• Published 10th Apr 2013
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Libera Mé - EZTP

Set just after the events of season 3, Twilight Sparkle and her friends must rise to a challenging beast the likes of which will test her not only as an alicorn, but as the Princess of Friendship.

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28 Libera Me


Luna hovered above the throne room surveying her sister and the others suspended in their cocoons. It was disturbing to see her own body, no longer awake with them. The queen below had not realised she could move with such freedom. Such a mistake would cost her dearly. Luna could see it now, the mighty creature charging the ranks of their enemy breaking foe after the next until only the queen stood before him and they grappled in an epic battle where she would loose. Luna became worried though thinking about her conversation the previous night with it. It had thought clearly, realistically about what may happen. She doubted the scenario would transpire, in her experience fortune always favoured the strong of heart. The queen sat content upon her throne sampling a wine she had plundered. Satisfied she waved the darkling away without a word and proceeded to her balcony once more to gaze upon her new land.

Queen Chrysalis had been searching furiously since her occupation through all of Twilights books and the Canterlot archives, after a vast array of books she finally came across what she had been looking for. It was a terrible spell Luna thought they had eliminated a long time ago. The queen had used it against a surprise retaliation from the remaining resistance. The power of a dragons fire was an ancient spell before even her time, its origin lost to time. It was a terrible display, the Wonderbolts had been hit hard, but Chrysalis refused to end their lives, she took delight in harvesting what she could from their broken and charred bodies.

Her victory in Canterlot was swift and terrible, the guards were swept aside as dust to wind, Cadence and shining armour encased in black crystal mere hooves apart from each other. Discord had fought very hard, but he too succumbed to her might. The new form was terrible, bringing with it all the might of the creature wielding her terrible magic. Unlike the creature however her form was more elegant and light, she was more agile and very fast. Luna could remember the fight against her and Celestia, the queen dodging and returning their own magic against them in fury. It had been a long time since she felt fear. The fear she had In her when Nightmares came to life. Staring down the creature and fighting the Golems did not fill her with fear. She had felt its full force when she saw her sister fall lifeless to the ground. Celestia fought with all her might and it still was no match for the queen, her power had grown since she adopted the creatures strange form.

Then Luna thought again of the creature and her heart soared. It would save them as it had on that night before, all would be well and she could welcome it to her kingdom instead of exiling it. Guilt had plagued her this night, a deep sorrow at what had happened. The creatures imprisonment, its illness, its burns, all could have been avoided had they chosen to believe it. At the time they had no reason to, yet its pleas were as sincere as they were on the first day. She smiled as she remembered their first meeting. The creatures sudden snap and taunting trying to free itself and sizing them up. It was amusing to her that this beast was only bearing its facade to them to protect itself. After all that had happened it would stand for them against their enemy, risking all it had earned to save them. She could not recall the last time she had met a being so stubborn, it infuriated her how its hostility and anger drove them to shackles. It was as much its fault as theirs. Regardless the time was past and her visit to the creatures dream cleared alto within her. Once again she found herself in that moment, watching it speak and seeing the wisdom it had. It was barely understandable how such a brute could posses such clarity. She could only hope her fears were unfounded and she waited for it, for the creature to appear and save them.


Queen Chrysalis dreamt a dream of glory and victory, her subjects cheering for her, all under her. The might of her new form the driving force behind her tide to conquer all the land. She felt overjoyed and content as foe after the next fell. Her dreams however were not so sweet, a cloud rolled in over her and she could see those terrible eyes staring at her, wanting her. She stirred from her slumber when a large explosion sounded in the front keep. She leapt to her feet and ran to the balcony. The scene was chaos, a host of Darklings lay piled on one another under her balcony, the mighty gates torn apart and a large cloud of smoke pouring into the courtyard. She felt a shiver and her hair rise as the silhouette of the creature stepped through, the lights from the moon cutting through the fog dissecting the figure. It stepped forth defiantly from the mists and smoke staring straight at her. It wore new clothing now with drab camouflage on arms anr legs with a black shirt and pants overlapping.

The queen felt her anger rise as this beast dared invade her sanctuary. She was still haunted by her loves blank expression when the creatures final blow cascaded into the ground, shattering him. It had come as a surprise, she had hoped it killed after its purpose was fullfilled. To her disappointment it survived and stood before her once more. Looking over at the lower area she saw the Darklings flying once more around the creature, theit attempts to fight easily brushed off with blow after the next shattering them. It seemed stronger to her , no longer dancing around its opponents but barrelling straight through them instead. She dived over and hit the courtyard with full force sending a shockwave across the area.

