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Chapter 1: A new life

:Ten Years Later:

"so Shadow where are we going this time I hope its some were we stay for once" Shadow was staring at his only friend and finally said "let me look at the map and let's see ah here we are it's a small town call pony-ville and we're not that far at all so let's go there and start over and a new life to boot" some where a pink pony had a feeling some-pony is come to town. "how many times do I have to tell you Dark I'll tell you when we get there k" *sigh* "fine just wake me when we get k Shadow". Shadow made it to a sign what *welcome to pony-ville* and a smile on Shadow face "Dark wake up we're here" Dark open her eyes and yawn "finally your back so uncomfortable to sleep on ever" *sigh* "well if you don't like sleeping my back then get off and fly for a bit k because you to keep your wings in shape and later if your good I'll let you eat your favor gem sound fair hmm" Dark thought about it for little bit "fine its a deal"

both friends made it in to town then out of nowhere a pink blur hit Shadow on his back then the pink pony said "HI I'M PINKIE PIE I NEVER SEEN YOU IN PONY-VILLE BEFORE BECAUSE I KNOW EVERY-PONY IN PONY-VILLE BUT SENSE YOUR NEW I GET TO THROW YOU A WELCOME TO PONY-VILLE OK BYE"

Both Shadow and Dark we're watching as pinkie bounded away "so that happen anyway we should look for the mayor to get a house to live at" Shadow look at Dark to see what she was look at to seen another dragon on a purple unicorn walking there way to both Shadow and Dark the purple unicorn said "hi my name Twilight Sparkle and this is Spike but I never seen a dragon like her before can you Mr.uh..hmm.. I'm sorry what's your name" "oh my name is Shadow Dust and this is my only friend Dark light she is a light darkness dragon a rare and last of kind i found her egg when i was a colt while i travail by myself all over of Equestira and what makes her rare is she has wings of a demon and an angle and can do light and dark magic plus her kind have been hunted for their scales because there harder then diamonds and can cut gems like butter" the look on Twilight and Spike had a look of sadness and happiness because I found her egg then Spike said "what kind of pony would hunt a cutie dragoness like you Dark"

Dark was blushing from Spike calling her cutie. I just sinker because its the first time to see her all embarrass and her first comment from a boy dragon then Dark smack Shadow in the back of the head "oh come on Dark you know I'm messing with you plus its the first time in ten years to some-pony nice and some-dragon that is not trying to attack or eat us i mean remember what happen to us when that hydra try and make a meal out off us until i cut its heart out to save us" *ahem* I turn around to see Twilight look at me of horror and fear "you killed a hydra the only ponies that can do are the royal guards and a Alicorns but your not a guard so that would make y.yo...YOU AN ALICORN!"

my eyes widen in horror she found out my secret i was hiding *sigh* "yes I'm the last male Alicorn the others where my grandpa and great-grandpa and I'm named after them my full name is Shadow Eclipse Dust the Dust part is a family name the Eclipse from my 4th grandpa Eclipse Blood Dust but the rest of my family are unicorns or Pegasuses only the male are luck to be Alicorns so when I mean last I mean it" every-pony heard everything you said to Twilight and Spike who where dumbstruck and so are every other pony as well *sigh* "no every-pony I'm royalty at all so just go on with you business" I look back to Twilight "so Ms.Twilight what brings you to pony-ville anyway if may ask"

Twilight snap out off it "ah yes I'm here to check on everything for the SUMMER SUN CELEBRATION" I was think for a bit and said "you know i think this my first time to go to Summer Sun Celebration ever ain't that right Dark" Dark snap out of her love look at Spike "uh oh ya we haven't one at all sense we left the dragon country all ten years ago"
what Dark said cot Twilight's attention was the word Dragon Country "your both from the Dragon Country no-pony ever lived there well maybe dragons but ponies how did live there with getting eat at all" I snicked "oh that's easy my family lived in the forbidden lands of Dragon Country because no dragon goes there because of the bone dragons we keep as pets"
I finish with a smile Twilight was surprise she has read about bone dragons but never knew they were real at all "so your family is protect by bone dragons i thought they were a myth" i tolled her they are real and really nice and very protective of my family because my family run a bone dragon hatchery.

Shadow said "now excuse me Ms.Twilight me and Dark got to get going the Mayor's office so later" Twilight watches them leave for bit "Spike later remind me to write a letter to the princess to tell her i meet a male Alicorn today in pony-ville and Spike i saw the way you were looking at Dark all love struck *hehe*".

Author's Note:

there will be a new chapter tomorrow