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In a spinoff story to "Equestria, Cybertron, Earth, and Back Again" , Optimus Prime sends Ironhide, Tracks, Sideswipe, Perceptor, Red Alert, and Bluestreak to the New York BroNYcon to scout out reinforcements while the Minibots and Mane Six are on the road to Vegas in an adventure for anyone who's ever loved Transformers and My Little Pony.

AUTHORS NOTE: In case anybrony's mad for reasons of stereotyping, I have not been to ANY MLP con ever, nor have I met any MLP voice actress/actor except Tara Strong, and even then I didn't ask her what would would happen if she DID meet Sideswipe so I could make proper editing. (However, I have met a true brony and I have found they are generous and nice. Tracks is just a Cybertronian version of a brony-hater.)

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2105641 Clearly someone's angry.

So...why does this story have so much hate?

The answer is probably the unfortunate truth that bronies do NOT love and tolerate TF fans, despite the live action series being responsible for MLP's reboot.

(excuse the rant, sorry)

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