A Story Of Two Bolts

by Stepany1234

First published

After becoming rivals, two fillyhood friends must put their friendship to the ultimate test.

Nightshade and Spitfire have been best friends since they were fillies but when they both choose opposite paths in their lives, will their friendship survive? Or will they become bitter rivals? This is a story of two bolts.

Cover image done by: Me, Stepany1234.

Check out the PMV vid inspired by this fimfic! : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydKRg_Ehryk

Chapter 1: Would You Be My Partner?

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Competition. Something not all fillies and colts get into up in the clouds. For Nightshade. It was something more than a game, but a thrill. A chance to test her speed, flight and pure power of will and strength. If only she was given the chance. The flight teachers didn’t let just any filly or colt race in their weekly competitions. They went by test scores and flight speed. Unfortunately, Nightshade had speed down to a T. It was test scores that lacked a definition in her vocabulary. Being the one that lacked friends in the school didn’t help either. Every week she watched the chosen fillies and colts race in pairs. Every week a different duo would cross the finish line together, both smiling ear to ear as they high hoofed each other or locked each other in an embrace. Either way, they were happy. Of course this sight did more than just discourage Nightshade, it encouraged her to keep practicing, hoping she’d be chosen the next week, or the week after that. It usually never came though. Until one faithful day.

“Feather flue? Are you telling me all eleven of these absentees are sick with the feather flue?” Asked the bulky stallion. He wore a whistle around his neck, accompanied by a green hat. His eye shooting quickly at all the remaining fillies and colts who arrived for school.

“Sorry, sir. Guess you’re going to have to cancel race day today,” suggested the scrawny pegasus with large glasses. The coach snorted stubbornly.

“No! We’ll just have to get everypony to participate today,” he said before scanning the small ponies, examining all of the different expressions that swam through the small crowd. The small green pony next to Nightshade gasped in fear. Her smile however couldn’t be any wider.

“Are you sure? I mean some of them aren’t that great skilled fliers yet-” the scrawny pegasus slowly trailed off in the middle of his sentence after receiving the death glare from the bulky pony across from him. He gulped.

“We’re doing what I said,” he said sternly. The pony nodded and stepped back.

“Alright, whatever you say.”

The coach turned to the young pegasus ponies and glared before clearing his throat.

“Alright! Since there isn’t enough ponies today, all of you are going to have to participate in today’s race. No more standing on the sidelines! So partner up and get to the starting line!” He said before walking off. The usual time given to partner up was a minimum of three minutes. Usually because the ponies would quickly partner up with a friend or sibling.

“Oh! Finally! This is gonna be awesome!” Cheered Nightshade. She leaped up and bounced in place before bumping into a fiery yellow pony.


Nightshade rubbed her head before looking at the cause of her klutzy accident. The first thing that caught her eye was the fiery hot mane the young filly obtained.

“Wow,” she managed to say. The rest of her bright colored coat came second and then finally her eyes that darted at her. She faded out of her daze after realizing the filly spoke to her. She shook her head and stood up. “Huh?”

“I said, are you okay?” Giggled the pony. Nightshade cleared her throat and nodded.

“Um. Yeah, sure am. Sorry about bumping into you like that,” replied the blue maned pegasus. Intimidated, she ran her hoof through her mane, purposely avoiding eye contact with the bright filly.

“I’m Spitfire, what’s your name?” She asked. Nightshade looked at the pony and blushed at her inviting smile.

“Nightshade, nice to meet you,” she replied.

“Nice to meet you too, Nightshade,” Spitfire grinned. A whistle was heard and caught both fillies attention.

“Oh. The race,” Spitfire said, reminding herself and no one else in particular. She looked over her shoulder to see the coach and other ponies paired up and heading to the starting line.

“Hey, um, Nightshade. Do you have a partner yet?” She asked eagerly. Nightshade blinked.

“Uh-No. Not really, do you?”

“Well if I did I wouldn’t be asking you to be mine,” she winked and smiled. Nightshade smiled and nodded.