The creature had broken though half the Golems in a line to her but she had no fear of it. It would break under her hoof like all others who dared stand against her.She felt her hatred rise and raised her claw to it, with all her power a blast of emerald green light shot forward instantly blasting the Golems around it. In the smoke of the impact the creature stood, unharmed but steaming.

“I have grown stronger beast! Do not be so foolish as to presume your victory.” The creature did not answer but charged forward, its steps drumming the earth. Chrysalis smirked and inhaled speaking the words of the ancients the flame burst forward engulfing the creature, its roars drowned out by that of the fire. Without warning the creatures fist shot from the flame, powering into Chrysalis and sending her flying across the courtyard. The force of the impact echoed in the courtyard. The creature was burned to Lunas horror, but it did not react to it. Chrysalis picked herself up quickly stunned by the brute force.

“Looks like I will have to get my hooves dirty.” she smirked composing herself. More ancient words Luna could not understand and her hide became darker, the sheen of the dark crystal fading, being replaced by scales of emerald green. Luna recognised this spell, it made the skin as tough as a dragons. The queen charged forwards now to the creature bearing the same brutality it had. The creature shifted its stance waiting for her. With all her force Chrysalis sent a punch straight to its head, but she was thwarted as the creature swept it to the side, harmlessly flying sat its face and sending a brutal uppercut to her midsection halting her instantly. It flipped her over quickly pinning her to the ground. She kicked out and caught its forehead stunning it and rolling to her feet trying again to hit it. It sent another punch to her ignoring her might. She spun away to recover but the creature was on the assault now sending blow after blow and deflecting her own. Even of to missed it carried through to another attack.

Luna was disturbed by this creature, it was calculating in its strikes, as though trained. Every shot was precise to part of the queens body. She had made another mistake attempting to fight this creature with its own form, it had full knowledge of how to face its own kind.

“It’s a beautiful body,” the creature taunted her, “But you have no idea what we are truly capable of!” It grabbed her throat, lifting her from the ground and sent a mighty blow to her head. Chrysalis was thrown back to the floor, her head ringing and body aching. She thought quickly back to that day when it forced her to retreat. It had been badly wounded, injured by something. Its hide was tough now, resisting even her fire. There was something it could not withstand. Something... Chrysalis suddenly had an epiphany and searched the courtyard for what she would use. The creature drew closer, striding across the battle worn scape. Chrysalis saw the statue of herself behind it, made from the finest black marble, solid and heavy. She used her magic quickly pulling it towards the creature with incredible speed. The creature spun to meet it but was hit hard and knocked off its feet under the weight of the statue. Chrysalis did not cease and catapulted it into the wall, cracks forming along the crystal surface. She pulled it back and the creature fell forwards to its knees and arms sputtering with the impact.

Chrysalis smiled in satisfaction, “It looks like you are not as tough as we thought. Brave hero.” She held the statue above its body and as it looked up she sent it to the ground flattening the creature. It tried to roll away but was still stunned from the impact. She sent it down again pushing it further into the ground. Luna could see the cocoons overhead swaying with the force do the impact. Again and again the queen sent it down, pieces flying off as the statues form became a splintered mess.

“For my love! For my kingdom! For your betrayal!”

When the dust had settled the creature was still. It lay face down on the ground, its garments torn and hide scarred. Luna was trying to think of how she could help. Her sister and the others watched on in shock at what they had seen. Chrysalis had defeated the beast so simply. Luna however could see it still lived, its heart beat strong, and was growing faster. Chrysalis watched on at the fallen opponent cautious in her victory, she did not take delight in it, for she had seen it take far greater punishment.

It lay still for a while and she could make out no movement, not even breathing. Feeling more secure with each passing moment she drew closer to it, approaching the body. She could smell rusted iron to her bewilderment, and the foul odour of the creature. The night had become calm once more, its stillness settling on the scene. The creature groaned and Chrysalis stepped back gaining distance between herself and it. She could scarcely believe it was still alive fate such a beating. She would soon fix that.

To Lunas surprise the creature was trying to stand, dragging its legs underneath it and pushing of its thigh to stand tall once more. It’s alright, you can rest now, please. Cadence and Celestia were amazed at the strength it had. It was laughing.

