Bots and Bronies

by ultramagnus86

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While the Ponies are in Vegas, the other Autobots head to BronyCon to get reinforcements, and you just might believe who they pick! (Hint: They're the MLP creme de la creme.)

In a spinoff story to "Equestria, Cybertron, Earth, and Back Again" , Optimus Prime sends Ironhide, Tracks, Sideswipe, Perceptor, Red Alert, and Bluestreak to the New York BroNYcon to scout out reinforcements while the Minibots and Mane Six are on the road to Vegas in an adventure for anyone who's ever loved Transformers and My Little Pony.

AUTHORS NOTE: In case anybrony's mad for reasons of stereotyping, I have not been to ANY MLP con ever, nor have I met any MLP voice actress/actor except Tara Strong, and even then I didn't ask her what would would happen if she DID meet Sideswipe so I could make proper editing. (However, I have met a true brony and I have found they are generous and nice. Tracks is just a Cybertronian version of a brony-hater.)

Prologue: On the Road Again

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Welcome, reader! As you read, this is, indeed, a spinoff. So let's start somewhere like...right here.

"Alright, Bumblebee." Optimus Prime, the brave and bold Autobot leader said. "I'm off to rally the troops."

"Bumblebee!" Pinkie Pie shouted from the launch bay. "Come on! Let's go!"

"I'm coming, Pinkie!" Bumblebee shouted back. Then he was off.

It was then that Optimus traveled to Fortress Maximus's crew quarters to get his band of merry bots. He chose, from his wide variety of Autobots, Ironhide, Perceptor, Red Alert, Bluestreak, Tracks, and Sideswipe.

"What's the big deal, Prime?" Ironhide piped up.

"I was just about to tell you all." Optimus began. "While our Minibots are out with their Equestrian allies, I'm sending you out to the New York BronyCon to scout out reinforcements." Then he handed Perceptor a list. "That's who you need to find. You have your mission. Autobots, transform and roll out!"

Then, they did. Ironhide transformed into a red Nissan Onebox altmode, Perceptor turned into a simple microscope, Red Alert transformed into a white and red Lamborghini Countach (so did Sideswipe, but his was just red.), Bluestreak turned into a Datsun 280X, and Tracks turned into a blue Corvette Stingray.

Then they turned on their engines and radios, and they were off.

The Great and Powerful

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The road to NYC was quick thanks to the high-class space bridge technology Wheeljack created which allowed one or more lifeforms to travel from one place to another.

They landed in Times Square in their vehicle modes and proceeded to go two miles to the Baltimore Convention Center. They transformed and walked right past the registration desk, except for Perceptor, who felt it was cleaner to sign in first before Sideswipe pulled him in along with the others.

Because the convention was in full swing, thousands upon thousands of fans of Equestria's finest filled the main hall and other areas. As they walked forward, several people stepped out of the way so as to not be crushed by the bots' feet.

"Okay, let's see now." Perceptor said after proclaiming he was the leader of the squadron. "Seeing as how there are a few guests on this, I'll assign each of you one: Ironhide, take Ashleigh Ball. Red Alert, Sethisto. Just go the Equestria Daily booth in the exhibitor hall. Sideswipe, Tara Strong. Bluestreak, Andrea Libman. Tracks, Tabitha St. Germain. Which leaves..da da da...oh, slag no."

"What's wrong?" Sideswipe asked.

"The guest I have to find is...the Great and Powerful...ugh...Trixie."

"DID SOMEONE CALL MY NAME?" a booming disembodied voice shouted. Suddenly, a blue cloud of smoke appeared in front of them, and a blue unicorn stepped out of it. "The Great and Powerful Trixie must find the one who called me."

"We did." Perceptor said in a disgruntled voice. "Now, will you join our force or not? If not, we'll have to strike and you will die." That very second, the fans that surrounded the group gasped in horror and shock.

"You and what army?" she questioned in a cocky, boastful voice.

Then, each bot got their weapons ready. Perceptor's scope cannon, Ironhide's double machine guns, Red Alert's particle rifle, Sideswipe's rocket launcher, Bluestreak's beam rifle, and Tracks's shoulder mounted cannon all turned on and prepared to fire. "This army." Ironhide threatened.

"Fine." Trixie muttered.

"Excellent." Perceptor said, now suddenly cheery. "Ironhide, the bag."

