• Published 28th Oct 2012
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Changed Worlds, Changed Minds - dragonridergoku

What was Equestria like before Discord? The answers are far from what you may believe.

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Light Fire

Disclaimer: Dragonrider Goku does not own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It is owned by the people who own it. All other characters either belong to me or I have been given permission to use.

Travel Account 1: Light Fire

I had just been subject to the new time spells. They were incredibly difficult to perform and required quite some time before they could be used again. In any case, I was currently getting used to my new surroundings. It appeared that I had come out of the time vortex in a forest clearing. I could see some palm trees shooting high above the rest of the forest off in the distance. I could also smell salt in the air on the breeze from that direction. By the look of the sun, it was still early morning and the palm trees were off towards my west. The palm trees were as good a start as any in my search for some civilization, so I decided to start heading in that direction. The trees growing ever taller looking the more I walked.

After a few minutes of trotting through the forest of thick oak trees, I saw a light coming from between a few trees in the distance. I changed my course ever so slightly to see what was on the other side, and upon my arrival peered through the gap between trees. I saw a long plain of grass stretching towards a beach. The water across the sand was very calm and had a deep blue color to it. This wasn’t where my main attention was focused however. I could see a town in the distance, one built on the plain that separated the forest from the beach. In the middle, I saw the two palm trees towering above everything. When I had walked closer, I saw many ponies going about their daily business. What surprised me, however was the armor being worn by some ponies guarding the streets. They each had a spear made from a long wooden shaft with a pointed stone at the top. Their armor seemed to be made of loose leather stitched together. The design was much like that of Equestria’s royal guard. I also saw a pile of logs sitting between the two palm trees. The way they were arranged and the charred edges suggested that this was used as some sort of fire pit.

I went closer to the town in the hopes of getting the information I had come for. When I entered the town, I noticed many of the ponies within look up and give me a bored stare before going back to whatever they had been doing beforehand. It seemed this town was either used to company, or had no cares about anything in the world. The town was reminding me of the salt farms started by a group of families a few years before my time. No pony cared about anything in life besides getting their work done. When I got closer to the center of town, I saw an old pony slowly walking towards me. When we reached each other, we stopped and each examined the other. This pony looked like he was the oldest pony in the town and had dark blue eyes that seemed to hold an extensive amount of wisdom. They also held a great sadness within their icy stare.

The old stallion was the first to speak. He told me I was in the village of Twin Palms and that he was the elder, Midnight Rain. He asked my name so I told him. I said I was from a faraway land with a city called Canterlot. He made no move to question me as to where Canterlot was, yet I could see there were more questions to be asked of me. He wanted to know why I had come to his small town and why I didn’t look like any pony he had seen in these parts. I told him I was exploring the world in search of more knowledge about the land outside my home. As to his second question, I asked what he meant. He said I didn’t walk like I was from around here, and that I talked with an accent he had never heard before. My Canterlot accent wasn’t that bad, but I suppose it wouldn’t have been invented yet in this time period. I told him that the land I was from had many things his village wouldn’t understand and he seemed to believe me. He told me that his town was currently at war with the forest invaders. They had been fighting for years since the enemy had come to the area. They seemed to have tools harder than stone and carried armor that couldn’t be pierced by the spears wielded by the citizens of Twin Palms. Luckily for the village, the invaders had a low population and most were too lazy to actually come out and fight.

I was sorry to hear that they were ever so slowly losing their land to the invading ponies that wanted to take over. Apparently the invaders were looking for something buried under the land. For this reason they tore apart the area and destroyed the homes of all the creatures within the forest. I had no idea how I was supposed to do anything, but I told Midnight Rain that if I could get a look at the invaders, I may be able to help. He took me to the town hall and brought out a set of steel armor with dents all over it. He also carried a steel sword with a crack going down the blade. It appeared the ponies attacking the town were more modern than the villagers. I told Midnight about the armor and said I had no way of helping him with it. He said there was another thing I could do.

Ponies had been going missing over the past few months in the town. Every time a pony vanished, a magical residue was left behind at their last known location. Midnight told me there was a sorcerer that lived deep within the forest. If I could get him to come to the village and examine the residue, I would be made an honorary citizen of the town and be given anything I asked for. I was thrilled at the opportunity to get my information easily, so of course I accepted. My only condition was that I was not the pony to do the task. My colleague would be arriving in the morning after I left. I couldn’t stay past sunrise due to the effects of the spell. If I stayed any longer, I would not be able to return to my own time. The town council accepted this and I was given a place for me and my partners to stay for the nights we were there.

I spent the rest of the day and much of the night fixing up the barn that had been set aside for the ponies that visited the town. So few ponies came to the village that the barn was never used until I came here. I was the first pony in years to call the barn a place to sleep, and had to clean up the dust that had formed in the place. I managed a few hours rest before I was awoken by the magical ring attached to my front leg. It is used to give a warning that the time spell must be ended in the next hour. I first went to the town hall and told Midnight I had to leave. I placed a magical beacon on the floor of the room so that the next pony to time travel would come out there and not randomly. After this, I used the ring to counter the time spell and send me home. I watched as the world around me faded into the dark purple of the time vortex. Soon I had returned to Canterlot to write this report.

End of Chapter 1

Chapter 1 for all my fans, hope you enjoyed. I also have a request of you all. I need names for my characters and would like to get some input from you. If you have a good OC name I ask that you send it to me if you want it used in this story. Also, if you send a bio I can include their personality in the story. Live long and prosper, Dragonrider Goku.