“Such arrogance!” the queen hissed, “Do you truly believe you will win?” she charged forward and punched it in the midsection, it made no motion to block or dodge. It exclaimed in pain as the queen pulled back and sent another blow to the same location. It was still laughing. The queen was growing weary and threw all her might into another shot to the head, staggering it back, but not felling it. She felt the spatter of its fluids on her face but could only see her goal of killing it, she cared not for such trivial inconveniences when this beast was on the edge of life, barely able to support its own weight, broken and bruised soon to be nothing more than a lump of expired mass. A thought then occurred to her, why?

“Why do you stand for them? After all they have done. Why protect the weak? They have nothing to offer you.” The creature was smiling now, seemingly looking through her. “Answer me!”

It did not. She sent another blow to its midsection and heard the splintering of bone underneath, she kept her hoof pressed against the spot, inflicting as much suffering as she could. She wanted it to suffer, to see it break. It staggered back but she reached round and held it close, looking it in the eyes. “You stand alone. Why sacrifice yourself for them?”

The creature looked up at the cocoons on the ceiling to the suspended Celestia, Luna, the upstart captain beside his love, Twilights sister. He felt a warm sensation over his wounds, the strength of his body was fading. He looked at the queen seeing her breathing heavily onto it through folded brow and gritted teeth, the smell was horrendous. It could see in the other cocoons to the ponies inside them, watching on with mixed expressions of confusion and fear. Its thoughts went to Rarity and her words; families, loved ones, innocents, soldiers, a host of all different beings that inhabited this world. Each of them depending on its actions and a feeble plan, It would stay standing, it would hold on until it couldn’t anymore. It would set off the bomb before its world darkened and hope it would be enough to take her down. It could feel the legs buckle but it forced itself to stand, focussing on the pain and using it to drive it upwards, ever higher. The queen twisted her hoof and pain seared in its ribs. It felt like it should speak, say something profound and enlightened. Instead it could hear a distant treading of hooves, with the light thumps of Crystal, all it had to do was hold on until they could get there. It did not question why it did stand here for them, why be prepared to loose everything. It had grown to care for them and needed to make his peace. The queen met its weary gaze, anger filled them, it had not regretted killing her lover. They should not have chosen a fight they could not finish. A booming voice spoke out, it was the black moon one. “Because the knight is free!”. She was confused by her words but felt the abdomen shift on her claw. Facing the creature, its narrowed eyes met hers, there was nothing in them, no fear, no pain.

“Libera Me...” it stood taller as the strength grew, the muscles in arms and legs filling with energy. They pushed it upwards raising the bulk, the cracking of bone and joints unfeeling to the monster. It looked down at the queen who stepped back. The arm shot out grabbing her shoulder, stepping forward sending the other fist to her midsection with a thundering impact shaking her being. She was winded and exclaimed as her dragon scales broke off and clattered to the earth. The blood on her was working, it had weakened her magic.

Chrysalis’ hoof shot out across the creatures face digging deep in the hide trying to break its grip. She threw the arm off and leapt back. It was still smiling, the voices around her growing louder. Fear was with her now, she could not believe it could rally itself. She quickly lifted another statue with her power and sent it straight to the creature, this time however it darted to the side staggering under its injuries but twisting its body to land a claw to her head bringing her to her knees. She threw the statue back but it missed again, she summoned the remaining two and sent them spinning around the creature while she crawled back and pushed herself to her feet. It could not avoid them forever. She had forced it into a corner from where there was no escape, yet she still felt afraid. Something was nagging her about this. This creature was not stupid, it would not attack unless it could win. Had its plan failed, or was it trying to rally the others into breaking free and tip the odds against her. She dismissed this doubt and focused on what was important, ending it.

A beam of rainbow light burst forth, throwing her back against the fortress wall, pinning her. The large statues flying off in all directions to crash and roll on the ground. She reacted quickly, projecting a shield over her deflecting the beam. It dissipated and to her horror she saw the six element ponies poised to face off. She saw the creature standing tall and defiant, a large dog creature made from white crystal standing before it.

The creature roared as the six charged forward to the queen, throwing the statues at them. Applejack blasting apart one of the spinning statues, Pinkie shot the other turning it into bubbles popping harmlessly in the air. Another quick shot from Fluttershy disintegrated the final statue into flowers.

