• Published 2nd Feb 2013
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Bots and Bronies - ultramagnus86

While the Ponies are in Vegas, the other Autobots head to BronyCon to get reinforcements, and you just might believe who they pick! (Hint: They're the MLP creme de la creme.)

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All in One Place

There they were, all in one place. Perceptor, Ironhide, Tracks, Bluestreak, Sideswipe, and Red Alert, along with their human partners.

Perceptor emptied out Ashleigh and Trixie out of the leather sack and apologized. As for Ms. Ball, Perceptor gave her the general shpiel.

Shaun came last and greeted everyone. "Hey guys!" he said over huffing and puffing from running there, to the center of the convention hall.

Ironhide relayed the plan. Or, at least he started to. "Alright. So what are we-"

Then the call came. "Ironhide? This is Bumblebee. We've successfully compromised the device. Bumblebee out."

Then everyone went quiet. "So what now?" Tara asked Sideswipe.

"Give us a minute." he replied.

Then the 6 Autobots huddled together, and after about 20 seconds they reached their end result.

"Because you all have put in so much of your time and effort, mostly time..." Perceptor began, "we propose a knighting ceremony."