They both ran over to the starting line, side by side. The coach instructed the ponies of rules they obviously already knew and fed them directions they already had memorized. Nightshade’s heart was pounding with excitement from how anxious she was to dash off. Even more excited now that she had a friend beside her to claim victory with. That’s if she did win. No! She is going to win. No negative thoughts are gonna ruin this moment. Same went for Spitfire.

Being alone never bothered her since all she focused on was flying, but never got a chance to participate in the weekly races. Mainly because the coach felt she wasn’t ready yet to fly in a competition. Having that opportunity to prove herself has now come and she gained a partner with it. Both fillies were more than thrilled and excided, filled with adrenaline; and the race hadn’t even started yet. They got in their flying stances and prepared themselves to charge off. As soon as the whistle was heard, the ponies took off.

The duo was in first place, ahead of any other. Both in perfect sync. Every turn, and dodge. Even their speed was identical. Both of them flying through the race like a show of fire in the night. The coach stared in amazement as he flew to keep up with them. Both fillies leaving the other ponies in the dust. Other supervisors and teachers caught the sight of the ponies flying as fast as their heart’s content. Each one impressed. Nightshade grinned at the sight of the finish line ahead of them and glanced at the filly next to her. Spitfire grinned and held out her hoof to her. Nightshade smiled widely and took her hoof as the sped towards the finish line at top speed. Crossing it hoof and hoof.

“Yes!” Nightshade shouted as they landed on the cloud. Both fillies cheered and leaped for joy after realizing their accomplishment.

“We did it!” Spitfire cheered.

“Yeah! It was incredible! We were incredible!” Nightshade replied. Spitfire held out her wing and waited for a highwing. Their wings slapped together and both fillies laughed before seeing their coach approach them.

“Wow! That was incredible! How long have you two been able to fly like that?” He asked. The two fillies glanced at each other before looking back at the bulky pegasus wearing the whistle.

“We’ve always have!” Spitfire replied.

“Yeah! You just never gave us a chance to prove it!” Nightshade said before stomping her hoof in the cloud, a cocky grin painted on her muzzle. The coach chuckled.

“Well maybe I never gave you the chance,” he said while glancing at Spitfire. He then turned to Nightshade with a frown. “But you still need to raise your test scores in order to participate in these races. Get those up and you can race every week. Until then this one will be you last,” He said. His honest comment managed to break Nightshade’s confidence as her grin fell to a blushing frown. Spitfire glanced at her new friend and noticed her change in attitude. “Good job, Spitfire. I’ll make sure to get you in the race next week. For sure!” He smile and walked over to the other students that barely crossed the finish line. All of them exhausted.

“Hey, you okay?” Spitfire asked, coming closer to the discouraged filly. Her head hung low.

“No,” Nightshade said, she walked over to the edge of a cloud and plopped her bottom down to stare at the view of the mountains and ground beneath them. Spitfire followed and sat next to her.

“Hey. Don’t get so down on yourself. You were amazing out there! I should know, you were right next to me!” She smiled. Nightshade sighed and glanced up at the mountains in the distance.

“Yeah but that’s the thing. I’m terrible at school work. It’s like flying is the only thing I’m good at. And without good test scores, I can’t fly with the other ponies. I’m just stuck being…being…UGH! I don’t even know what I am!” She complained. Her head hanging low again before letting out a depressing sigh. Spitfire smiled.

“You’re an amazing flier, that’s what you are.” Her soft words caused Nightshade to glance over to the blazing filly next to her. Her smile as warm as her mane appeared. Like a heartwarming fire. Nightshade smile and blushed at the compliment.

“Thanks,” she chuckled but then looked over to see a bird fly by in the distance.

“But you’re the one that’s an amazing flier and pony. I mean, you’re test scores are probably great AND you can fly super fast. You’ve got the best of both worlds, Spit,” She said. Spitfire laughed.

“Spit?” She giggled.

