• Published 16th Jan 2013
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A Soldier and a Pegasus - RainbowDashAddict

When a soldier's life is saved by Rainbow Dash his life is infinitely changed along with the lives of the precious few that he trusts.

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My Story Begins

My story begins before my deployment to Afghanistan a little more than five years ago. I was a troubled youth with a death wish, which is why I went to the army all those years ago. Sadly I realized how much I had to live for when I was unknowingly hooked on a show called, “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” by a few friends that dared me into it, and as I was so stubborn, watched and immediately fell into becoming a fan myself. The series had taught me some basics of life that I had failed to learn from my mostly absent parents and lack of friends before I deployed.

The completion of my basic training was easy enough and my ship out date was not far ahead. I heard of other’s that liked My Little Pony referred to as “bronies”, discovered that other "military bronies" exist, and even had the courage to put a cutie mark of their favorite pony as a patch on their shoulder. After some thought I decided that I would show off my love of the show by purchasing the cutie mark patch of my favorite pony: Rainbow Dash. With only two hours until my deployment, my colorful new patch came in the mail. As I placed it on my arm, I beamed with excitement making sure it was adjusted to perfection before getting into my highly unreliable car and flying down the road towards the military base.


After the jeers before, during, and after the long flight overseas we landed in the dead of night at our cruel and merciless destination: Afghanistan. Upon stepping away from the aircraft I was greeted almost instantly by a coarse breath of the desert air that instantly stung my throat with the tiny granules of sand that blew in the malicious wind. We were given our quarters and sent there until our duties the next morning. When I entered my bunk, which seemed to be like a small cabin with a few bunk beds, a desk, and a few other basics, I was greeted by the scent of lingering desert air and two soldiers: Chris and Mitchell.

After a few introductory remarks my eyes glanced down to their arms, and with a gasp I realized they had replaced their company patches, with brony patches just as I had done. My eyes must have considerably widened because they both laughed quite heartily at my facial expression. Chris had a pink butterfly symbolizing Fluttershy whereas Mitchell had a purple treble clef symbol, the sign of Octavia.

“I…Had no idea there were any other bronies…in the company…” I stammered clearly shocked about my two companions.

Chris smiled and replied, “We are thankful we have another brony to bunk with us! Honestly we didn’t want to be ridiculed every time we came back from patrols.”

“Understandable. I’m Jason—,” Chris cut me off with the wave of his hand and said, “Welcome to Afghanistan Dashie. I’m one of the company medics. I’m Chris but everyone knows me as Flutters and you know why.”

Mitchell spoke up with a grin, “Name is Mitchell but as you can guess everyone calls me Octi.”

I nodded as I listened before speaking, “It’s nice to meet you two. When is our next patrol?”

Chris spoke with a more serious tone of voice, “Tomorrow morning, O-six hundred hours. You will be accompanying the bomb technicians on the rounds around the base. Be careful… attacks are getting more frequent. Mitchell will be going with you but I’ll be staying here as the medic on duty. Oh and… be watchful for Max… he has a tendency to be, well, let’s just say he is smart but lacks any common sense.”

I laughed at his last remark, “Is he an infantry gunner or something?”

He simply shook his head with a sigh as his gaze was cast downward, “He is the bomb de-activator.”

My jaw dropped and stared blankly at him, “You’re… kidding right?”

Again he shook his head but now with no reply. After a few moments of silence Mitchell again spoke up, “He knows what he is doing… but aside from deactivating bombs… I legitimately think he is insane.”

I sighed while unpacking as he spoke, “As long as he doesn't get us killed I don’t care how he acts.” Both of my new friends nodded in agreement and prepped to get some sleep as well.

“See you both in the morning…” I said drowsily as the long plane ride had worn me out. I drifted to sleep after thinking about my past and what had lead me to this point, then thinking about how I had gotten something I always wanted: friends.

Author's Note:

I made this story because of my love of Rainbow Dash and then the love of the military. The story was made on a total whim and I only hope for the best while writing it.

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