Twilights beam bathed Chrysalis in its glow, covering her completely while her shield caught it. She remembered fighting Teddy, what she had learned and pulled to the side quickly as a claw shot through the beam to her. It missed and she rolled to the side again as the second came down hard to crack the ground. Crystal leapt on the queen tearing and clawing furiously as the creature signalled to the others. Twilights beam had failed but she would try with everything again, plan B was not an option, she ignored the signal and rushed on as Crystal was flung to the far wall to hit it with a cracking sound, the force shaking the ground itself as she fell to the floor limp. She rushed to the wolfs side to aid her, Fluttershy jumped in front of Crystal to raise a shield to deflect the fire breath, Twilight joining their beams to strengthen it. She could feel it edging around as it grew stronger, hotter.

Rarity was by Teddy’s side, the body was weak and charred, the face and hair singed. It was still standing, she tried to cast her magic and heal it but a bright light behind her drew her attention, the queen was breathing some kind of fire. Before she could react Teddy ran past her sending all its weight to its claw into the queen, she spun and it grasped her savagely kicking the knee and coiling around the neck to lower her before it. The queen cal wed at the arm but it did not move, a splintering glass sound resonating. The queen changed to her original form surprising the creature and kicking it over her to land in the floor if front. Before her hoof struck down Rarities Element hit her pushing her back, she changed to her form and breathed deeply, Applejack threw up a barrier but the creature threw itself up to stand between them as the fire washed over it. They watched in horror and relief as the flame stopped to see Teddy lifting the queen by the head and throwing her against the wall, the claw did not release. It pulled back and with all the weight of the beast slammed her head back to the wall again. It pulled the clenched the free fist slamming it into the head as it drew the other free. The elbow shot out and caught her in the chin, she sunk her claws into the neck and shoulders trying to throw it away but the assault was relentless, every hit stringer than the last, breaking the armoured scales an her head and face, her body sagging but being lifted by each shot.

Rarity and Rainbow Dash galloped to Teddy while Applejack and Pinkie to Crystal, Twilight and Fluttershy were poised over her sealing the cracks, they ran deep into the body now, the red blood of Teddy seeping out. She tried to stand but Fluttershy held her down whispering to her, “You’ve done enough. Please.” The sounds of Teddy as it groaned with each punch drew her up, the wolf rolled up and darted through them to the queen again as Teddy pulled away and the wolf caught her again, more cautious now biting quickly and rejoining to Teddy. Rarity felt her hooves carry her to the queen as she saw the deep seeping gashes in Teddy, the pain on the face as the hide grew darker with what covered it.

She thew all her energy at the queen, still stunned form her bludgeoning. Five other lights joined her and pushed the queen back, her back legs digging into the ground as she tried to throw her fire again. Without taking a breath it was not possible to build up. Teddy Collapsed to its knees supported by Crystal, the body sagging over her head.

It tried to stand but the creatures legs were drained, its body could no longer move and it fell on Crystal, her massive head supporting it as the knees settled on the ground. It watched on as the queen was thrown back by the six lights perfectly hitting her, the vein attempt to throw her fire. Crystal was whining and the claw could feel the crack in her side.

“Not you too girl. Please not you.” It could see the queen digging in, her claws finding their footing. All theta chipping at her plating was no good, all that effort had no result, plan B was ready, plan C was armed. It could no longer feel its own legs or arms, its vision was blurred, the familiar taste of rust as its head slumped back as it tried to stand. Seeing all those faces of these strange creatures. Their fear and sadness. All those lives above rested on those six ladies. It glanced over to see the beams joined into one now, the queen was laughing at them her power was still strong. They made a mistake pushing her away for without the proximity to it her power would grow. It was as the creature knew, the blood only held a fragment of what caused her to weaken. The true reason was deeper, it was not important now what it was.

“Stand,” it sputtered clearing its mouth from the bleeding lip, “One more. Stand!” It looked to the ceiling, seeing the white alicorn, she was watching the six fight. The creature could feel it in her, it could see what she never had. It could never cause her to feel that, not in the cell, not when it was free. She was afraid, she had fear. “One more...” The legs were drawn forward as it pushed itself off Crystal staggering to its feet. The queen was now laughing and triumphantly mocking the Ladies, it felt that spark inside flow through it. That which drove all beings like it forward. The kind of this creature were strong, proud, tough, stubborn. At all ends they still stood for those that could not, they were strong enough to bare the weight of others and it would be strong enough to bear it’s own for those that could not. Crystal was laying on the floor now, she motioned to stand but the claw on her ear told her it was time to rest, “Good girl.”

