• Published 15th Apr 2013
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Spending Time with Applejack - Tower of 0

A certain friend of Applejack's wants to keep their relationship, but Spring might have other plans.

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What Happens at a Garden Party

Ivory wasn't much of a fan for dressing nice, and neither was AJ, but they both had on their best attire. For Applejack, she might have just reused her gala dress. Keyword: might have. As for Ivory on the other hoof, he decided to adorn the only dress shirt he had along with a tie. Comfortable, yes, his best look, not by Rarity's standards. But despite all that, he made it work. How is completely a mystery to anypony that saw him.

The week that followed after the kiss and to the now coming Garden Party was all in sweetness for the two. Ivory felt more comfortable with how AJ is acting now, along with obliging the mare a few pecks here and there. Whenever he looked at her, those emerald eyes sparkled, not only with love either. Right now, Ivory was having a hard time not staring at his date, she looked awfully stunning in her dress.

It complemented her coat quite nicely. Of course, Applejack was looking out the window, her mind so far out that she didn't even notice Ivory staring at her.She was thinking, thinking about how that kiss felt still. How could Applejack still be thinking about their kiss after a full week? She didn't know, yet, she also enjoyed how Ivory was more willing to be affectionate. Whether it was in public or at home, Applejack was a bit more than ecstatic to know that her coltfriend was willing to do more than make her happy. It felt like everything fit, except that she was a country pony and he was a city pony.

That never stopped the two over the course of a week. What started out as a simple affections being taken out of surprise turned into this, a relationship forged from years of development. How long this'll last could only be their guess, too bad that wasn't going to Applejack and Ivory from having a bit of fun with it while it lasted. Applejack's eyes soon left the window and came in contact with a dazed Ivory Dreams.

Applejack slowly reached a forehoof over and wrapped it in one of Ivory's, snapping him out of his daze as she leaned closer.
"Likin' what ya see?" The orange mare whispered into the unicorn's ear, looking at him with a glint in her eyes.
"Well, not my fault a country girl could look so good." Ivory responded with the sliest of smiles plastered to his face.
Applejack giggled adorably before nuzzling herself into Ivory's neck as the train came to a halt.

The two untangled their hooves and intertwined their tails as they left the train car. Ivory let AJ out first despite the slight pain he felt by his tail being pulled on. Quickly following the mare out, that stallion never seemed to leave her side as they continued down the street towards the Royal Palace, weaving their way through crowds of high-end Canterlot unicorns trying to gain entry to this year's Garden Party.

Ivory reached a hoof inside his pocket on the front of his shirt to show the guard their invitation. As he looked over to make sure the piece of document was legitimate, Applejack was leaning into Ivory's side. Never did that tail of hers unwound itself from his tail, but hey, at least this was going to be a relaxing night, even if there might have been something else going on that they couple weren't aware about. Determination was the key here, but who exactly had it?

The couple made way to the party in which their ears were met with the soothing sounds of classical music. It felt right to just sit there and listen, but Ivory had a bit of a plan for tonight that he wanted Applejack for. His eyes scanned the area for a good place for nopony to spot them as easily. That was his plan until his eyes came across something, something rather familiar to him.

His eyes met those of the cellist performing silently at the party. Those light purple eyes were something of interest alright, but she was looking directly back at him with a small smile as she played. Never missing a note, never dd her eyes leave the stallion that was her target. Ivory's blood suddenly went cold as he stared into her eyes longer. His trance was broken when Applejack nudged with, his gaze was finally averted.

"Is there somethin' wrong, sugar cube?" AJ asked with concern in her voice.
"It's.... nothing... really." Ivory replied as he forced a smile, looking into the comfort of emerald eyes.
"You know ya can tell me what's botherin' y'all." Applejack was trying to adress the issue, but Ivory wanted o leave it be.
"Don't worry yourself, mio rosa. All I want is for us to enjoy tonight." Was all he gave as a response.

Applejack could tell that that Ivory was still disturbed, sure, he had good intentions for tonight, but she could tell when he was very uncomfortable with something. In turn, that would slightly bother her that a friend wasn't comfortable, she offered for them to leave early, but he insisted on staying. It's like Ivory knew that something wanted him to be there, or somepony. Applejack made quick intentions to lead Ivory over to the serving tables where he would be a bit more comfortable in the situation.

It was an odd amount of time, not enough time to be a full hour though, and Applejack could still sense Ivory being disturbed by something. She didn't know what bothered him so much that he nearly emptied out the punch bowl before AJ stopped him completely. What happened to Ivory as soon as they stepped on the scene? A question whose answer lies in that memory on the train that year.