Ironhide handed Perceptor a tan leather sack, which he opened, scooped Trixie into and tied. "And don't even think about using magic. This baby prevents any and all lifeforms from using any type of special arts to escape, be it magic, beaming up, or anything of the sort. Wheeljack and I, we engineered it together."

So it was then that they went their seperate ways and prepared to find reinforcements.

Sideswipe and Strong: Freelance Warriors

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Tara Strong was just about to step out of her hotel room when a rather loud knock came at her door.

She answered it, only to find someone...abnormal-looking at the door. He had a Lamborghini hood for a chest, a grey head, black helmet...and it was nothing she had never seen before. It was Sideswipe, in fact, but she didn't know that. She just jumped back in fear. Normally, Sideswipe would have to squeeze in tight in the hall of the hotel, and probably would have dropped through the floor, but thanks to his past experiences with Nucleon, rendering him unable to transform (this was soon fixed), he was shrunk down to human size. But now, he was able to shift between 17.46 ft. robot to 5'4" human-size robot.

"Do not fear, Mrs. Strong." Sideswipe calmly said, still with the grin on his face. "I am the noble Autobot warrior Sideswipe, and on behalf of Optimus Prime, I would ask for your cooperation in a mission that involves both Queen Chrysalis and Megatron. Do you accept?"

Tara, on the other hand, was mystified. She had played a bunch of characters on a Transformers show, but never had she seen one in real life. So she just nodded slightly and just managed to get out an "OK". After that, they proceeded downstairs to the parking lot, where Sideswipe shifted size.

"Alrighty, let's get going!" Sideswipe said as he transformed into his Lamborghini alt mode. Tara did so once the gullwing doors opened.

As they sped off towards the convention center, which was about a few miles away, she began to lighten up to her current surrounding and decided to ask a few questions. "So, you all are...real?" she asked, just to make sure she wasn't dreaming.

"Yep!" Sideswipe chipperly. "In fact, Twilight Sparkle and the other ponies exist too. They're on the road to Vegas right now with the Minibots."

"Cool." she said now calmer. "So, can I hear more?"

"Absolutely." Sideswipe said, who was just as calm as Tara. "So, anyway..."

Ironhide Goes to the Ball

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As Ironhide crouched into the room where the panel was being held, many a fan looked right at him. He practically stuck out like a sore thumb. Unfortunately, he couldn't shift size like Sideswipe, as the size-shifting ability was a side effect of being cured of Nucleon.

Then, the voice actor he was looking for, Ms. Ashleigh Ball, stepped in. She mostly addressed her fans until she got to first Q&A segment. It was then that she finally noticed the large red robot sitting, twiddling his thumbs in the back of the room.

"Um," she began while looking over the crowd. "who are you?"

"My name is Ironhide, mam." Ironhide said from the back. "I'm here to summon you for reinforcement 'cause Megatron an' Queen Chrysalis are gonna destroy the world, Cybertron, and Equestria!"

But she chuckled a bit and asked, "Is this a prank?"

Ironhide flailed his hands around his body and said, now a in a form of slight anger and frustration, "Does this LOOK like a prank?"

So Ashleigh asked the audience, "What do you guys think? Should I go?"

Then there was a collective "YES!" from the fans in the room. It would seem they were all for not dying. So Ashleigh left the panel and got inside Ironhide's vehicle form.

Then the fans cheered as they left the room, until the cheering died and one fan asked, "What now?"

And they, both the fans and the Autobot/voice actress duo, were off.

Bluestreak Adds Libman

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Bluestreak was quick, both on his feet and on his wheels as he sped through the hallways to the autograph hall where Ms. Andrea Libman was greeting fans and signing Pinkie Pie toys, Fluttershy plushies, and more.

But Bluestreak was quick, and as such, he decided to be quick with his tactics too. He pushed everyone out of they way, handed Ms. Libman a note giving his purpose, gave her 15 seconds to read it, and, via subspace, stuffed her in the same sack Trixie was in. Then he walked off while whistling Michael Jackson with the sack slung around his shoulder while she mmphed and mrred from the inside.

So he decided to have some lunch at the food court. Let's move on, shall we?

Sethisto's Alert

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Red Alert casually stepped into the exhibitor hall, while still looking left and right, wondering with slight fear what that slight noise was.

As he ran through, he found the Equestria Daily booth where Sethisto, otherwise known as Shaun Scotellaro, was signing autographs.

