• Published 28th Oct 2012
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Changed Worlds, Changed Minds - dragonridergoku

What was Equestria like before Discord? The answers are far from what you may believe.

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Foggy Mane

Disclaimer: Dragonrider Goku does not own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It is owned by the people who own it. All other characters either belong to me or I have been given permission to use.

Travel Account 2: Foggy Mane

When I was briefed on what was going on in this time frame, I had expected something different upon my arrival. I suppose it isn’t every day a pegasus gets to travel through time. At any rate, my arrival felt like torture. Maybe my body just isn’t used to the magic that sent me back thousands of years in the past but it hurt like shit. Now to my actual experiences within the past:

When I arrived, I was in a large building made of wood. (At least, it was large compared to the other buildings in the area. Still nothing compared to Cloudsdale’s cloud houses.) The first thing I noticed about the many ponies watching me was that there were no pegasi or unicorns among the group. Strangely enough Light Fire never mentioned in his report that every pony was an earth pony. They all seemed to regard me strangely but I suppose it was my wings they were interested in.

I decided to be the first to speak as the others were too busy looking at my wings. I did my introduction and told them who I was, but no pony seemed to want to speak until after I said who I was. Naturally the first pony to speak was the old stallion Midnight Rain. He told me who he was and where I was, despite me already knowing from the account Light Fire made of his trip to this town. The first question of course was about my wings. Apparently the ponies from this village had never seen a pegasus pony before. I told them about the pegasi and their abilities to mold clouds, change weather, and most importantly fly. I must say, the confused looks on their faces was priceless.

After the introductions were out of the way, I decided to take a look around town. It was a nice little place despite the fighting I was informed of. I decided to start my mission as soon as possible and asked Midnight for directions to the unicorn he told Light Fire about. Once he gave me a direction and distance I immediately took flight and jetted off towards the sorcerer’s home. (I never was one to wait)

It only took me a few minutes of flying to spot a smoke trail floating higher into the sky. I headed for it and arrived at a small hut atop a hill. It didn’t seem like much to me, the roof was made of hay and the walls looked like they were put together for the sole reason of having walls and nothing else. There were no decorations in place that didn’t serve a purpose in keeping the building standing up straight.

I knocked on the door and waited a few seconds before I heard the muffled sound of hooves hitting the floor. Another couple of seconds later and the door began to creak open slowly. A dark gray unicorn with a silver mane poked his head out and looked at me with an annoyed expression on his face. He asked what I wanted but told me to keep it quick. I told him about the disappearances happening in Twin Palms and asked if he could help figure out what was happening. He looked at me with a blank expression and was about to refuse to help when he noticed something behind me. I looked back but realized it was just my wings he was staring so intently at.

He shook his head for a moment as if to clear it and told me he would help discover the reason behind the missing ponies if I did one thing for him in return. He wanted to take a feather from my wings and use it in some sort of experiment of his. I had no reason not to let him have one of my feathers so I took a loose one off my right wing and gave it to the unicorn. He thanked me for the feather and agreed to help the town if I escorted him to it. I agreed and we set off through the forest towards the village.

While we walked back, I found out that his name was Quicksilver and that he had been working towards making his magic improve enough to allow him to ascend to the level of Draconequus and become one of the few to master the arcane arts. Apparently a draconequus was a master at magic and had much more power than any other unicorn besides those who also ascended. While it was interesting to listen to all the magical mumbo jumbo Quicksilver spouted along the walk back to Twin Palms, I couldn’t have been more relieved when we finally came within sight of the village.

When we walked back into town, we were met with wide eyes and whispers from the ponies in the streets. We continued on towards the town hall I had been transported to when arriving in this time. As we arrived, Midnight Rain trotted out to meet us at the doorway. He was thrilled to be in the presence of a unicorn that was willing to help solve the case of the missing ponies. He made his introductions with Quicksilver and told us both that we could stay together in the barn that Light Fire had cleaned up during his stay there. We obliged and started heading for the building that would be our home for the time being.

We found a nice looking, if not old barn that had a multitude of ponies outside working on repairing the structure and making it look better. The inside was furbished nicely and included multiple beds for any occupants to sleep in. They looked comfortable enough and were definitely nicer than the worn old sheets Quicksilver was sleeping in back at his home.
It was getting late at this time so we agreed that Quicksilver would work on the magical residue in the morning with the next pony that was sent over to the village by the device that me and Light Fire had come through. I decided to work some more on the barn and decorated it with some clouds while Quicksilver decided to meditate and continue his magical studies. Eventually we were both asleep and spent the rest of the night that way.

In the morning, I went to the town hall to prepare for my departure back into my own time period. I stood near the beacon still sitting in the middle of the room and activated the magical ring that would send me back. As the pain of the spell faded away, I was back in the same place as before and ready to write the report you read now.

End of Chapter 2

Here it is folks, the update to Changed Worlds, Changed Minds. Special thanks go out to Quicksilver18 for sending me a list of names to use for continuing this story. Without him, this story wouldn’t have been updated for a while.