vibe from Noctus. But looking back at it with new eyes, I may have gotten too close to the canon episodes. Okay, I got word for word close.

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Sorry · 1:03am Aug 26th, 2014

As the title states, I'm sorry for being absent for so long. I had just started my senior year of high school and with homework and after school marching band practice, I haven't had time to write. ( it doesn't help that I had lost my internet for the past week.)

I do have my internet back finally and got settled into my classes.

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Tartarus Villain EXPLOSION · 7:41pm May 26th, 2014

After the release of The Season 4 Finale, I've been noticing a rise in villain stories in FimFiction. Has anyone else noticed this?

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Writer's Block It's the Worst isn't it? · 6:39am Apr 12th, 2014

So, I has come to my own attention that I am a bit unsure of where to go with "A Not so Ordinary Editor". I know what I'm going to do for the Bridle Gossip episode, but not too sure after that.

So I've decided to put it to a vote!

I will leave the decision up to any of you who read this and like one of my stories. I will leave you with some options:

1.) Think more and continue writing A Not so Ordinary Editor.

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A New Story on the Horizon · 11:26pm Mar 11th, 2014

Hello, to anyone who reads this. This is Noctis saying that I am going to release a new story soon.

Just like YHaY: The Thief, this story will only be a one-shot for now. The story will be continued far into the future. I mainly wanted to put this out there for a "How would a story like this be viewed, and how much support would there be for it?".

I can't tell you all too much about it, or even it's title.
However I can tell you that:

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The Journey Continues · 7:11pm Feb 19th, 2014

So, I don't know what you guys would call 'some-what popular', but I'd say that it is. I'm going to number this so if you just want info on what's going to happen. here ya go.

1.)So I'm just putting this out there that Your Human and You: The Thief, will continue.

2.)I don't know when I'll have time, but I shall continue to write it. I got finals coming up and I'm a junior in high-school so. . . yeah it is important.

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