“Oh!” Nightshade blushed. “Sorry I was caught up and kinda-er- I meant Spitfire!,” she smiled nervously. Spitfire continued to giggle.

“You can nickname me whatever you want, but try not to use that one. Alright?” She smiled. Nightshade nodded, still nervously smile.

“Right. Sorry about that,” she said.

“No worries, Nighty,” she teased.

“What?!” Nightshade blushed. Spitfire laughed at her reaction and waved her hoof in her direction.

“I’m kidding!”

Nightshade smiled and rolled her eyes.

“Hey, I just thought of something. My parents are always wondering when I would bring some friends over to my house. Why don’t you come over? It’ll be fun!” Spitfire suggested. Her smile soon matching Nightshades.

“Really?!” She smiled, standing up on her hooves.

“Yeah, and maybe if you want…I can sorta help you with your homework and study for tests? Only if you want!” Spitfire said, hoping not to offend the filly. Nightshade slowly smiled and nodded.

“Yeah. That be fun,” she said warmly.

A whistle was heard and the fillies knew it was dismissal and time for their next class.

“So um. I’ll see you here tomorrow?” Spitfire asked.

“Yeah! Maybe I can come to your house tomorrow too?” Nightshade replied, hoping for a positive answer. Spitfire nodded before Nightshade could even finish her sentence.

“Yeah! I’ll see you tomorrow, Nightshade!” Spitfire hugged the unexpecting pony and then ran off. Nightshade stood there a bit surprised before smiling to herself and running off to her next class.

Today was the best day ever!

Chapter 2: The Wonderbolts

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Nightshade sat in class, hunched over her desk, bored out of her mind. While her best friend sat next to her, taking notes on what the teacher was saying.

“Nightshade!” Whispered Spitfire. Nightshade purposely ignored the mare next to her. Again she heard her call her name but she continued to dream on in her imagination. Finally she was nudged by the bright pegasus and brought back to reality. She sat up and looked over to Spitfire with an annoyed expression.

“Pay attention!” She whispered. The straight A student only wanted the best for her closest friend and so she pestered her to pay attention in class, like she had been for the passed few years now. Nightshade rolled her eyes at her before picking up her pencil and writing down what was on the board. The teacher’s back was to the class as his full attention was to the board.

“I don’t see how you can focus today. Aren’t you at all excited for today?” Nightshade whispered to the pony next to her. Still focusing on what the teacher was saying, Spitfire answered.

“Of course I am. I just know how to contain my excitement better than you do. I can actually focus on my school work and be as excited as you are,” Spitfire said without taking her eyes off of the board. Nightshade slouched over her desk again and stared at Spitfire. It wasn’t hard, her bright colors could catch the eye of any pony. Nightshade was drawn to it more than most though, her bright colored coat, her fiery mane, her eyes. Nightshade shook her head and tried to focus on something else. That’s when the Wonderbolts’s show came back to her mind. It was all she could think about after getting the tickets for her and Spitfire. Both ponies always talked about joining the Wonderbolts ever since they were fillies. Getting to finally see a show together was exciting beyond words. Nightshade smiled and rested her cheek on her hooves as she continued to daydream about what could possibly happen after school during the show. Will they get to meet a Wonderbolt? Will they get to meet all the Wonderbolts? The possibilities were endless! She’s always heard a Wonderbolts show was awesome, but their night shows were even better! That’s what made this even more incredible and exciting for the midnight blue maned mare.

The bell had finally rang and ended their final class of the day. The weekend was here and more importantly, the show was only a couple hours away. Spitfire took her time to put her notebooks and pencils back into her saddlebag as Nightshade bounced around her desk, waiting for her to be finished.

“C’mon, Spitfire! Let’s go!” She said, now at the door of the classroom. Spitfire walked over to her and smiled at her eagerness.

“Why are you in such a rush anyway? The show doesn’t start till tonight,” Spitfire giggled.

