• Published 17th Jan 2012
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My Little Powerpuff: Teamwork Is Magic - PrinceofBrony

When a battle sends the Powerpuffs and Mojo to Equestria, what will happen?

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Chapter 4

My Little Powerpuff: Teamwork is Magic
Written by: Self-Proclaimed KingofDDR

Chapter 4
Mojo’s Tale: Part 1; Mojo’s Secret Weapon!

While the Powerpuff Girls and their new friends were heading towards Ponyville, a certain simian genius and rich daddy’s girl found themselves in quite a predicament.

“Uggghhh…” Mojo moaned in pain, blindly reaching around for the button to open his now pitch black cockpit. The lights in it had broken after the Powerpuff Girls and their father launched the machine away. The ape succeeded after a few seconds, the cockpit launching upwards and allowing him to crawl out of it.

“Curses…” Mojo muttered, shaking his head to clear the cobwebs…only to hiss in pain and grab his head from the resulting headache. “Curse that foolish, idiotic, and stupid Utonium…I was SO CLOSE to finally being rid of those blasted brats!”

Mojo shakily reached into his front pocket and brought out some very strong medicine that he had developed after a few fights with the Powerpuffs. He downed a good amount of it, and was feeling like a million bananas in no time at all.

“That’s much better, which is to say that I’m in peak physical condition, which means that I can now explore this place without that pounding headache!” Mojo muttered to himself. “But first, I must make sure that that brat Princess is alright, if I am to have any future funding on diabolical machines.”

With that, Mojo fished out his remote control to the Drago Robo and had it stand up on its legs. The damage to it wasn’t too bad aside from the ripped off wings, and Princess’ cockpit didn’t look any worse for wear. Mojo couldn’t lay eyes upon the girl though, thanks to her lights going out as well.

“Princess~” Mojo sang, crossing his fingers as he opened the cockpit. “How are you…doing…”

“Owwww…” Princess groaned, rubbing her aching head. She slowly opened her eyes, noticing Mojo staring at her with a funny look on his face, jaw dropped. “And just what are you staring at, ya stupid ape?”

Mojo went from being shocked, to barely containing his laughter. “You…you might want to look at yourself in a mirror, Princess. Or better yet, allow me!” Finally breaking out in laughter, Mojo lowered his head to let Princess see herself in a reflection off of his shiny helmet.

“And just what is so funn…y…” Princess growled, before trailing off as she took in her appearance.

She was no longer human. Instead, she had somehow turned into a young filly pony, with a deep yellow coat and a red frizzy mane for hair. On her flanks were pictures of stacks of money.

“What…what…WHAT HAPPENED TO ME?-!” Princess shrieked, rearing on her new hind legs and neighing high into the air. This just caused Mojo to laugh even harder, which caused Princess to glare at him, which caused her to turn and buck him in the face. “IT’S. NOT. FUNNY!”

“Sheesh, fine,” Mojo grumbled, rubbing his sore nose. “While it may be delightful, humorous, and even whimsical for myself to see you in such a state, I’m sure that for you it must be humiliating, embarrassing, and degrading to be a cute-wootie little pony…” Mojo nearly broke into hysterics again, but one glare from Princess stopped him. “But on the bright side, you have wings!”

Princess raised an eyebrow as she looked at her back. Indeed, she did have wings now, which were just as small as the rest of her body. “Huh…I guess that’s cool,” She said, giving them a little flap. “But that doesn’t change the fact that I want to know what happened to make me look like this. So start talking, monkey boy!”

“Trust me, your guess is as good as mine, except not, seeing as how I’m a genius and you aren’t,” Mojo shrugged. “For now the best, precise and most sensible course of action would be to explore this forest we seem to have landed in.”

“UGH, fine,” Princess groaned. “You can make this hunk of junk still move, right? So I’m just gonna stay in here for now, until I can practice walking on much cleaner road with my new body.”

“I don’t blame you, for I had the same idea myself,” Mojo said before hopping back into his cockpit. “So, let us explore, discover, and reveal the unknown!”

With that, the Robo Drago began to lumber onwards, sending the two partners in crime deeper into the Everfree Forest.

A few minutes later, Mojo and Princess found themselves before a huge cave, easily ten times as large as the Drago Robo. It was too dark to see anything inside of it, though.

“Hmmmm…I wonder just what kind of booty, bounty, and treasure lurks deep within this mysterious cave?” Mojo mused to himself.

“I could care less. After all, my daddy is a mega-billionaire. Let’s keep going!” Princess snapped impatiently.

“You forget though, my dear girl, that that black hole we were sucked into could possibly sent us to a different world. A world where your money does you no good. It would be a good, great, perfect idea to see if we can find the booty, sell it and have all of this world’s currency that we need,” Mojo pointed out.

“Grrr…I hate it when you’re right,” Princess grumbled. “Fine. But I ain’t going in that dusty old cave. You go in there, and leave the Drago Robo here! That way I can defend myself when whatever lives in that thing gobbles you whole.”

Mojo growled softly to himself before reluctantly hopping out of his cockpit, tossing Princess the remote to the metal dragon. “Very well, I shall venture deep into the unknown on my own, by myself, and all alone. Just remember to keep the money flowing when we get back to Townsville.”

“Whatever,” Princess said, shooing Mojo away with her hoof. Mojo shook his head before pulling out another remote from his pockets. With one push of a button, something shot out of the back of the Drago Robo.

“What the heck?-!” Princess shouted, before doing a double take at what she saw before her. Floating next to Mojo was a miniature version of the Powerpuff Girls’ Dynamo Machine, which said girls had used to take down a particularly tough monster in Little Tokyo Townsville.

“May I introduce to you, Dark Puff!” Mojo said, laughing evilly. “This was my most secret, convert, and unexpected side project while I was working on the Drago Robo. I had it tucked away just in case. Anyway, you’ll see what it can do later, for I have a glorious, decedent, and most delicious treasure to find! Come, my ultimate creation!”

“Yes, Master Mojo.” Dark Puff said in its cold mechanical voice. The two ventured off into the deep darkness, unaware that Dark Puff would be getting plenty of fighting in the next few minutes…

And that’s all for now. Sorry that it’s so short, especially since it took so long for it to come out…stupid charge plug for my notebook broke, and I had to pay my internet bill before I could worry about it. But hopefully I’ll be able to come out with the next chapter by Tuesday. Catch you Next Continue!

P.S: Fans of FiM will probably know which cave Mojo and Princess have stumbled upon.

P.P.S: You can also blame Skyrim for my lateness...and my new HD TV that I'm playing it on.