• Published 16th Jan 2013
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A Soldier and a Pegasus - RainbowDashAddict

When a soldier's life is saved by Rainbow Dash his life is infinitely changed along with the lives of the precious few that he trusts.

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When Boredom Strikes

After a month of slow and tedious recovery, Rainbow Dash had healed to full health; the only sign of the blast left on her was a small scar on her leg. Since her healing, she had grown quite tired of being cooped up in my bunk all day, avoiding the prying eyes of my company. I later discovered that she had snuck out a few times to go visit Fireblitz, although I wasn’t concerned with this fact because I trusted her more than anyone else to watch over Dashie, knowing she would be safe. In fact, I felt safe around Fire; with her warm comforting gaze (when she wasn’t out to kill you) was soothing and downright peaceful.

After returning from a patrol I walked into the cool, darkened, cabin like structure I resided in. Rainbow was doodling in her journal I had bought for her when I swung the door open, dropping my sand filled vest onto the ground next to my helmet.

“Heya Dashie. How are you?” I asked with a smile.

She looked up at me, a slightly nervous look upon her face as she replied, “I wanted to ask you something.”

I sat on my bed next to her as I stroked her mane, “Sure, what is it?”

Her question shocked me beyond words, “I… was wondering if I could maybe help you when you go on patrol.”

I scratched my head thinking very carefully before replying, “I don’t really know… I can’t let you get hurt again… I would never forgive myself for it. So I don’t think so.”

Her pleading eyes looked to me with a hint of desperation. I knew the boredom was getting to her and I finally relented earlier to allowing her to go for night flights to stretch her wings and get some fresh air; but this was a completely different matter. She wanted to come out during the day, with sometimes horribly dangerous missions, and be a prime target for enemy fire. As I thought of the many possibilities of events that could take place, I could feel my face gradually drain of color. I knew that Rainbow hated being bored more than anything and wanted to be free of the place where she currently resided.

After a long pause on my part I finally spoke, “How about we ask Fire, if she thinks you will be okay, I’ll see what I can do. Sound alright to you?”

Her eyes lit up with the hope of being able to help me once again, but I was almost certain Fire would agree with me. She looked out the window for any prying eyes and then literally dashed towards her cabin as I sat down at my desk and began to draw a faint sketch of Rainbow from memory.

Approximately twenty minutes later a flash of color entered into the room through the still open window. I turned and looked at her and my heart sank. She was grinning ear to ear which told me only one thing.

“She…said she thought you would be safe?” I asked with a hesitation from my obvious stun.

Dashie nodded, “Yeah!” she panted slightly before continuing, “She said she would help you make some stuff for me to keep me safe. And you should come with me over to her bunk to design it!”

I was completely dumbfounded, “I…but…wait…huh?”

Her impatient look was enough to snap me out of it, “Just go to her and she will explain everything.”

With a sigh I stood up, putting on my baseball cap and exited the cabin, walking across the compound to where Fireblitz was supposedly waiting. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Rainbow fly between the bunks to reach Fire before I could. I shook my head, trying to think of any excuses I could make to keep Dashie out of danger.

To no avail, my concerns were overridden by both of them. I relented finally under one condition, that Rainbow would be provided equipment to be able to communicate with me and protect her a little bit from any harmful shrapnel or stray bullets before she could go onto patrols, and to my utter shock Fire and Chris teamed up and designed all she needed: in ear radio, very light body vest, and a custom fitting helmet. Needless to say I was stunned beyond comprehension when their hard work was unveiled.

“Oh my…but how…” I stammered looking over the new equipment that had been bestowed upon the Pegasus.

Fire simply grinned and hit Chris lightly on the arm, “I did the specifications and planning, Chris did the rest.”

I sighed and nodded, “Alright… Dashie you will have to wake up early to go on patrol with me… is that okay?” I had hoped the thought of less sleep may dissuade her from wanting to come, but it proved as an ineffective theory.

“You can count on me! I’ll be ready when you are!” she said enthusiastically.


The next morning I woke up, opening my eyes slowly as the day I feared had come. It was Rainbow’s first patrol and I knew what danger may lie ahead. As the warm body of my favorite pony laid up against me with shallow breaths, I considered trying to sneak out without her knowing, but soon found my conscience give way. I didn’t want to break her trust in me, so I gently tapped her back, trying to gently awaken her.

“Dashie, we need to get ready…” I spoke in a calm yet firm tone.

Her magenta eyes fluttered open and looked up at me, “Already…?” she said with a yawn.

I nodded, “Yes. We have fifteen minutes to get ready. Let’s get going.” I patted her mane and got up, slipping into my military fatigues, before adding my body armor then packing up my gun. I looked over as Dash had gotten into her equipment as well, looking surprisingly well with the desert camouflage upon her sky blue coat and colorful mane.

“You remember the plan… right?” I asked as she had finished her preparations.

She nodded with gleaming eyes clearly excited about her first day time flight in a while, “Of course. You want me to stay high in the air and tell you if I see anything suspicious on the ground. I got it, and don’t you worry, I’m the fastest Pegasus around.”

I smiled, “I know, I’ll try not to be too paranoid.”

She returned the smile, her beaming eyes looking into mine full of excitement, “Thank you, so much. I can’t wait.”

The whole patrol went smoothly thanks to Dash’s help, two I.E.D.’s were deactivated that only she had seen from the air that the rest of us had completely missed. Needless to say, I was extremely proud of her, and held a small celebration in Fire’s bunk as we laughed the night away.

Soon enough however… our joyfulness would soon turn to panic… as the unthinkable was doomed to happen.

Author's Note:

I had a ton of writers block when writing the chapter, but I hope you all are happy with the results. The next chapter is running a whole lot smoother than this one, and hopefully will take less time.

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