• Published 13th Sep 2012
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A Story Of Two Bolts - Stepany1234

After becoming rivals, two fillyhood friends must put their friendship to the ultimate test.

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Chapter 9: Two Bolts

Nightshade ran to the door to watch her Princess disappear across the gorge and into the Everfree forest. She grinned and then trotted back into the room.

“Well that went well,” she said, more cocky than usual.

“Oof!” A loud thump was heard when Nightshade looked up to see Soarin head-butt one of the shadowbolts. The stallion fell to the floor and that’s when Soarin broke free from the ropes.

“What? How did you-?” Nightshade mumbled. Soarin hovered in the air and glared down at her.

“While you were chatting it up with, Princess Nightmare over there, we were getting out of those ropes,” Soarin said. Nightshade looked and saw the other Wonderbolts break loose. “I just wanted to wait until she left so I can do this!” He charged after Nightshade and tackled her out the door. Both ponies rolling across the grass. Finally they stopped once they were at the edge of the gorge. The fog making it hard to see the bottom. Soarin laid on his back and fought hard to get up. Nightshade kept him down and continued to punch the stallion in the face. Finally after seeing his cheek bleed, she stopped.

“I never liked you,” she growled. He glared back at her.

“Likewise,” he hissed. She pressed her hoof against his throat and persisted to push him over the gorge. However the stallion put up a fight and made it difficult for Nightshade to push him over. The stallion expressed pain in his face, causing Nightshade to grin. She pressed her hoof against his throat even more and saw him struggle for air. Before she could continue, something grabbed her and took her to the sky. Her last glimpse of Soarin was of him jumping up and dragging himself away from the edge of the gorge, coughing and gasping for air. Nightshade was thrown into the sky and she expanded her wings to stay hovered. She looked and saw Spitfire staring back at her.

“Stop it! Stop! Just stop!” She shouted. Thunder was heard, hints that the upcoming storm was soon to commence. Just as Spitfire’s team all flew up behind her, Nightshade’s did the same. There in the dark cloudy sky, hovered the Shadowbolts and Wonderbolts. Once realizing their presence, Spitfire acted quickly. “Go! Fly to Ponyville and try to warn the other ponies! Or at least try to help them!” Spitfire ordered her team. They all nodded and quickly took off.

“All of you, go! Don’t let them get there!” Nightshade ordered her team. They flew after the Wonderbolts and did what they were told. Again, only Spitfire and Nightshade hovered in the sky. The dark, gloomy sky. They hovered there in silence for what seemed like an eternity to them.

“I’m not going to let you go through with this, Nightshade,” Spitfire said. Her expression now determined. Nightshade grinned.

“I know you’re not gonna succeed at stopping me,” she said before flying up to the mare, pressing her forehead against hers. “But it’s gonna be fun seeing you try,” she whispered.

Before Spitfire could react she felt Nightshade punch her in the jaw. The mare flipped backwards but quickly flapped her wings to stay in the air. She grabbed her jaw and then looked up to see Nightshade flying towards her. Spitfire frowned, angry and ready to fight. She put her goggles over her eyes and so the match began.

She flew towards Nightshade and met her halfway before quickly flying around her. Nightshade looked over her shoulder to see Spitfire use both her legs to stomp on her back. Her wings cramped at the sound of her back cracking. She let out a loud gasp of pain before plummeting down. Spitfire dived down after her, knowing the mare was much more capable than what she was displaying. And she was right. Nightshade let out a loud holler before extending her wings and flying back up. Her speed caught Spitfire off guard when she flew up to the mare from beneath, giving her the most painful uppercut anyponies ever received. Spitfire flipped repeatedly downward. The unbearable pain making it too hard to focus on flying. Nightshade watched her begin to fall and soon she too dived after her. She sped up to catch up to the mare before she hit the ground. As Nightshade got closer she realized Spitfire was unconscious, or so she thought. Spitfire’s eyes opened widely and she seized the opportunity, by using her back hoof to kick Nigthshade from under the jaw line. Equaling the pain Spitfire received from her uppercut. Spitfire flipped over and flapped her wings. Nightshade spun backwards but kept her wings out to keep her from falling. She stopped and caught her balance. She grabbed her jaw and then glared furiously at the mare who caused it. Spitfire glared back at her to see lighting strike behind the shadowbolt. Showing her silhouette for a brief second. Nigthshade charged towards Spitfire once more and this time the Wonderbolt awaited her attack. Nightshade pulled back her hoof, ready to punch when Spitfire quickly dived down. Nightshade quickly followed. Drawing close on her tail. Spitfire looked back quickly to see how close the mare was. She then spun around and flew back up. Nightshade followed her moves exactly, not knowing what the mare had planned. Nightshade drew closer to the Wonderbolt and reached out to grab her tail when Spitfire kicked her in the eye with her back hoof.