"MR SHAUN! MR SHAUN!" Red yelled as he ran toward the booth, lightly pushing the occasional fangirl out of the way.

"Wait. Are you a Transformer? I never knew anything about you guys, but I'm pleased to meet you. What's your name?" Shaun asked as Red Alert approached the booth.

"Red Alert, sir." Red began. "But I'm afraid we'll have to skip the greetings. You see, Megatron and Queen Chrysalis are trying to blow up Cybertron, Equestria, Earth, and the rest of that general area. I would like to, if it's no trouble, enlist you in the Autobot ranks, mainly because you know a lot about the ponies, I think."

"But I have to do all these autographs and some panels. Can I meet you later?" Shaun asked, being honest about his schedule.

"Fine, then." So Red Alert transformed back into his Lamborghini mode, with everyone stepping out of the way, because frankly, they didn't want to get run over.

And so, Red was off without the great Sethisto.

Make Tracks

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For Tracks, it was easy. Well, save for these "bronies" he was informed about. You see, Tracks is one for being clean and keeping the flame paint job on his hood intact.

Therefore, it didn't necessarily help that he was walking among a few fans that were wearing costumes which smelled as though the people wearing the candy-colored suits had slept in them last night.

But it was worth it when in a booth, home to a small recording studio and some scripts, he found his target: Tabitha St. Germain, voice actress of Rarity, who Tracks learned had a similar personality.

Ms. Germain was sharpening some of her lines with her flying suitcase, Marvin, by her side, when Tracks lightly knocked on the window of the booth with his pointer finger, which caused her to stop and look. Once she caught an eyeful of Tracks, she was more or less scared.

"Have no fear, darling." Tracks said in his normal voice, which Tabbers thought resembled Thurston Howell from Gilligan's Island. "I am the noble Autobot Tracks, and on behalf of my faction's leader, Optimus Prime, I would cordially like to invite you to participate in an action-filled escapade involving Megatron and Queen Chrysalis. Do you accept? The fun will most certainly be doubled if you do."

"Can I check my schedule first, Tracks?" Tabitha asked, walking out of the booth.

"Absolutely." he responded.

So she whipped out her phone and looked over her schedule, and gave Tracks an assuring "Yes."

"Then, hop in!" Tracks said cheerily as he transformed from a 20-ft. tall robot into a blue Corvette Stingray with a red and orange flame job on the front. Tabby got in as soon as the passenger door opened, and they slickly sped out of the exhibitor hall.

And they were off.

All in One Place

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There they were, all in one place. Perceptor, Ironhide, Tracks, Bluestreak, Sideswipe, and Red Alert, along with their human partners.

Perceptor emptied out Ashleigh and Trixie out of the leather sack and apologized. As for Ms. Ball, Perceptor gave her the general shpiel.

Shaun came last and greeted everyone. "Hey guys!" he said over huffing and puffing from running there, to the center of the convention hall.

Ironhide relayed the plan. Or, at least he started to. "Alright. So what are we-"

Then the call came. "Ironhide? This is Bumblebee. We've successfully compromised the device. Bumblebee out."

Then everyone went quiet. "So what now?" Tara asked Sideswipe.

"Give us a minute." he replied.

Then the 6 Autobots huddled together, and after about 20 seconds they reached their end result.

"Because you all have put in so much of your time and effort, mostly time..." Perceptor began, "we propose a knighting ceremony."


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It was a bright day on Cybertron, for the Mane Six and their human counterparts were being knighted.

The ponies and their counterparts looked before each other in amazement. The ponies had never seen a human up close, and vice versa.

Then, Optimus Prime came forth. "My fellow Cybertronians," he began. "This is a great day for all of us. We have successfully caught and compromised Megatron and Queen Chrysalis. And, we have managed their last scheme. Now, I would personally like to knight into the Autobot ranks Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Trixie, as well as their human allies, Shaun Scotellaro, Tara Strong, Tabitha St. Germain, Ashleigh Ball, and Andrea Libman."

Then he placed medals around their necks and continued with his speech. "But that does not mean we should stop now. Thousands upon thousands of Decepticons still exist, and there are still countless threats in the Equestrian dimension." Then, he turned to the ponies and humans. "As for you all, we will continue to work with Earth and Equestria. I thank you for your time and your effort. God bless you." Then he turned back to the Autobots. "And may Primus bless the planet Cybertron."

And so, our story ends. But does that mean another book will open if another is closed? We'll just have to see.

The End