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Rainbow Dash gets tickled

Rainbow Dash gets tickled

She kept struggling on the table,

“Who are you ponies?!?!” Rainbow screamed as she struggled

“I want to know more about you.” Something came out of the shadows it was something…it over hung from the ceiling

“What the hay are you!!?!” Rainbow kept struggling.

“ Stop struggling (Subject name here) you will want to save you energy, for the party that I have made for you.”

“What party! the room is completely white!” Rainbow yelled

“You’re not happy. I want you to be happy, this is your party you know.” It spoke a small claw came from the ceiling. And started scratching Rainbows belly.”

“Maybe I should stimulate you touch receptors, 72% of all subjects demonstrate cheerful emotions when touch receptors
are stimulated.” It spoke again.

Rainbow couldn’t move as the small claw scratched her belly she was giggling a bit

“This…haha isn’t…funny… stop it!” she giggled

Another small claw came down from the ceiling and tickled her side, the other claw did the same thing.

“AHAHAHAHAHAH! CUT IT OUT!” Rainbow laughed

“You are enjoying this, your emotions signal that you are 99.99999999999999998% enjoying this, that is enough scientific information to not make me stop.

The claws that tickled her went faster


Rainbow Dash begged and begged for it to stop, tears started to rain down her face, and her tail was wagging back and forth.


Two more claws came down and started to tickle her back hooves. Rainbow burst out in uncontrollable laughter, she shook her head back and forth and tried to flail her legs but the shackles held her firm in place. Her back legs were completely immobile. She was totally helpless. The claws that tickled her back hooves moved to her thighs, which made her scream even louder.


“See you are enjoying this.” The overhanging robot said.

The claws tickling her sides started to move up and down her belly, they moved up and down, in a stroking motion, looking for a sensitive area to tickle. They settled with her lower belly and waist. Rainbow screamed and begged but it didn’t stop.
The claws tickled faster.

“NO, NO, NO NAHHAHAHAHHA!” Rainbow Dash laughed

It was too much for her and she wet herself.

“You are really enjoying this; I will make them go faster, just for you.” It said


Then one big claw came down , one side of the claw was on one of her sides and one side on the other, the claw started vibrating. Rainbow started vibrating as well. She started to lose it,

“STAPIT! STAPIT! OH ICANTBREATHE!!!!!!” she yelled and laughed again.

Teas were just pouring down from her face, she tried struggling again but the shackles and the huge claw held her in place, while smaller claws tickled her belly and hooves.

“feeling comfortable?” It asked Rainbow responded in laughs and screams.

A machine then was activated to hold her head in place, it was like a neck brace, and on the back of It were vibrators which tickled the back and sides of her neck.

“So (subject name here) want some more?,”


Rainbow couldn’t move at all she was totally immobile, she now couldn’t even struggle. It was way to much than she could handle.

“MAKE EM STOP MAKE EM STOP!!!!!!!” Rainbow screamed it was way too much and she passed out.
She woke up again almost as soon as she slipped unconscious.

“There you fell asleep but I woke you up with the magic of adrenaline.”

Rainbow shook for a while but then she became stable. The tickling began again.

“Please heehee I can…take this…I can take a lot…of things haha… but not this…”

Rainbow started to cry. Her cries became sobs. She BEGGED for it to stop.

“Now your emotions say that you are not enjoying this. Well boohoo, I don’t feel like stopping.”

The claws moved to her ribcage, Rainbow shrieked, her ribs were her tickle spot. Rainbow was still immobile, so she couldn’t even twitch. They slowly stroked her ribcage while her tears made a large puddle under the table. Her heart pounded really fast in her chest.

“Stap….” Rainbow panted “I can’t do this….anymore…I’ll do anything…if you JUST STOP!!!


The overhanging robot continued to torture Rainbow Dash for hours. But Rainbow didn’t know that, because she had lost her sense of time, she had no idea if this had gone on for two days or two hours.


They tickled her waist, and her sides, there was absolutely nothing she could do.

“Do you want to go home?” It asked” then it stopped tickling

“Yes…yes…please…I…wana….go….home.” Rainbow was sweating.

“Well I know you want to go home, but I don’t want you to go home, so there.” It started tickling her again

They stroked her soft ,sensitive, light blue coat over and over again.


Rainbow then passed out AGAIN. But it just gave her more adrenaline and she woke up again, and the ticking resumed.

“Stop passing out its very annoying, because I have to find another shot of adrenaline, and there very hard to find you
know.” It said


“My wings” she thought to herself “I forgot about my wings!” she beat her wings furiously and managed to hit the button on the bottom of the table she shot up and flew off at amazing speeds. She flew for an hour and then got out of the building she didn’t stop flying until she reached her cloud home, she panted as she laid on her bed, she laid there for an hour, before falling fast asleep.