“Aagh!” She shouted. She stopped and hovered in place, covering her face. Spitfire spun around and looked down at the mare. She waited in place and stared to see if she was okay, not trusting if it was a trick or not. Nightshade growled as she looked back up at Spitfire. Her right eye visible now between the broken shards of her goggles. Spitfire’s eyes widened after seeing the furious mare speed up towards her.

“Come back here!” She shouted. Her anger blinded her and the tone in her voice frightened the Wonderbolts. She dove down towards the trees of the forest and hid behind a tree. She took the time to catch her breath while waiting for the mare. Nightshade followed shortly after and slammed into the ground. The entire floor shook at her landing.

“Come on out, Spit!” She called. Nightshade walked around the forest, checking every bush and tree. “We’re not fillies anymore, Spitfire. Enough with these games!”

Spitfire gulped and pressed herself up against the tree, nervously praying she’d not be found. The loud roaring thunder helped hide her breathing but the bright sharp lighting could easily give her away if she wasn’t careful.

“You know, honestly I’d thought the captain of the Wonderbolts would put up more of a fight. Instead of go around hiding like a scared little foal,” Nightshade escalated her voice as she continued to look through the forest.

“Your broken goggles say otherwise, Nighty,” Spitfire shouted, her voice echoed through the forest. Nightshade looked around but couldn’t pinpoint the voice’s position.

“Yeah. You always were a dirty fighter,” Nightshade chuckled. She raised her ears and waited for a response.

“Guess that’s why you were always so jealous of me. Seeing how I beat you at everything!” Spitfire shouted back. Her voice echoed again. Nightshade grinned and walked towards the source from which the voice came from. Slowly she approached the area.

“What?! I was never jealous of you! If anything I was tired of always coming second!” She replied.

“Oh sure. Whatever!” Spitfire replied. Nightshade continued to approach the tree slowly.

“Really! I just wanted to cross the finish line first, the both of us first. So we can both celebrate winning together,” Nightshade said, her voice tender. She approached the tree and waited for a response to confirm her theory. “Like when we were fillies,” she finished. Spitfire looked down to the ground and dropped her guard, falling vulnerable to Nightshade’s confession.

“Really?” Spitfire replied. Her voice so soft that it was almost easy to miss.

“Of course!” Nightshade shouted. Her sudden close reply startled Spitfire and she quickly reacted. She flew around the tree to see Nightshade sitting on the other side. She stared back at her, her face easier to read now that her right eye was visible. “That’s all I’ve ever wanted.”

Spitfire lowered herself to the ground and stood across from the mare.

“I thought we’d be best friends forever,” she said.

“You said we’d be best friends forever,” Nightshade replied. Spitfire gasped softly after seeing Nightshade’s right eye water. She assumed her left eye was doing the same. Nightshade stepped forward. “Spitfire I-” she stopped and let out a loud painful scream.

“Nightshade!?” Spitfire called out. Nightmare Moon’s aura started to fill her entire body once more and glowed all around her. It then began to replace her emotions with false rage, erasing everything she was previously feeling. Spitfire watched in pure horror, the sight of her friends pain killed her inside but the knowledge of what was happening was worse.

“She’s controlling her,” Spitfire said under her breath. The realization hit her quickly and she leapt forward to stop this menacing scene go on. She flew to the mare but stopped after a lighting bolt struck between her and her best friend.

“Aagh!” Spitfire screamed. She was only inches away from the strike, any closer and she’d be burnt to a crisp. Spitfire looked up and saw Nightmare Moon walk out from the shadows behind Nightshade. The mare was still engulfed in the aura, still groaning and crying out in pain.

“Stop what you’re doing to her!” Spitfire shouted, hovering inches above the ground. Nightmare Moon laughed.

“I’m not doing anything. Simply reminding my pupil of her loyal duties to her true ruler,” the alicorn said while looking at the mare in pain.

“You’re controlling her! You’re using her and making her act this way!” She shouted.

