• Published 3rd Jul 2022
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The Countryside Knight - Dark Krystal

Twilight is tasked by Princess Celestia to help the Lunar Captain make some friends.

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XII - Second Report

—The Morning after the nights previous events—

Dear Princess Celestia,

I will start off this report with an apology for what you’re about to read or may have already heard. I am sorry, I met with Princess Luna on Nightmare Night, and she invited me to go with her to meet the bat ponies. Meaning she wished to go to the Lunar base and... well, to shorten the story she found out about the captain... and wasn’t really happy… The two got into an argument

However! The good news is that she managed to make amends with Ratimir! Though... I know despite that outcome you really didn’t want me to tell Princess Luna or let her even know about him, but at the time I felt that if I kept holding onto the lie it would’ve only made the situation worse and no party involved would come out happy.

I... Understand if you’re disappointed in me, as I sit here writing this, I'm thinking of better solutions, things I could’ve done to prevent this outcome but... What happened cannot be taken back, or at least not without creating a time paradox or worsening the situation, you understand my point! I’m sorry that I informed Princess Luna about our lie, and any future troubles that may cause. She was pretty angry when I told her... sorry.

I’ll better myself so situations like this won’t happen again! My friends and Spike still have no clue about this, so no need to worry about it! That is all I have to repor—Wait, wait! I failed to mention that Ratimir may have made some progress! Princess Luna and Ratimir did get into a bit of a... Verbal scuffle but Ratimir apologized! He apologized, Princess Celestia! Can you believe that this... “man?” apologized!

Though nothing else really changed about him... he managed to apologize! So, I think I made some progress, even if it's… kind of small... It's progress! I’ll keep on my mission and see if more opportunities arrive to further his progress!

Your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle

Princess Celestia released a sigh as she finished the letter. A small frown on her lips as she lowers the letter down onto the dining table. Her eyes linger on the letter for a while, a sigh threatening to escape her only for her to quickly drown it out by a sip of her morning tea. Princess Celestia opens her eyes and exhales through her nose, her eyes moving over onto the side entrance of the dining hall and then to the window.

A thoughtful hum leaving her lips. “Any moment now...” She mumbles to herself. Eyes going back to the dining table and onto her plate of pancakes, slicing a piece of pancake off and lifting it up to her mouth. The sound of the side entrance doors swinging open and hitting against the walls echo through the room.

“Sister!” The voice of the Lunar Princess follows up afterward.

‘ I didn’t even get to start on my pancakes yet...’

Celestia sighs and places down her fork that withheld the piece of pancake back onto the plate and looks over to her sister. Her usual smile on her face, a facade of obliviousness as she sits there and watches the clearly upset, and tired Lunar Princess heads over to her.

“Morning, sister. I take it that the night didn’t go well?” Princess Celestia tilts her head, a small smile on her face.

“Do not play games with us, sister! We knowth of thou deceit!” Princess Luna stomps the ground as she stands beside her sister, glaring at her.

“You were never one for patience...” Princess Celestia looks off to the side and frowns.

“You wore our patience by letting us fall into a lie you’ve conjured for moons! Though we understand why, we still cannot believe you would do this!”

“Yes, and I’m sorry for that, Sister. But I-wait... you… understand?” Princess Celestia returns her gaze back to her sister and raises a brow.

“Yes... the captain you selected is... brutal and honest... forcing us to confront truths about ourselves and our actions that we have previously ignored... sorrow overtook us, but... much to your “oh so great” calculations we have overcome it and plan to better ourselves! For our people and our future! We need not be protected by our elder sister anymore!” Princess Luna jabs her hoof into Celestia's chest at the end.

Princess Celestia stared at her sister, successfully holding back her utter bewilderment at what she said. She opens her mouth to say something, but nothing comes out, using the action to lift her tea cup up and take a sip from it instead.

“To deceive me after all these moons, for my feelings, how very incorrigible of you, sister. Regardless of the kind motive behind it.” Princess Luna huffs.

“Yes, it was... very cruel of me to deceive you like this, Luna. I just... I’m sorry for deceiving you, sister. Can you forgive your worrywart of a sister?” Princess Celestia gives a sorrowful look to her sister. Princess Luna gives a small smile and pats her sister's shoulder. “As if you have forgiven us for our foalish actions, we shall forgive thee for thou actions... though we do require some compensation for the distress caused by all parties involved....”

Princess Celestia rolls her eyes and sighs. “Of course... What do you want, Luna?” Princess Luna smiles, with an ignition of her horn; she summons a tied up rolled parchment and places it on the table. “A request needn't be discussed right now, as it isn’t important at the moment. We implore you to read it when you’re by thouself and relaxed. 'Tis all we ask for.”

Princess Celestia stares at the parchment for a moment and then to her sister. Her eyes saw the clear mischievousness in her younger sister. “Okay, I shall read it when I have time. Though, if it is a request to bring back public executions or allow duels in the streets once again, then I’m afraid I will have to deny them for the sake of peace for the public.”

Princess Luna chuckles to herself and takes a magical hold of a banana from the fruit basket, lifting it over to herself as she heads out through the entrance. “'Tis not anything of that sort, sister. Though you are close...”

Princess Celestia frowns at Luna, then glances at the other end of the table, where another set of plated pancakes stood. “Wait, Luna, what about break—” The line dies in her throat as she sees her sister no longer in the area.

“..........” Princess Celestia exhales through her nose and quickly lifts her fork and eats the pancake piece.

‘ One day I’ll get her to sit down and have breakfast with me... Like we used to.’

Princess Celestia cuts off another piece of pancake and eats it. Flinching a bit when the faint pain in her neck suddenly kicks back in. Princess Celestia shuts her eyes tightly for a moment before opening and staring at the pancakes, then back to the other end of the long table.

‘ It hurts... to keep lying to her, but… It’s for her sake. For everyponies sake... and for his sake... if they found out about his... potential... and what happened then I... ‘

Princess Celestia shakes her head. “No, no... don’t think about it too much... Tia... He made progress, apologizing for once... He’s making progress... Progress...”

She pauses and stares at her knife on the table.

‘ I hope he’s making progress... I just need to keep him out of combat. Let Twilight take care of the rest. ‘

A sigh escapes her and her eyes move over to the parchment; briefly she looks around before lifting it up.

‘ I need to stop worrying... let’s see what she wants from me. ‘

Princess Celestia unrolls the parchment, and lifts her cup of tea, drinking as she scans over the parchment. Halfway through, her eyes widen and going further down, her magic starts to shake the cup itself, letting some tea drool down her lips and onto the table. Reaching the end, the princess could no longer hold within herself, spitting out her tea and quickly standing up. Uncaring for the tea cup falling onto the floor and shattering, or the puddle of tea she had spat out onto the floor, she rushes out of the room.


Author's Note:

Originally I was going to wait till Friday to post this... buuut, it's a short chapter so, whateves. The 2nd arc is now slowly rolling onto the tracks now, and finally I'll be able to to showcase the red tags in the story.