• Published 13th Sep 2012
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A Story Of Two Bolts - Stepany1234

After becoming rivals, two fillyhood friends must put their friendship to the ultimate test.

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Chapter 5: Lookin' Good, Spit

“Wow! To have Princess Celestia herself call us to meet with us personally. I’m getting goosebumps!” Fleetfoot said excitedly.

“Yeah me too!” Fire Streak said. Soarin laughed and nodded.

“We must be getting some kind of award or something. You know, for being the best and all,” he bragged. Getting chuckles and nudges from his fellow teammates. Spitfire smiled and rolled her eyes.

“Well if that were true, then the entire team would have been asked to come. Not just those high in command,” Spitfire pointed out.

“Yeah. Makes sense coming from the Captain of the group,” Fire Streak teased. The Wonderbolts made their way through the halls of the castle and sat to wait for their princess and ruler to come and meet with them. It’s been four, almost five years since Spitfire last saw Nightshade. The memory still haunts her whenever she is reminded of that night. It was something she kept in the back of her mind. Something she tries hard to ignore. Especially when other important duties needed her full attention. Being the captain of the Wonderbolts required a lot of responsibility and focus. Something she had. As long as she stayed focused and on topic. Before she knew it, the Princess of the Sun herself walked into the room and smiled gracefully at the ponies. They all bowed down in her presence.

“Princess Celestia, it’s an honor to be called here by your request. What is it we can do for you?” Spitfire said. Celestia smiled.

“You can all raise your heads now.” The ponies did so. “I am honored to be in your presence actually, I’m a fan myself,” the princess said. The ponies exchanged excited smiles with each other.

“Wow, that means a lot! Thank you, Princess,” Spitfire answered.

“First of all, Spitfire, congratulations on you’re promotion to captain,” Celestia said. Spitfire smiled and nodded.

“Thank you.”

“Now, as for why I called you all here,” the princess began. “I would like it if you all would take it out of your busy schedules to do me a favor?” she asked.

“Of course, Princess. What is it?” Spitfire answered.

“Well, I am holding a party here for my nephew, Blue Blood. I was wondering if you could perform here in Canterlot for the occasion?” Princess Celestia asked.

Spitfire looked over to the others and they all nodded.

“We’d be honored, your highness,” Spitfire said before bowing.

“Thank you,”

“It’s a true privilege to be requested by you personally to perform a show. We’d love to,” Spitfire finished.

“I truly am thankful and will be looking forward to seeing you perform. I really appreciate it,” she smiled.

The group smiled and nodded back to her. She dismissed them and all they could talk about was the upcoming party. All of them were excited to perform for the princess and her nephew personally. Of course, excitement turned into nervousness and soon into passion, a passion to train nonstop until the event. They took advantage of the two weeks they had and practiced and prepared for the unexpected.

No matter how much you prepare, you can never be prepared for the unexpected.


“No! I said I wanted the ice sculpture over there!” Blue Blood commanded left and right, adding finishing touches to his perfect party. Spitfire eyed him just like the rest of her team did, all thinking the same thing.

“What a spoiled snob,” Fleetfoot said. The other stallions tried their best to contain their laughter and stay quiet. Spitfire glared at Fleetfoot to be quiet. Especially since the Princess was approaching them.

“I’m so glad you could all make it. Those two weeks surely went by quickly,” The Princess said. The Wonderbolts bowed quickly before answering.

“Yes. We were training and practicing so much that it didn’t even feel like two weeks,” Spitfire replied.

“Yes. Well I can’t wait to watch you perform. I’m sure all that training will pay off today during the party,” she smiled. Spitfire nodded back.

“We hope so,” she said.

Time went by as the group watched Blue Blood rip through his presents like a spoiled little foal. He was hard to please as he threw away some of the gifts with disgust. Gifts that anypony would be excited to receive. Eventually he came to opening his final present and tossed it aside without a care.

“Meh. It’s not fitting for a prince’s quality like my own. Return it,” he said. Soarin rolled his eyes as the entire group groaned. Spitfire looked at the Princess and saw her give them a nod.

“Come on guys. That’s our cue,” she said. All of them followed her as they ran away from the party crowd. They made there way outside the party and flew to the sky in a circle.

“Alright. Just like we practiced, we’ll fly over all of them and that’s when Princess Celestia will announce us. Then we start the routine we worked so hard to perfect,” Spitfire ordered. The ponies nodded while placing their goggles over their eyes. Spitfire smiled and did the same before leading the others through the sky.