“Duh! We need to get their early to get good seats! I don’t want to show up late and have to sit in the lame seats where we can’t see anything!” Nightshade explained.

“Ok,” Spitfire chuckled.

“Besides, I want us to be comfortable. I heard their night shows are long but awesome. I wouldn’t want us to be sitting for a long time uncomfortably,” Nightshade shrugged.

“Right, because sitting together for a long time at night could be a problem,” Spitfire said in a teasing tone. Nightshade tripped on a rock but quickly caught herself. Spitfire began to laugh hysterically.

“Don’t do that!” Nightshade shouted back, blushing.

“C’mon! It’s gonna take forever to get there if you keep tripping over yourself!” Spitfire said as she began to run ahead. Nightshade grinned and flapped her wings, passing Spitfire up.

“Whatever you say, Spit!” She smiled after seeing Spitfire fly up to her. Soon their walk turned into a race. Spitfire flew ahead of Nightshade, flapping her tail in her face before laughing and flying ahead. Nightshade felt her cheeks warm before speeding up to catch up to the mare.


After stopping by both of their homes to drop off their saddlebags and retrieve their tickets, they were off to the show. The sun set as the two mares walked into the outdoor stadium. The two ponies found perfect seats with some time to spare. Nightshade sat down comfortably on the cloud and looked to see she had a perfect view of everything, the clear sky, the cloud ground, the light that came from the moon. The lights from the stadium lit up most of the area but Nightshade was completely captured with the moon.

“What are you staring at?” Spitfire asked. She looked and smiled once she answered her own question. “The moon again, huh?” She snickered. Nightshade grinned and laughed softly to herself.

“Yeah. The idea that Princess Luna is up there is really something. I wonder if she can hear us?” Nightshade asked.

“She’s not like Princess Celestia, Nighty. You know that Princess Celestia is our Princess, not Luna. She was put up there by her sister for a reason,” Spitfire explained.

“Well there’s one thing we disagree on. I honestly think Luna could be a better princess any day or night. Besides, she was sent up there over a thousand years ago! No pony still alive can tell us what happened. Luna is a princess too!” Nightshade argued. Spitfire rolled her eyes and smiled.

“I’m never going to convince you am I?” She asked.

“Nope. Why do you think I have a B in history class?” Nightshade smiled. Spitfire grinned, her eyelids lowered. She nuzzled close to her best friend who quickly tensed up by the sudden warmth of another body near her.

“Because I helped you study.”

Both mares directed their attention towards the sky after seeing a group of the Wonderbolts fly through. A voice narrating each pegasus in uniform. The crowd lost it every time a Wonderbolt was introduced.

“And please welcome our newest addition to the team, Soarin!” A colt flew up in the air, spinning and twisting, showing off his tricks after being introduced. Nightshade glanced at Spitfire next to her and saw she was staring at the colt as he waved to the audience. His mane matched the color of Nightshade’s and his coat was a bit lighter than hers. Almost identical in color if anything. The only thing he had that Nightshade wanted was a Wonderbolts suit. Spitfire blushed to herself after seeing Soarin wave at her. She waved back and giggled. Nightshade rolled her eyes.

“What a glory hog,” Nightshade mumbled.

“Nightshade! Don’t be jealous!” Spitfire teased.

Nightshade shook her head and snorted. Spitfire smiled and looked back to see all the other Wonderbolts perform. As time passed, Nightshade and Spitfire’s eyes couldn't grow any wider. They were truly struck with awe with every amazing trick and sequenced move the ponies made together. All in perfect sync as they fulfilled what they spent days practicing to master. Time passed and nopony even noticed. The show before them was so distracting and amazing that it didn't even occur to them that it was getting late. A cold breeze passed by multiple times, causing Spitfire to draw closer to Nightshade for warmth. Both now practically huddled together on a cloud as they watched the grand finale of the Wonderbolts show. Ending with another perfectly amazing trick that nopony could do on their own without constant practice and precision. Nightshade smiled and nuzzled Spitfire’s mane before receiving a nuzzle under her chin in return. A small joke they used to do when they were fillies. Her smile fell after seeing Soarin fly by and wave at Spitfire before returning to his team. Spitfire felt Nightshade tense up but refrained from asking any questions, figuring it was probably from the cold breeze. She snuggled closer as the announcer began to speak up again.

