• Published 21st Feb 2013
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Today... - Curly_Q

Rainbow Dash has had a crush on Pinkie Pie ever since they met, but when Rainbow finds out that Pinkie Pie has a crush on somepony, she becomes determined to find out who.

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Suspect Number Two: Fluttershy

After a quick, rather unsuccessful search around me to see if any of my other friends were nearby, I decided to head towards Town Hall. There was a good chance of me finding somepony hanging around there, whether it be Rarity heading to the Spa, or AppleJack selling apples.

As I was flying in the direction of Town Hall, I spotted a familiar yellow pegasus with a pink mane. Fluttershy. I began to quickly fly in her direction, but slowed down as I noticed she had her saddlebag, and it was filled to the brim. It's probably just a bunch of food for her animals... Everypony knows how picky that 'Angel' can get. What an ironic name. I thought as I reached Fluttershy, and landed behind her.

"Hey Fluttershy!"

I must have really startled her, because she made a pretty sharp sound, and the next thing I knew, she was face-planted on the ground. I acted quickly, and helped her back up onto her hooves.

"Whoops! Sorry I scared you. I guess I probably should have landed in front of you, and then said hi. Hehe..." Well that was awkward. I'd been in multiple awkward situations already today, were they ever going to end?!

Fluttershy looked at me, still looking a bit shaken. "Oh.... n- no, that's okay, Rainbow Dash. You know how jumpy I am. It's not your fault." She said softly.

"If you say so..." I was going to say something else, but a bunch of things on the ground caught my eye. I looked at them and quickly realized that they were party supplies. Party supplies?! What are these doing here?! Don't tell me...

Fluttershy must have noticed me looking down, because she quickly started picking things up off the ground. "Oh my goodness, oh my goodness...."

I could tell she was talking to herself, but I could still hear her. "Err... Need some help?" I offered. Why not? Maybe she'll tell me what it's for...

Fluttershy lifted her head momentarily to reply. "Oh... thank you for the offer, Rainbow Dash, but... I - I think I can handle it..." And then, she started picking up again.

I was able to prevent a sigh from escaping my lips. Might as well just ask... "So... what's all this party stuff for?"

Fluttershy froze. I could see a look of nervousness quickly spread over her face, which she quickly hid away from me. "Oh... um... it's for.... um... ........" Her voice trailed off into a mumble at that point, and I couldn't understand a single word she was saying.

"Uh.... for what..?"

"Um.... for a..............." Her voice trailed off once again.

"Uh, I can't quite hear you..." I said it as patiently as I could, which was pretty tough, considering how my day was going so far.

"A......" There was more mumbling.

I considered shouting for a moment, but quickly pushed the thought away. Shouting at Fluttershy was like a crime, one of the worst crimes any pony in Equestria could ever commit. "Just... say that one more time?" I pleaded.

Fluttershy looked up at me, and I could see that she wasn't as nervous anymore. "It's for.. a party... for all of my little animal friends..." She said with a small smile.

I wasn't sure whether to believe that or not. Since when does Fluttershy throw parties? I mean, she throws tea parties, but those don't involve streamers, and balloons, and confetti! "Ooookay then?" I said.

I must have looked pretty confused because Fluttershy then quickly said, "Angel is very picky, you know. He said there was no way he could have a party without all of these."

It was somewhat believable... but there was something in the back of my head telling me that that had been a lie. That Fluttershy was hiding something from me. Yet, then again, Twilight was hiding something from me, too... Were all of my friends going to hide something from me today?! Pinkie Pie and her crush, Twi, and even Fluttershy! The element of kindness was hiding something from me! No, no, no... I can't think like that. They're your friends, Rainbow Dash! You gotta trust them!

"Um... Rainbow Dash? Are you okay? You look kind of upset."

"...Huh?" I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at Fluttershy before realizing that I had been standing there, probably with a frustrated look on my face. "Oh. No.. I mean - Yes. I'm fine." No I'm not.

"Oh.... okay.. I was a little worried." Fluttershy smiled kindly at me. How could I not trust that face? Maybe it was right to believe her.

Oh! I forgot why I was here in the first place! "Hey uh... Fluttershy?"

"Yes?" She looked up at me after closing her saddlebag, which was now once again filled to the brim with various party decorations.

"Have you hung out with Pinkie Pie lately..?"

Fluttershy's eyes went wide for a moment. "Pinkie Pie? Well, no... I mean, I saw her yesterday, but we just said hi. She was really excited, as usual."

"She wasn't acting any differently?" ... Rainbow Dash, you idiot. What kind of question is that?! She's gonna think something is up now...

"...What? No, not at all. She was just normal, crazy Pinkie Pie. Why? Is something wrong?" She looked at me worriedly.

"Oh... No, I was just wondering.." So it couldn't be Fluttershy... WHO is Pinkie Pie's crush?!

"Oh, okay." She smiled.

"I... should really get going." Where should I go next?! I have no idea who her crush is, and it's already mid-day! I have to figure this out TODAY, I just have to!

"Oh, okay... See you later, Rainbow Dash!"

"Bye..." and with that, I darted away to find somepony else.

Could today get any worse...?

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