“So what?! She submitted herself to me and now she will be used. It is her own fate!” Nightmare Moon hollered back. Nightshade let out another scream, causing Spitfire’s eyes to water. She cringed her teeth and let out all her anger.

“Aagh!” She shouted before charging after the alicorn. Another loud thundering clap was heard before the lighting struck. The blinding light lasted a mere second but it was enough to throw Spitfire off. She felt herself being pushed up high into the sky. She was thrown and caught herself with her wings. The sky was almost pitch black, covered with dark clouds. The sound of the gap between each lighting strike was at least three seconds. The thunder was ear numbing, but the mares still managed to speak to each other and be heard.

“Enemy! Do not come near the princess!” Shouted Nightshade. Spitfire glared back in disbelief.

“Nightshade? Do you remember me? It’s Spitfire!” She said, patting her chest with her hoof.

“You are a Wonderbolts, an enemy!” She shouted before charging towards her. Spitfire dodged her and continued to hover in place.

“Nightshade it’s me!” She shouted.

“Stay still!” Nightshade replied. Countless failed attempts at tackling the mare enraged her even more. Spitfire took off her goggles and dropped them, letting them plummet down. She then took down her mask, revealing her face.

“Nightshade! It’s me!” She cried. Nigthshade stared at her for a moment but the loud thunder snapped her back to reality once more and she flew after her. Spitfire dodged her again. “No! I’m not going to fight you! Not like this! I was stupid for doing so in the first place!”
Nightshade charged towards her and this time Spitfire didn’t move. The mare tackled her and shoved her through the sky. Spitfire coughed out whatever gasp of air she had in her. The blow was expected but not prepared for. She looked down at the mare pushing her through the sky and finally acted. She spread out her own wings and brought them to a full stop. Nightshade fell into at the unexpected brake.

“Oof!” She said. Spitfire seized the opportunity and hugged onto the mare tightly. Holding her whole body in her embrace. Nightshade squirmed around and cursed at the mare constantly. “Let go of me!” She shouted.

“No! Nightshade I know you’re there! It’s me, Spitfire!” She cried. The mare continued to struggle. They both hovered their in the dark sky. “You have to remember! You have to remember the time we met and we both raced together, and we won! Our first Wonderbolts show!” Her struggles became less violent but she still continued to fight out of the hold. “The time I helped you get an A on your test. Or the time when you made me that bracelet!” Spitfire cried. She noticed Nightshade stopped squirming but still remained stiff as a rock. “I still have it too,” she said between sniffs. Nightshade didn’t budge. “See?” Spitfire tore her costume with her teeth to reveal her hoof and the bracelet. She wasn’t sure if Nightshade saw it or not, but she knew she must have after feeling her body soften up. Spitfire wrapped her hooves around her tighter. “You are my best friend. You always have and always will be, Nightshade,” she cried. She buried her head in the mares chest and waited to be kicked or shoved off. Instead, she received the unexpected.

Nightshade wrapped her hooves around the mare and brought her into a tighter embrace. Her sobs were heard and Spitfire only smiled.

“It’s okay,” she said.

“Spitfire, I’m sorry,” she cried. Nightshade hugged her tighter before breaking out of the hug. She looked back at the mare and finally Spitfire saw her best friend looking back at her.

“It’s okay, Nightshade,” she grinned. She took her hoof and slid Nightshade’s goggles off her eyes and let them fall around her neck. She touched her sore right eye. “I’m sorry too.” Nightshade took off her mask and continued to cry.

“No. I really am sorry, Spitfire. I shouldn’t have done any of this,” she cried.

“Most of it wasn’t your fault. Nightmare Moon was controlling you. Besides, it doesn’t matter anymore. I forgive you,” she said. Nightshade smiled through the tears and brought her into another tight embrace. Spitfire smiled and hugged her back.

“What?” Nightmare Moon said in disbelief. She watched the scene from below and growled after seeing what she saw. “No!” She yelled. Nightshade and Spitfire both landed back down to face the alicorn, both determined and side by side.

“It’s over, Nightmare moon!” Nightshade shouted.

“You dare go back on your ruler?! This is not how you serve your princess!” She yelled back.

“I wanted to serve Princess Luna! Not you!” Nightshade snapped back. Nightmare Moon’s expression changed drastically. She was obviously more than angry, she was furious.

“We’ll see about that!” She hissed. Her horn began to glow, as well as her eyes. Nightshade then was levitated and let out a loud scream.

“Nightshade!” Spitfire called out.