“Thank you all so much! We hope you enjoyed our show! We hope you all have a great night!” That was cue for everypony to start leaving. Spitfire and Nightshade walked off their cloud and stretched their legs and back before trotting down the stairs. “Also! If any of you ponies think you've got what it takes to become a Wonderbolt, then come on down to the Wonderbolts auditions! Starting this summer! So you've all got a month to sign up and train before trying out! The best of luck to everypony! Have a good night!” Finished the speaker.

Both Nightshade and Spitfire glanced at each other, obviously thinking the same thing. Grinning widely, the two mare flew to sign up for auditions.

Chapter 3: Auditions…

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“Calm down, Nighty!” Spitfire was nervous enough as it was but to see her best friend act this way was scary. Nightshade gulped and shook her head.

“No! How can I calm down?!” Nightshade paced. “We didn’t get in last year! So we train for a whole year- I train for a whole year just to audition again this year! What if we get rejected again?!” Nightshade said while shaking her head. Spitfire stepped forward.

“We won’t!”

“You don’t know that! I dropped school for this! Just so I can train for this one moment! I can’t afford to loose this again!” Nightshade said. Spitfire stepped forward and stopped the pony from going on.

“Listen to me, Nightshade!” She said firmly. Nightshade stopped and was now attentive to her friend. Spitfire softened her expression and smiled warmly. “We’re gonna be fine. You’ll do fine. The only reason we didn’t get in last year was because we were too young. We’re passed the age limit now and will have a fair shot at this. Stop worrying,” Spitfire ran her hoof through Nightshade’s mane and managed to calm her down. She gulped then nodded. “Alright. Now come on. We’re up next,” Spitfire said.

Nightshade followed as she flew over to the line. She watched as Spitfire flew over to the judges, all who were members of the Wonderbolts. She waved sheepishly at Soarin who quickly smiled and waved back. Nightshade rolled her eyes then focused back on Spitfire who began her performance. Perfect spins, amazing speed demonstrations, flips and landings that truly impressed everyone. Even Nightshade herself was amazed. She had dropped out of school to train for this opportunity, and even though Spitfire stayed in school and graduated, she still seemed to have better skills than her. It wasn’t jealousy she felt, she was happy to see her friend impress the judges. It was just making her loose confidence in herself now. Her thoughts distracted her from her surroundings and she soon forgot her purpose for being there. It was a matter of seconds until it was Nightshades turn to audition. Spitfire glided passed her and winked, nodding that she’d be okay.

With a deep breath, Nightshade flew off towards the judges and hovered in front of them.

“Alright, Nightshade. What do you have in store for us today?” Smiled the mare in the blue suit. Her costume revealing her face as she and the rest of the Wonderbolts weren’t wearing their goggles and mask. Nightshade gulped and took in a deeper breath before performing what she had practiced. Everything became a blur as she entered that state of mind that was more than just focused, but in synch with the wind. Her wings became more than apart of her body, but became part of the sky as she continued to freely fly at amazing speed and composure. She was oblivious to her own amazing tricks, but she felt deep in her soul that she was leaving an impression on every pony around. Her eye fell shut without her even realizing it and when she opened them, everypony was grinning.

“Wow! Very impressive! Thank you for auditioning, Miss Nightshade. We’ll have the results of who makes the team in a week,” the mare said. Nightshade grinned and nodded.

“Thank you for having me!” She said before dashing off towards Spitfire. She flew right into a hug before spinning around with each other and grinning.

“You were great! You’re a shoe in for this! We’re both already in at this rate!” Spitfire said.

“You really think so?” Nightshade smiled.

