• Published 15th Apr 2013
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Spending Time with Applejack - Tower of 0

A certain friend of Applejack's wants to keep their relationship, but Spring might have other plans.

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A Walk Amongst Most

Ivory had made sure the door to his house was latched and locked firmly before accompanying Applejack down the dirt road. Giggling, small talk, and what seemed to be a particular smell to be in the air surrounding the two ponies walking closely to each other. Applejack was leaning into a far-ended in-thought Ivory Dreams, her fur met his and she loved it.

As for the stallion, he was in a very deep thinking process as to how this morning had started off. Ivory didn't seem to pay no mind to the ponies that were giving the seemingly couple as they passed by. But why, above all, would AJ try to stimulate herself in Ivory's shower? Yet, it also seemed that it was just yesterday that winter was still in full hitch.

Ivory was snapped away from his train of inconsistent thought by a hard nudge from his side.
"What'cha thinking 'bout, surgarcube?" Applejack asked sweetly, red still flushing her cheeks.
"A bit about this morning." Ivory simply commented, glancing down to the mare at his side.
"I told ya that I was sorry!" The orange mare apologized yet again to the stallion.

"But in my shower? I mean, really, the shower of all places...." Ivory started up only to be cut off.
"I couldn' help it, it had your scent more in the shower than anythin'" Applejack interrupted, bowing her head in a bit of shame.
Ivory took notice and nudged her to get a look from the mare, yet, he just now realised how soft AJ's fur really was.

"Oh c'mon, AJ, I'm not mad at you or anything. Just a bit confused is all."
Applejack smiled at Ivory's comment and leaned her head into his neck. She knew Ivory couldn't stay mad at her for long, even if he was. They were too close to even try and get the other mad. It would seem unnatural too, even when they were joking.

Despite how long Ivory and Applejack have known each other, they still managed to stay friends. Which of the two ponies kept it going was a mystery, but sure enough, they still stuck together after all these years. Applejack's leg was starting to give out as the two neared the farm. Ivory offered to lend her a hoof only to be answered with her head shaking.

"Nah, I'll be fine, surgarcube." Applejack force a smile in an attempt to hide her pain.
But Ivory forced her up on to his back and carried Applejack the rest of the way to Sweet Apple Acres. Even though she never wanted to be carried, the blush brightened even further. Ivory stopped at the porch to AJ's home and let the mare off.

"Please, don't try to work yourself too hard, I don't want to have to worry about you even further." Ivory gave a stern look at the mare.
"You sound just like that time you left for Manehattan for a few months." AJ retorted back gently, a small grin across her flushed face.
"I figured, but seriously though, stay out of trouble for a little while." Ivory turned back the way they came, and trotted on home.

Ivory finally had time to think to himself for a bit while he walked home, but the only thing that came to mind was their history. Ivory moved to Ponyville with his family when he just just a young colt, almost ready to start school in a year or so. Of course, Applejack was the first and only pony of his age that he met first, back then, he was a bit recluse. Ivory was startled by the fact that Applejack had seemed to have popped up out of nowhere and gave him a big ol' greeting to town. Ivory's reaction was to simply run off and back home.

When school had started for the both of them, Ivory started to see AJ as more of a friend here. Sure, the stallion then is a lot different than now because he has a bit more friends outside of the mare he knows today. Ivory kind of wanted to stay in the back of the classroom, but Applejack wouldn't have that. Oh no, instead, she manages to drag Ivory in the center of the desks where he was surrounded by unfamiliar muzzles, save for the friendly muzzle beside him.

As years went on though, Ivory started to feel more at home around Applejack, to the point where he'd even make trips to her farm just to hang out with her. Occasional visits required him to help her with a bit of farm work, to which he gladly accepted with no requirement of pay. Ivory's visits to the farm started to decrease when he left for Manehattan to attend a Fine Arts School. Ivory stayed there for atleast a year and a half, unfortunately, he could only visit Ponyville on breaks.

Whilst at the school, however, Ivory managed to attract a certain cello player-to-be with his slight proficiency at that piano keys. Well skilled artist with his mouth, not as good at those keys of ivory. Ivory did his best to stay in contact with Applejack by becoming a bit of a pen pal with her. Is wasn't until he felt homesick to inform her of his return soon,

Whilst on the train ride back to Ponyville, Ivory could have sworn he was being followed. He would catch glimpses of the same pony staring at him from afar, in different places too. He's always, ALWAYS, catch a glimpse of a pair of light purple eyes before they could disappear. Rather strange if you asked him. When the train stopped at Ponyville's station, Ivory grabbed his bag and left for the door only to be jumped on by none other than Applejack herself.

There were tears in Applejack's eyes as when tackled Ivory to the ground, acting as thought she would never have seen him again. Ivory brought himself to a laugh and wiped her tears and hugged her tightly. This memory brought a big grin across his face, but was shortly lived by the wooden door of his house striking him across the face. Ivory brought a forehoof up and started rubbing the part of his that was red from the door.

With an unlock of a key, hoofsteps on the hardwood floor, and a loud, content sigh. The smell of the house filled Ivory's nostril's and a smile crept up onto his face again. The unicorn made way for the backroom once more to complete his work, starting up the piano once more, and taking his brush into his mouth. Time to get lost in a world of creativity.

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