• Published 5th Aug 2022
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The Equestria Chronicles: Chaotic Preparations - Slippin_Sweetie

After being altered by the Cutie Map, our heroes must take the laborious task of preparing for a very long road ahead of them. But even getting on the road will prove to be a challenge.

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A Glimmer Of Hope

She patiently waited, waiting; that’s all Starlight did nowadays, wait, plot, and think. Think of a way to get back at Twilight Sparkle, the mare that destroyed her life with her insidious lies, her vision of a better world ripped away purely by happenstance.

The effort she’d taken to build up her town, community, and way of life. Taken away by the so-called ‘Princess of Friendship’ who foolishly believed she helped the townsfolk and led them toward ‘redemption,” ‘seeing the light.’ However, they put it.

Starlight had observed from a distance in whatever brambles, bush, or whatever crowd she could blend into, studying the enemy. She was to be awarded a fabulous prize through her studies and patience, an opportunity to achieve the revenge she had so desperately longed for.

Starlight carefully shuffled out of the bushes by Fluttershy’s cottage as she promptly made her way toward the Everfree forest. A bright smile was glued to her face as she escaped into the ever-dark Everfree forest, retreading the beaten path she had made after weeks of trial and error.

She couldn’t forget her first few days living in that forest, whether it was getting lost and losing her camp or being stalked by Timber Wolves, but none of that mattered now. All of that would be worth it when she finally got her revenge. She could sabotage Ponyville in her absence, or perhaps she could destroy Twilight and her friends. The mere thought excited her. She quickly decided to pursue the latter.

Starlight soon arrived at camp; it was in a small clearing in the forest where a beam of sunlight penetrated the shadowy forest. It was perfect for her camp. Her campfire stood firmly in the middle as her tent rested a few yards to the left of it. Stepping inside the cloth tarp, she quickly collected her few spell books before stuffing them into her satchel, neatly folding her bedroll and packing up her tent in an instant.

“Today’s a new day, Starlight,” She said confidently before she disguised herself with a large dark cloak and made her way toward town; she needed to buy a few essentials, food, water, and clothes. As she fulfilled her list of items, she realized that to buy clothes, she’d need to visit Rarity, who no doubt could remember a face like hers.

Maliciously she plotted as she navigated the local market, hiding her eyes in the shadow of her hood, stiffing her laughter as the anticipation and excitement raced throughout her body; it was hard not to celebrate. Victory was practically in her grasp; she needed a bit more patience. Her thoughts were interrupted by a strange sight, three fillies who appeared to be running a stand of some kind; upon closer inspection, it was a lemonade stand.

“Want some lemonade?” Offered one of the girls. Her coat was white and mane varying shades of light purple. Starlight was taken aback by the youngsters’ eagerness.


“C’mon,” Pried the second filly, “We know you want it~” she hummed sweetly; the pegasus had an orange coat and a dark purple mane, with a confident look in her eye, beaming with pride and youthful arrogance.

It reminded Starlight of her brief encounters with Rainbow Dash; her expression soured at the thought.

“It’s got a secret ingredient!” Assured the last filly, seeming to recognize Starlight’s growing discontent. Starlight examined the last one; her country accent reminded her of another pony she knew, the so-called element of Honesty’s bearer, Applejack.

Scanning them all, she quickly noticed their blank flanks, seeming to smile at the sight; perhaps she could give a ‘friendship lesson’ of her own.

“I’ll take a glass; how much?”

“ONE bit.” haggled the orange filly in the middle, extending her hoof expectantly; Starlight placed a single coin in her hoof before the other two fillies hurriedly poured a glass for Starlight.

Starlight pulled the glass of juice toward her with her magic, raising the glass to her mouth, tasting the beverage; it was…something. It was sweet, but it tasted off.

“Hm…say what’s in this?” Questioned Starlight.

“Apples.” Beamed the filly to the left.

“Uh huh….what are your names?”

“I’m Sweetie Bell, and this is Scootaloo and Applebloom.” Stated Sweetie Bell as she wrapped her leg around her friends.

“With due respect….” Hesitated Starlight, “But, you seem a bit inexperienced at making lemonade….”

“I told you this was a stupid idea!” Groaned Scootaloo.

“Hey, don’t look at me; Applebloom wanted to add apples to the recipe.” Shrugged Sweetie Bell.

“C’mon, girls, we had to spice up the lemonade somehow; there’s stiff competition around here.”

“Wouldn’t it be nice if things were even between you and the competition?” Suggested Starlight as she slowly lifted her eyes from underneath the shadow of her cloak, “That way, you’d get as many bits as them, and there would be no need to get so…” She fumbled.

“Desperate?” Blurted Scootaloo.

“Unorthodox, I was going to say unorthodox.” Corrected Starlight, “If I were a betting pony, I’d say you’re after your cutie mark?”

“Yeah, how’d ya know, and why do you want to help us?” Questioned Applebloom as she raised her brow in suspicion.

“Oh! Well, I just assumed from your blank flanks and how unprepared you all seemed with this whole lemonade stand I just think it’d be wrong to leave you three without helping you.” Grinned Starlight.

“How are you going to help us?” Pressed Scootaloo as she gave the older mare an unconvinced look.

“I could give you all your cutie marks if you want.” Offered Starlight, the three fillies quickly leaned over the small stand, knocking the pitcher of lemonade over, nearly spilling it on Starlight if it wasn’t for her magic saving her from being soaked.

“Really!?” Squeaked Sweetie Bell, “You’d do that for us?”

“Sure! Now hold still.….”

“This isn’t going to work,” Jeered Scootaloo, “Twilight tried to give Applebloom a cutie mark, but it didn’t work. How could she give us a Cutie mark?”

Starlight scowled bitterly at Scootaloo as a green hue encompassed Starlight’s horn as she bowed her head toward the fillies. A desire to both prove herself and potentially show up her enemy fueled her as sparks of magic flew from her horn, as a large beam of energy engulfed the trio with magic. The strange surge of foreign energy rushed through the Fillies, but it wasn’t painful.

Before they knew it, Starlight finished the spell, and they quickly looked amongst themselves. They noticed their new Cutie Marks adorning their flanks. A plain, grey, equal sign plastered on their backsides.

A wave of lethargy crashed against the fillies as they lazily looked at one another, “Anyone else feeling kinda…over this here lemonade stand?” Asked Applebloom.

“Yeah…” Sighed Scootaloo and Sweetie Bell before slumping their heads on the stand.

“I feel like going home…” whined Sweetie Bell.

“I don’t even feel like doing THAT.” groaned Scootaloo as she barely moved for Applebloom to loaf next to her.

“Well, that’s settled. Aren’t you glad you got your Cutie Marks?” Chirped Starlight, feeling prideful of herself.

“I guess…” mumbled Appleblooom.

“Did we even really care about those Cutie Marks in the end?” questioned Scootaloo.

“I guess I could go home.” Sighed Sweetie Bell, “After all, maybe we can use our newfound passions to help our families.”

“Yeah…” Yawned Applebloom, “Maybe Applejack, Big Mac, and Granny Smith will throw cute-ceañera for us.….”

The three practically had to pull themselves off the stand before they shambled away. Starlight smiled, taking great pride in her spell. Having an opportunity for revenge, Perfecting the Cutie Mark removal spell, showing up Twilight, and adding more pressure on her and her friends. Could this day get any better for her?

Not only did this provide her with some much-desired answers for her removal spell, but it threw a wrench in Twilight and her friend’s plan. Giving her a slight edge in the long grueling battle yet to come.