“Of course! It’s in the bag!” Spitfire grinned before hugging her best friend again. They looked at each other for a moment before smiling and breaking out of the hug.

“Well I think this calls for a celebration, filly,” Nightshade said.

“Yeah. It truly does. It’s not everyday somepony joins the Wonderbolts.” Nightshade’s ear twitched before she turned around to see the familiar colt.

“Oh joy,” Nightshade murmured. Spitfire shot her a small grin before looking over to Soarin.

“It certainly is something worth celebrating. Seeing that we both are going to be apart of the team,” Spitfire said to the grinning colt. Nightshade noticed how he paid most of his attention to Spitfire, almost ignoring Nightshade’s presence.

“Right. You’ll be a great addition to the team,” he said. He glanced at Nightshade and nodded. “Both of you.” Nightshade gave him a bore stare that he quickly picked up on. He cleared his throat and turned back to Spitfire. “So I know a place we could all go to celebrate. I mean, I don’t know for sure that you’re in yet but I’m sure you two have nothing to worry about. It’s worth celebrating early, right?” He smiled. Spitfire wanted to accept the offer immediately but she quickly held back and turned to the mare next to her. Nightshade’s expression changed as she turned to Spitfire.

“Do you wanna go? We don’t have to, we could go somewhere else on our own, if you want,” Spitfire said.

Of course I don’t want to go! Not with that flirt bag!

“Oh no! It’s totally cool. I don’t mind, let’s go,” Nightshade smiled. Spitfire grinned a cheery smile and looked back over to Soarin.

“Ok! Where are we going?” Spitfire asked.

“There’s a place the team likes to go after a show and practice, it’s a nice place to hang out,” Soarin said as all three of them began to walk.

“What is it? A bar?” Nightshade asked.

“Yeah,” Soarin answered.

“Of course. I could use drink right about now,” Nightshade muttered after glancing back at Soarin. The thought of her and her best friend joining the Wonderbolts came into mind, it made all of it worth it. Dealing with Soarin, not graduating, training every hour every day, suffering from having no job which led to low on cash, getting kicked out of her parents house, living alone in a rundown apartment, sometimes missing a meal. Nightshade knew that receiving those goggles and suit would make all of it worth it. It just led to that faithful day. The day they would learn who made the cut.

“Sorry but you didn’t make the team.”

Chapter 4: Broken

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Nightshade was shoved by another colt who waited to hear if he had made the team.

“Please move aside, Miss,” said the colt behind the table. Nightshade stumbled away, tripping on air. Finally she stopped herself at the edge of the cloud. Seeing the clouds below and finally the ground farther below. Nightshade stared, wondering if the drop would be worse pain than what she was feeling now.

Spitfire walked out of the crowd cheering to herself before flying high and doing flips between the clouds. She stopped after seeing Nightshade by the edge of the cloud. She lowered down to hover by her when she saw her leap off the cloud and dash at fell speed.

“Nightshade?” Spitfire wondered before flying after her. Her speed picked up after seeing how fast Nightshade was flying. Finally coming to the ground and crash landing into a small hill near a mountain. Bawling like there’s no hint of any hope left in the world.

“Nightshade!” Spitfire called after seeing the crying mare crash land onto the small hill. Soon holding herself in a small ball. Spitfire worriedly landed and ran after her.

“Nightshade! What happened? Are you okay?!” She asked. Nightshade continued to sob loudly, turning her head away from Spitfire, embarrassed that she was seeing her in such a vulnerable state.

“Go away!” She cried.

“Nightshade! What happened?” Spitfire said before rubbing her hoof on Nightshade’s back. She quickly rolled away and leapt to her hooves. Keeping her face turned away from Spitfire’s.

“I didn’t make it,” she said quietly.


