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A Flare in the Night

A Flare in the Night

It was another beautiful night as Luna’s moon slowly made its way across the night sky, illuminating all of Ponyville. If one was to walk around, they wouldn’t notice anything strange or out of place; everything was peaceful as usual and most ponies were asleep, with the exception of those that go clubbing or stay up late, reading.

Of course because of the peace, nopony noticed the large shadow that descended into the street and landed in front of the Carousel Boutique. When the shadow reached the door, it started trying to pick the lock drunkenly. After a few minutes and a satisfying click, the dark form quickly and silently slipped into the boutique and closed the door again.

After adjusting its eyes to the new darkness and taking a quick swig from its bottle, it threw the bottle away, noticing it was empty. The large form sloppily made its way up the stairs to Rarity’s room. When it reached the door, it slowly opened it and peered inside, where it saw the shape of Rarity’s body under her covers, fast asleep. Grinning to itself, the shadow slipped in and slunk up to the sleeping unicorn’s bed where it eyed her once again. Feeling ecstasy running through its body, the shadow unfolded what appeared to be wings and slowly flapped them, allowing itself to hover over Rarity. Then it slowly laid down and furled its wings again, careful not to wake up the sleeping unicorn.

“Mmm,” Rarity sighed, and then mumbled something to herself before shifting in her sleep.

The shadow couldn’t hold it in any longer and decided to have some fun now. Leaning close to her ear, the shadow opened its mouth and quietly said with a voice similar to Rainbow Dash’s, but slightly deeper, “You look just as beautiful than when I last saw you 4 months ago.”

At the sound of this voice, Rarity’s eyes sprung wide open and let out a blood-curdling scream that was cut short as she toppled off the bed. Getting up quickly and using her magic to turn on the lights, her eyes narrowed with fear and disgust as she saw who was laying on her bed. “HIM!!!” Rarity thought with anger.

On her bed, with a drunk but smug look on his face, was a pegasus stallion about the size of Big Macintosh. His crimson red fur was ruffled and stained in places, his orange mane was a mess, and his deep red eyes were foggy and bloodshot.

“What.. what.. what are you doing here, Solar Flare?” Rarity demanded, wishing that this was just a nightmare and she would wake up any moment.

Solar just kept smiling at her while saying, “What’s the matter, Baby; didn’t you miss me?”

Rarity gritted her teeth, wishing she could just kill this stallion, but knew she can’t overexert herself due to risk of hurting her baby. “Not. At. All.”

“Aww, well that’s a shame. After all, I missed you,” the pegasus got off the bed and tried to playfully nuzzle Rarity. When all she did was take a step back, he instead just stood there. While looking over her, he noticed her belly. “What happened; let yourself go?”

Again Rarity’s eyes snapped wide open, offended, then suddenly became even angrier. “For your information, Solar Flare, I’m pregnant.”

“Oh really?” the pegasus was starting to enjoy himself, “who was the poor sap that knocked ya up, Sweet Cheeks?”

It was Rarity’s turn to smile smugly at him, for she knew that the news would make his head spin a little bit. “You are,” she simply replied.

Solar’s face became one of confusion and bewilderment. After his intoxicated brain slowly processed the information, he became upset. “Y-Y-You’re lying,” he said, not enjoying the thought of having a little brat.

Rarity still smiled smugly at him. “Does this belly look like I’m lying you drunk featherbrain?” The next thing she knew, Solar whipped his hoof into the side of her face, sending her sprawling on the floor.

At this Rarity lost all self control. She got up and, using as much magic as she could muster, lifted Solar off the ground and flung him across the room, slamming him in to her vanity dresser. The impact caused the dresser to crack and shatter, leaving chunks of wood and glass scattered about, some of which dug into Solar Flare’s hide.

Getting up quickly and glaring at the pony that just tossed him, he went into a drunken rage.

“Why you little bitch!” the stallion screamed. Flaring his wings, the pegasus shot towards Rarity, intending to slam the unicorn into the wall. But she simply side-stepped him, making him hit the wall headfirst.

Looking around widely with his vision blurred, Solar tried to find Rarity again. All he could see was blurred purples, pinks, and blues. He perked his ears for any sounds, that is when he heard a floorboard creak. Smiling to himself, the pegasus ran towards the door. When he reached the bottom floor, he saw the end of Rarity’s blue tail quickly disappear into the kitchen.

“Come out, come out. Don’t be a tease now you little prissy…” WHAM! A metal skillet was telekinetically thrown right into Solar’s face. The impact knocked a couple teeth out and gave the stallion a bloody nose.

Rarity’s mocking voice could be heard from the kitchen, “I’m sorry, did you say something darling. I couldn’t hear you over the sound of clattering pots and pans.” The dress maker walked into the room. When she saw Solar passed out on her floor, she smiled at the fact that she had beaten him, but was also upset that his blood was staining the carpet. So she used her magic to open her door, then levitated the unconscious pony outside and flung him into a trash pile. Just as Rarity closed the door and was about to clean up, it was busted open again, this time by a cyan pegasus and a purple unicorn.

“Rarity! Are you alright? Dash told me she heard screaming and fighting coming from your house.” Twilight asked with concern.

The fashionista smiled at her friends. “Oh yes I’m quite alright, thank you. But how did you know about the screaming and fighting?” she asked.

Rainbow Dash spoke up. “Well I was asleep on a cloud and I guess it was floating over your shop because I was woken up by screaming. So I flew down to your bedroom window where I saw a pony charging at you. I didn’t know what to do so I went and got Twilight, then we rushed here.”

“Well, again, thank you two for your concern, but as you can see everything is fi-ahhh!”

Rarity’s sentence was interrupted as her body became weak and somewhat limp. Before she hit the floor, Twilight caught her in her magic. “Maybe we should take you to the hospital just in case.” the purple unicorn said. Twilight carefully levitated Rarity onto Rainbow’s back, then the two ponies turned and walked towards the hospital with their friend mumbling unconsciously.