• Published 28th Oct 2012
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Changed Worlds, Changed Minds - dragonridergoku

What was Equestria like before Discord? The answers are far from what you may believe.

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Travel Account 4: Barricade

Those weaklings thought this spell was painful, hah, I’ve felt more pain from a bunny rabbit. I suppose this is supposed to be about my adventures in the past, well then I should get started. They chose me for the job so I could gain some support for the mission we were embarking on to find the missing ponies.

When I first arrived in the past, I noticed the mass of little ponies surrounding me. Once I started giving my orders, they followed like their lives depended on it. Maybe I was a bit harsh, but they all had important tasks that had to be done to perfection. One single mistake could have ruined the entire mission for us. With my command, we got everything ready to go in just ten minutes.

We had everything ready and were about to leave when a battle cry went up from outside the village. There was a small army of ponies there clad in polished steel armor. I think Light Fire mentioned something about them. These fools messed with the wrong pony at the wrong time. Unfortunately for them they pissed me off by messing up my great plan. I went into combat first and already had three enemies down before any of them knew what happened. They tried to hit me with their swords, but I dodged every one. You can’t defeat a battle hardened guard captain with a few pitiful swings. I also happened to be the fastest earth pony in all of Equestria. My punches took down full armored ponies in just a single hit. They never stood a chance.

When I had beaten almost all the invading force, the rest finally got smart and retreated back to wherever they had come from. I chased after them but my bulk wouldn’t allow for a full entrance to the forest. I instead turned back and rounded up all the now unconscious ponies that had fallen to my hoof. While I waited for the fallen to return to the land of the living I noticed the villagers of Twin Palms staring at me. From the mixed looks I was getting, some thought of me as a crazy mad pony that can break solid metal while others thought I was a savior who protected them.

I really don’t care what these ponies think of me, I’m going to leave in a day anyway. My only goal is to get the job I was assigned done. After a few hours of waiting, I finally had my chance to do just that. The captured ponies had woken up and it was time for me to find out what they knew.

I interrogated the prisoners for another hour or so before I had received about as much information as I could get from them. They were all hoof soldiers or just plain old farmers who had been drafted to join the local militia. If I didn’t know better, I would have said they were forced into their position in the army. They had apparently come to the land in search of rare minerals that could be found in the fresh landscape of the forest. They wanted the town gone due to a giant gold ore vein underneath the two palm trees. These ponies seem much more modern than the natives here but they lack tactic in battle. If I didn’t know better I’d say they were all untrained, but they stayed in formation and fought as such. It was a stupid and weak strategy, but a strategy none the less.

The natives fought from the shadows and could usually get the drop on these other ponies if they were given the chance. I wasn’t sent there to help in a territory dispute but I sure as hell wasn’t going to let innocent ponies die because of a bunch of greedy foals. After interrogation I let the captured go with a message that this land was under the protection of the fiercest warriors the royal guard had to offer. The looks on their faces were priceless, first wonderment than fear slowly creeping its way across their features. I guess they don’t know about our royal guard but they seemed to understand what I meant.

After the drama of the day, I was hard pressed to get the town ready for any counter attack those modern ponies were sure to perform. Luckily the only thing we noticed from them was a few ponies watching us from the tree line. I never got to set off on my original mission but I did have quite some fun sneaking behind those spies’ backs and scaring them silly. Since I would never have the time necessary to look for the missing ponies, I decided to spend the time upgrading the barn I was going to be spending the night in.

The barn may look nice with the clouds decorating it but it was lacking greatly in the defense area. I decided to add a few weapon racks and extra beds to the formerly empty building. I decided to put the swords I had collected from the other ponies to good use and kept them neatly in the newly made barracks section. The other three ponies may have been more worried with decoration and all that stuff but I wanted to have a rightful base of operations in case of another attack on this town.

After spending all the remaining daylight creating my training area, complete with practice dummies, I figured I had done enough and went to sleep in one of the cots I dragged into the barn. I woke up in the morning just before sunrise. By the time I had done my morning jog around the town it was time for me to leave twin palms. I can’t say I missed the place, but it was starting to grow on me. I went back to the town hall I had arrived in the day before and used my ring to return to my own time period.

Once returning I went straight to work on writing this account of my travels. I suppose you know the rest.

End of Chapter 4

I apologize for the long wait on this story. I will use the age old excuse of school even though it was really procrastination. I now have a break for a couple of weeks so expect the chapters to come more frequently. Happy doomsday, ~Dragonrider Goku~