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Before meeting Applebloom and Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo had always been sort of a loner. Her schoolmates ignored her, the townsfolk only paid her mind when she ran into them with her scooter, and her own mother pretended she didn't exist.
Scootaloo didn't mind being alone. It gave her more time to think.. It gave her more freedom. Friendship and compassion does nothing but hold us back, after all.
But Hearths Warming Eve comes along... This holiday has always been her least favorite holiday.

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Miss Fluttershy is old and feeble, but so full of memories. All of her friends have moved on to whatever lies beyond life, and all she has is their memories. She's not sure when her own time will come, but she likes to revel in the memories of old times. Today she wants to stroll the small town of Ponyville with her caretaker to see what it was and what it has become.
"Life seems to go by very slowly, Cordis, but when you look back, you will wonder why it went by so fast."

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Enigma Shade wakes up in a hospital as a pony. Having no memories of the past few days, he fights to try to recover them and figure out why he has come to this new world and what happened to his own broken one. While his memory recovers, he starts learning about his new world, from the politics to every day life. Explore Equestria with Enigma Shade and learn about the dark and broken world he left behind.
Author's note (edit): This is a 3-part "book". More side-stories will be added later as a separate story.

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