• Published 2nd Feb 2013
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Bots and Bronies - ultramagnus86

While the Ponies are in Vegas, the other Autobots head to BronyCon to get reinforcements, and you just might believe who they pick! (Hint: They're the MLP creme de la creme.)

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Make Tracks

For Tracks, it was easy. Well, save for these "bronies" he was informed about. You see, Tracks is one for being clean and keeping the flame paint job on his hood intact.

Therefore, it didn't necessarily help that he was walking among a few fans that were wearing costumes which smelled as though the people wearing the candy-colored suits had slept in them last night.

But it was worth it when in a booth, home to a small recording studio and some scripts, he found his target: Tabitha St. Germain, voice actress of Rarity, who Tracks learned had a similar personality.

Ms. Germain was sharpening some of her lines with her flying suitcase, Marvin, by her side, when Tracks lightly knocked on the window of the booth with his pointer finger, which caused her to stop and look. Once she caught an eyeful of Tracks, she was more or less scared.

"Have no fear, darling." Tracks said in his normal voice, which Tabbers thought resembled Thurston Howell from Gilligan's Island. "I am the noble Autobot Tracks, and on behalf of my faction's leader, Optimus Prime, I would cordially like to invite you to participate in an action-filled escapade involving Megatron and Queen Chrysalis. Do you accept? The fun will most certainly be doubled if you do."

"Can I check my schedule first, Tracks?" Tabitha asked, walking out of the booth.

"Absolutely." he responded.

So she whipped out her phone and looked over her schedule, and gave Tracks an assuring "Yes."

"Then, hop in!" Tracks said cheerily as he transformed from a 20-ft. tall robot into a blue Corvette Stingray with a red and orange flame job on the front. Tabby got in as soon as the passenger door opened, and they slickly sped out of the exhibitor hall.

And they were off.