I am a fool. She thrives off love. I could face her because I never felt that. Now she’s feeding off mine. So I am sorry my love, but we have to let go. Goodbye.

The queen dug in deep and laughed as the sparks flowed over her harmlessly. “How fitting it is for you to share the fate of your pet!”

“Keep firing!” Twilight yelled as the sparks grew brighter and fused together to form one large beam.

“It will not work Elementals. Do as your animal has and stand aside, fall to your knees before your new queen!”

“We will not fall!”

“Then you will perish with the beast.” She stood tall now above them, her form standing against the blast.

Twilight could feel it running low, her element was weakening becoming drained from the fight. They were never meant to last in a long term battle. It was still not working and she began to panic. She could feel the shaking of her hooves and saw the queens smile fade as her gaze moved behind them. She suddenly yelped and screamed as her hide cracked and her footing loosened. The beam was drained now and the queen was experiencing that same weakness. She collapsed under the weight of the hide she wore no longer able to bear it.

“You thought to sample my emotions?! How amusing!” The creature lumbered past them to the queen. “How does it feel? Do you taste it?”

“Your heart is black and cold.”

“Wrong. It is empty. I care not of them nor the ones they stand for.”

“Yet you still stand for them.” she smirked.

It lifted her by the throat, her legs unable to stand, “No. I wanted my prize. I wanted to watch the light fade from your eyes. You betrayed me after my loyalty to you, I fought for you as I promised, retrieved the power you wield and you would see me trapped in this nightmare for all eternity! I loved you and you threw it away! You spurned me.”

It brought immeasurable pain to say that falsehood because it could feel the one it loved weep at them. Her heart ached to the point that she fell to her knees with the shock, unable to breathe form the pain in her chest, only staring blankly at the queen in its grasp. The creature did not look at her, she did not know how to feel, it had used them and they were fools to play to its tune.

A slow rippling laugh came from the queen echoing around, “Love is amazing!” She grabbed the creatures throat and lifted it now, the ground where her hooves stood splintering under the focussed weight. It held her claw and tired to break the grip by impacting the elbow. The arm buckled but she threw it with across to the six, they did not move to help it.

“After all you said she still loves you. I was feeding off the wrong one, her love is tenfold yours for her. The purest of love itself, no doubts or fears, she gives her very being to you completely, delicious. See how they look at you now, you have no more allies.”

“Teddy...” Twilight began.

“She is feeding...off...” it could barely speak, a wheezing noise as it gasped for air. The eyes could barely stay open. Twilight did not know why but she darted in front of it laying there and projected her barrier, to her surprise Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie had done the same, acting in unison.

“They still stand for you my ‘love’,” her words were cold, “They know you lie, they know you too well. Ah...there it is, I feel it rebuilding, shattered feelings for you. She cannot stop. You should have taught her your tricks monster. Let us rebuild further, you there, elemental. You were the one to save this thing. I could not take its body anymore after it fell in love with you. It was merely a tool to retrieve this power! All this will amass an army far greater than any other in history! I wielded it to find that power. You nearly stopped me in Ponyville, in that home.”

“Why Teddy!?”

“Look at it, this beast is far too powerful. All those monsters are as mighty as it but this one was the closest. They are not from this land, or this world. I brought it here to fight under me. I had hoped to retrieve it after the first failure and harness that ability for my own purpose. Then you interfered as you all do so well. I shall see you suffer the most!”

“So you never love-”

“I take love, I never feel it!”

“And Sombra!?” The queen did not answer, she was shocked.

“Yet another casualty I must endure.”

“You are the monster.”

“Please,” the creature slowly pulled itself up, it was agony hearing those bones crack with the strain, “Forget me, I know...will hurt, must let me go. Key to victory.”

The queen smiled and slowly approached them. “Try as you might I know what I felt. I know that taste was real. You love her as much as she does you.”

“Forget me now!” it roared to her.


“She draws strength from your love. Snuff the light. Forget me now you fool!”

She closed her eyes and concentrated, she still could not. She felt the pain it had and she knew she could not. Nevertheless she let herself feel that pain. The one of letting a lover go once again. She emptied her heart and let the burn set in. It would be nothing compared to what it endured for them.

“She cannot listen. Her love is too strong for you.”

