• Published 2nd Feb 2013
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Bots and Bronies - ultramagnus86

While the Ponies are in Vegas, the other Autobots head to BronyCon to get reinforcements, and you just might believe who they pick! (Hint: They're the MLP creme de la creme.)

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Prologue: On the Road Again


Welcome, reader! As you read, this is, indeed, a spinoff. So let's start somewhere like...right here.

"Alright, Bumblebee." Optimus Prime, the brave and bold Autobot leader said. "I'm off to rally the troops."

"Bumblebee!" Pinkie Pie shouted from the launch bay. "Come on! Let's go!"

"I'm coming, Pinkie!" Bumblebee shouted back. Then he was off.

It was then that Optimus traveled to Fortress Maximus's crew quarters to get his band of merry bots. He chose, from his wide variety of Autobots, Ironhide, Perceptor, Red Alert, Bluestreak, Tracks, and Sideswipe.

"What's the big deal, Prime?" Ironhide piped up.

"I was just about to tell you all." Optimus began. "While our Minibots are out with their Equestrian allies, I'm sending you out to the New York BronyCon to scout out reinforcements." Then he handed Perceptor a list. "That's who you need to find. You have your mission. Autobots, transform and roll out!"

Then, they did. Ironhide transformed into a red Nissan Onebox altmode, Perceptor turned into a simple microscope, Red Alert transformed into a white and red Lamborghini Countach (so did Sideswipe, but his was just red.), Bluestreak turned into a Datsun 280X, and Tracks turned into a blue Corvette Stingray.

Then they turned on their engines and radios, and they were off.