“I didn’t make the cut! I wasn’t good enough for the damned Wonderbolts! You hear that Celestia! Luna! I didn’t make it into the Wonderbolts!” Nightshade shouted to the sky. She stopped and glared at her surroundings as she tried to catch her breath before turning fiercely at Spitfire. She finally saw her concerned face and quickly calmed herself down. She stomped her hoof into the ground and paced, eager to fly away and hide again.

“Nightshade, I…I didn’t know,” She said. What else was she supposed to say? Saying she was accepted didn’t seem to be the right thing at the moment.

“Yeah well, guess I can always train again, wait until next year. You know because I surely am a shoe in! Celestia sure does have favor over me!” Nightshade turned to anger and rage to hide her desire to cry.

“Nightshade, don’t do this. This isn’t the end. You’re an amazing flier,” Spitfire said.

“Apparently not amazing enough! Look don’t feel sorry for me, Spitfire. I’m fine!” Nightshade said before kicking out her back legs, not knowing she stood in front of the mountain. She hollered in pain before falling to the grass on her stomach. She covered her face as she began to cry again. Now allowing Spitfire to bring her into a warm, comforting hug. After a long moment of comfort and sobbing. Nightshade broke the silence.

“You got in, didn’t you,” she said. Spitfire was silent. She only continued to rub Nightshade’s back before finally gaining the courage to reply.

“Yeah,” she said in a dead whisper. As if it wasn’t even something to be happy about. She felt Nightshade tense up and back out of the hug.

“That’s great,” she smiled. Spitfire was a bit taken back by her unexpected reaction. Her sudden change in attitude was surprising, either that or she was an incredibly good actor.

“It’s not that great,” she said, smiling weakly.

“No. C’mon, Spitfire. Just because I didn’t make it doesn’t mean you should feel bad that you did. You should be happy,” she chuckled. “You should be overjoyed!” She smiled. Spitfire smiled warmly before embracing the mare again. “Congratulations, Spitfire,” Nightshade said before returning the warm hug.

“Thank you, Nightshade.”

Nightshade broke the hug and smiled her best at the mare before expanding out her wings.

“Where are you gonna go? I was hoping maybe, if you’re up for it, you can come with me and Soarin and the other Wonderbolts to the hang out. I would really love to have you around tonight,” Spitfire said. Nightshade shook her head and smiled.

“Nah. I’m just gonna go for a fly. It’s been awhile since I’ve flown alone. Just me and the sky,” Nightshade said.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” Spitfire asked, one last time.

“I’m fine. I was just a little let down. I’m more than happy for you though and that’s all that matters. Go and celebrate,” Nightshade smiled. Spitfire leaned forward and kissed her cheek before smiling and flying off. Nightshade watched the mare fly off and soon felt her own hooves droop. Before submitting to the urge of falling down to bawl again, she took to the sky. Flying in the opposite direction of Spitfire. Her expression faded to sorrow, utter pain and emptiness. She faked a smile for her best friend, but herself? She was a wreck. Now crying and flying at intense speed through the sky. Her tears whipping through the air like rain. A painful storm forming in the depths of her soul. Her heart was already gone. No more room for pain there anymore. Everything she had ever worked for was gone. Her education, dropped it. Her jobs, dropped if they didn’t involve flying at quick speed. Her home, she might loose it now. Her life? Spitfire was the only thing left in her life now. Just her best friend and…the moon.

Nightshade looked at the full moon shining widely in front of her.

“Luna!” She screamed. Her voice echoing in the air. Nopony around to hear her as she broke down. She sped up and flew directly toward the moon, as if the faster she flew the faster she would reach the bright white sphere. She finally landed roughly on a mountain top and shouted again, this time letting all her depression, anger and sorrow out. The loudest scream she could possibly let out, ending with a sob.

“Luna! Are you there! Can you hear me? Damn it, I know you’re there! Answer me!” She shouted again. Her voice echoing through the empty mountain. “Luna!”

She kicked her back legs and neighed before stomping the ground again. The thought of loosing everything she has left was now a reality. She had nothing left. Her last chance for hope was gone. There was no way she’d survive another year until the next tryouts. She’d be a homeless bum by then. There had to be another solution. Not knowing what it was is angered the mare. It frustrated her to tears and rage.