“What? But I-”

Teddy darted between them, grasping twilights horn for a moment with its claw and sending a furious shot to the queens face, she spun and it danced around her grabbing from behind wrapping its arm around her throat, stomping its foot hard on her hoof nailing it the the ground. She furiously cycled between forms but its grip was too great this time, choking her.

“NOW!” it roared to Twilight. She hesitated. “I AM NOT ASKING! I AM NOT AFRAID!” Still she could not bring herself to do it, “Fine.” It reached into that side pouch, the coil never loosening, Twilight knew what was going to happen, the gate, the carnage, this was the better choice, at least this way she did not know what would happen. It still had a chance.

Twilight took aim and closed her eyes, she felt the energy surging in her growing stronger, it was more powerful than before, the blood on her horn magnifying it. she let it all out with magnificent burst of light. It hit the queen and she began to crack on the surface of her new body, she screamed furiously as beams of light flew out of her, Twilight pushed on and felt all the power flow out, draining her completely. Then came a flash of light that rivalled the sun itself blinding them all, growing in brilliance, filling every part of the fortress with its radiance and cascading across the night sky without end until it finally dissipated. When their vision returned the queen was gone leaving only scraps of dark crystal scattered across the surface. The cocoons were broken and the pegasus and unicorn ponies darted around to try and catch the falling earth ponies.

Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow, Pinkie and Rarity looked to the centre of the room. As the dust settled the creatures figure loomed into view. To their delight it was still standing, smouldering but alive. Cheering resonated all around them everypony celebrating their victory thanks to the Elements of harmony. Celestia floated to the ground with her sister and a host of others rejoining with their loved ones.

Rarity raced to Teddy to help, the injuries were grave from what she had seen. She wanted it to be over to revel in their victory, in its victory. Applejack and the others chased after her with Pinkie. Twilight, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash raced to the fallen Crystal. This was far from over for them. Twilight saw the claw slide out of the pouch on its leg, relieved that the bomb did not go off in the blast. She could see its face was smiling a weary expression. As soon as it came their hearts quickly sank as the smile faded and the legs drew the creature to the ground, collapsing on its side motionless.


The creature woke to see a grey mare with a purple mane cradling it close to her. She was crying but her face was fixed in anger shouting for somepony to come help them while an orange and pink one began to smear a green paste on the cuts it had. The burning was a good sign but it felt weak, so tired. It could feel the breathing and hear the heart racing of the mare it lay on. She was frantic feeling around and pulling shards from its body.

“Miss...Rarity...” it was barely audible amidst the chaos as ponies ran around helping to free those still trapped in the cocoons or help injured ponies hit by shrapnel from the blast. Twilight led Princess Celestia through the door to the cells to aid the injured troops and Discord.

“Your okay, were going to get you to a hospital alright?” She tried to keep her voice calm but she could hear her trembling.


She glanced over at the laying wolf, a quick smile from Fluttershy indicated she was alright. “As stubborn as you.” She was in shock when she saw the damage closer. Beside the broken bones it suffered from fighting Chrysalis the elemental rainbow had burned its hide badly, but this had sealed some of the deeper cuts stemming the flow. When Chrysalis exploded she had sent a rain of shrapnel falling around, Twilights barrier protected them but the creature was right behind her when it happened. Spikes of black crystal littered the front of its body. She felt for its heart between the sharp pieces and to her relief it seemed to be intact, a steady beat that remained strong. She set about pulling out the pieces from its arms and legs when a Nurse ran up beside her ordering her to stop. Pinkie and Applejack were working to seal any opening they couls fins, great distress on their faces.

“They haven’t pierced the heart!” Rarity grew more concerned when it did not react, it could not feel the pain.

“Well done ladies.”

“Well done yourself,” she smiled trying to wipe the tears back.

“The fight is not over yet.”


“With all my being I will fight. We have to see each other tomorrow.” It inhaled deeply straining as it wheezed and one of the spikes frothed a red liquid from the hole of its base. Rarity could not hold her emotions. She was scared, unable to help it, panic stricken. She could feel her tears falling, lost on what to do next to help it. Its claw rested on her cheek and she quickly looked to it. Its head lay against her stomach, a weak smile crossing the charred face as a digit on the the claw wiped a tear away.

“See you tomorrow?”


“No. Say the whole thing.”

“See...see you tomorrow.” Its claw dropped and she grabbed it with her hoof. A resonance of silence fell over the masses as they stared to the centre of the room. Now there was peace. At long last, peace.

Author's Note:


I swear if you want an open ending, stop right here ha ha!