Ivory's bladder started to get a tinsy bit antsy, protesting all that punch he just drank in a small succession of time.
"Excuse me for parting, but I REALLY need to go use the bathroom" Ivory was shifting his hind legs in an attempt to calm his bladder.
Applejack gave him an understanding nod, and with that, was gone and off to the restroom in a flash of cream streak. She was still concerned though, even she has never seen Ivory drink this much, well, at least not since last Cider season.

Ivory was having trouble actually finding a bathroom in the first place since he left the garden. Sure, he asked a guard where he might find one only to be pointed in a direction and got lost.
"Well... this is my punishment for drinking so much punch I guess." Ivory said to himself aloud, "But why is it that I don't have to pee during the daytime of cider season, I drink a helluva lot more than I did that damn punch."

Ivory seemed to be rambling to himself in a lonesome hall. No doors, just large windows. Felt a bit eerie walking down the hall alone, but he also felt like he was being watched, somehow. Ivory stopped immediately to look for any signs of progress, which were slim as they are. His ears started to twitch as he heard the sound of a second set of hooves. Ivory brushed it off as Applejack coming to look for him after being gone so long, but that was shattered when he turned around.

A pair of light purple eyes were staring directly into his. He took a step back from those eyes to see just exactly what pony had followed him. Much to his doubts, it was the cellist from the party, but something was different in her look this time. Sure, they were sparkling in the light, but never compared to Applejack's, they had a sense of longing for somepony in them. That somepony those eyes longed just so happened to be directly in front of them.

"Can I... help... you?" Ivory asked, both nervous and suspicious.
"Why yes, yes you can." The mares voice erupted from deep within her silence, a bit of a foreign accent hinted.
"With what.. exactly?" "The stallion took another step back from the mare, her bow that occupied her neck matched her eyes.
"I've been looking for somepony, and it has been a while since I've seen them." The mare's voice was smooth to Ivory's ears.

"And that somepony is you." The cellist of a mare was getting closer to Ivory.
Ivory backed up into a wall and rose the rest of his body on his hind legs, that really didn't help him at all. The strange light brown coated mare pinned the stallion to the wall, he muzzle mere centimeters away from his. She stared into those darkened eyes Ivory posessed.
"You have no idea how long I've waited for you to show up, Ivory Dreams." This mare knew his name?!

"I-I-I have somepony waiting for me back at the party.... I d-don't think she would appreciate another mare against me.." Ivory stuttered out.
"Ohh... what she doesn't know won't hurt her." The mare spoke in a seductive tone as she neared her muzzle closer to his.
Ivory had to think of something, but thoughts were racing so fast they never seemed to stop for a second.

Just then, everything stopped, his thoughts, his words, the world around him. All this was brought on by the cellist forcing a deep kiss of locked away passion onto Ivory. His eyes nearly bulged out when he felt the warmth of her body pressed up against his. He was locked up against the wall, this wasn't right, he knew this wasn't right, but it made it that much more exciting. Ivory! What are you thinking! You can't just put AJ aside like this!

Applejack.... that was all he needed to motivate himself to force the mare off. Ivory was forceful with the grasp, but gentle, and pulled her away. A string of her saliva hung between their mouths. His look was grave, the cellist's was loving.
"I'm sorry miss, but I can't hold an affair behind my love's back." His tone was serious, but it didn't phased the cellist.
"Why don't you forget about her for the time being,shall we? I'm sure she knows just exactly where you are from her home." The mare's eye were half-lidded by this point.

"I refuse to, I brought her with me because that ticket could vouch for an extra guest." Ivory stared blankly at the mare.
"Well, well, well, I was expecting you bring a friend of some sort, but not your marefriend," a mischievous smile arose to her lips, "maybe she can join us for a little fun, hmm?"
Ivory gently put the mare off to the side, her response was to flick his nose with her tail in a childish manner before he left to head back to the party.

The mare stood in the long hall for a little while longer, she was lost in her thoughts of Ivory. When she heard him play a piano in the back of the campus stage that year he was there, she fell in love. He was good with his hooves, but just exactly how good was he? She smiled widely, She had just kissed her secret goodbye. Now, she just had to convince him to get with her instead.

Ivory soon joined back up with Applejack back at the table. Her head was buried into one fore leg draped across the edge of the table. Ivory gave her a gentle nudge, to which she slowly raised her head and smile at him after a yawn.
"What took yah so long? I was getting pretty beat here waitin' on y'all to get back." Ivory wrapped a leg around her.
"I got caught up in something." That was only slightly true and he knew it. "We gotta get you home."

With that remark, Applejack smile and nuzzled herself into Ivory as they left the party a bit earlier than the guests.

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