As they flew over the party crowd, Princess Celestia announced their arrival. Everyone smiled and watched as the ponies came back to fly by them again. Only this time it didn’t goes as planned. Soarin crashed after somepony flew by him fiercely, bumping into him and throwing off his balance. The same happened to Fleetfoot and the other Wonderbolts. Spitfire heard the gasps and alarming screams coming from the crowd below and that’s when she noticed her team were all on the ground. She stopped and turned around to see a figure fly into her before flying off. She fell heard to the ground at the sound of screams. Her goggles uneven now as they balanced on her nose, almost sliding off her face completely. She groaned before standing up and seeing all the rich ponies run through the party screaming. The party was being crashed and the perpetrators were stealing from everyone in sight. Spitfire looked and saw Soarin stand up and shake his head. She also noticed her team all conscious and okay. She turned around and saw these pegasus ponies flying around, robbing the Canterlot ponies of their money and jewelry. As well as picking fights with the rest of Spitfire’s team.

“Who are they?” She asked herself. Purple and black suits. Goggles with sharp edges. All of them similar to the Wonderbolts themselves. Accept these ponies were nothing good of the sort. She looked and saw one fly passed Celestia, purposely knocking off her crown. He turned around and grinned at her.

“All hail Nightmare Moon! Luna is the true princess of Equestria!” He flew off and continued along with the others to steal from everypony. Spitfire frowned, furiously enraged now. She zoomed by her team and flew to the closest pegasus she saw, knocking him down to the ground. Her team followed her actions and began fighting back to get them all to leave. The colt kicked Spitfire in the stomach with his back legs. She fell to the ground and held herself, coughing in pain. She stumbled before standing up again. Looking around to see Fleetfoot tackle one to the ground, only to be kicked in the face. Spitfire then was tackled to the ground herself. She looked up and saw those yellow goggles staring back at her. Her reflection was the first thing she saw before the rest of the pony.

Her mane, her familiar coat color.

“Lookin’ good, Spit,” said the Pegasus. Spitfire’s eyes widened before seeing a cocky devious grin on the pony’s muzzle. She spread her wings and took to the sky. Spitfire quickly jumped to her hooves and looked up to see the pony leading the others away into the sky. They all left with bags in their hooves, filled with stolen goods.

“That voice,” Spitfire said, shaking from the encounter. She turned around and saw the mess and destruction where the party once was. Her team all beat up and staggering. Prince Blue Blood stayed hidden under a table, cradling one of his presents. Spitfire scanned the area for the Princess and instead saw a wall covered with black and purple spray paint. The words spelled out something that answered her question.

“The Shadowbolts,” Princess Celestia read aloud. The Wonderbolts all came together around the wall to read what the princess had read. Spitfire glared at the wall and read it multiple times. Her main question still focused on the previous mare she encountered earlier.

“Thugs.” Soarin said aloud, angered.

“And they’re ripping off our name!” Rapidfire says while stomping his hoof into the ground.

“They’re obviously not very fond of me being princess either,” Princess Celestia said while readjusting her crown. Spitfire stayed quiet, thinking.

“I heard one say all hail Luna,” Fleetfoot mentioned. Spitfire’s eyes then grew wide.

“Hey, Spitfire. You okay?” Fire Streak asked. She blinked back to reality and became more alert of her surroundings. Everyone then shifted their attention to her.

“What?” She asked.

“You seem a little shaken up. You okay?” Soarin asked. Spitfire nodded.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just wasn’t expecting that ambush,” she replied while looking to the wall again.

“None of us were. And it seems that all the guests have fled the area. I hope they’re all alright,” Princess Celestia said. Princes Blue Blood ran and cried while hugging onto his aunt. He cried and whined like the spoiled brat he was, acting like a frightened little colt. Ignoring his exaggerated sobs, Celestia addressed the Wonderbolts.

“This is serious. We need to address this right away. This isn’t something we should take lightly,” she began.

“Agreed. We need to find these thugs and bring them all the justice,” Soarin said. Spitfire still fell silent. Not sure of what to think anymore.

“As a personal league of order. I will be putting out that these Shadowbolts be arrested. Wanted, for their crimes against not just me but the citizens of Canterlot. I will leave you all in charge of finding these criminals and bring them to justice as soon as possible,” Princess Celestia ordered. The Wonderbolts nodded in agreement.

“I will be putting word out to all of Equestria to keep an eye out for them. As well as my royal guards,” she said. Spitfire gulped and stepped forward.

“Of course, Princess. We’ll be heading back to Cloudsdale but not without keeping an eye out for them. Don’t worry. They won’t get away with this,” she said, her confidence set lower than usual. She was obviously distracted. Princess Celestia figured it was from being shaken up by the ambush and thought nothing more of it.

“As the Wonderbolts, we’ll be sure to bring down…The Shadowbolts.”