“I’m calling out to the moon! Luna, you’re the moon, the stars, the whole damn night! You’re a princess! I’m calling out to you! I don’t have anywhere else to go. I have nowhere else to go,” she broke down.

Hanging her head low, she clutched her eyes together tightly, trying to stop the tears pouring through. They still managed to squeeze through her eye lids and drip down onto the grass as she continued to cry. A rough breeze hit her but she ignored it and kept her balance. Her mane and tail whipping according to the wind’s direction. She felt it push her before opening her eyes to see goggles sitting across from her. She stared at them for a while before walking closer. She looked down and saw they were designed in a way she’d never seen before. They were nothing like the Wonderbolts goggles. These had a specific look to them, yellow lenses, sharp edges, a purple strap to match the purple borders. She picked them up with her hoof before looking around, wondering who could have left them there. Her head quickly shot up, expecting to see a pegasus. Nothing. Just the stars were above her. Luna?

“Luna? Are you trying to tell me something?” Her spine shivered as she remembered a part of the history book she memorized from history class. It flashed through her mind quickly. “Nightmare Moon?” She called out in a low shaky voice. Hoping that she wouldn’t get a physical response. Only silence. She looked back at the large, bright moon and then the goggles. She dropped them and stepped back. Thinking hard to herself, she shook her head and looked away. Turning her back on the moon.

“No. I haven’t lost everything. I still have Spitfire. We’ve always been together like sisters! There for each other when we needed help or company. I’ve got a friend and that’s all I need. It’ not over. I don’t know what you’re trying to tell me, but I’m not accepting it,” she said before flying off the mountain, leaving the goggles behind.

“I’ll go see Spitfire and be there for her. Just like she would for me.”


Nightshade left the bar, no sight of Spitfire anywhere. She had asked the other Wonderbolts where she had gone off to and only one answered her question.

“So if she went for a walk, I’m guessing she probably went down this trail,” Nightshade said to herself. She flew over the trail and let it lead her to a small grassy hill. One similar to the one she was on when she broke down in front of Spitfire. Except this one was bit higher. As if flying was the only way to reach the top. She looked up questionably at the hill before flying up to the top. She reached it and gasped to herself to see Spitfire and Soarin sitting together on top of the hill. Both talking quietly to themselves and staring at the moon and stars. The same moon Nightshade was pouring her heart out to. The scene made her stomach turn. She suddenly felt sick and furious all at once. She snorted to herself and proceeded to turn and leave before seeing Soarin lean in the kiss Spitfire. Suddenly the last string holding Nightshade together snapped. As If the last possible thing left in her life was gone, taken away from her. And the perpetrator was sitting right there.

I won’t let you take her away. I won’t let you take the last thing I have away from me!

Nightshade let out what sounded like a battle cry before flying towards Soarin and tackling him down, both of them now rolling down the large rocky hill. Any chance of escaping to the air was gone. It was impossible for either of the pegasus ponies to open up their wings while rolling down the hill. Soarin finally got a glimpse of the attacker and realized who it was before both ponies slammed into the ground. Both fumbling away from each other once their bodies came in contact with the hard floor. Groans were heard before Soarin raised his head to see Nightshade struggle to stand.

“You! What the haystack do you think you’re doing?!” He shouted as he stood up. He stumbled a bit before expanding his wings to keep his balance. Nightshade shook her head again before glaring at the stallion shouting at her. Spitfire flew down and landed shortly after.

“Soarin, are you okay?” Spitfire asked.

“I’m fine,” Soarin said, his eyes not leaving Nightshade for a second. Spitfire looked to see who he was staring at and was shocked after seeing Nightshade stare back.

“Nightshade? Wh-What are you doing? What’s the matter with you?!” She shouted. Nightshade’s dead glare didn’t change after realizing what she did.

“You could have seriously hurt him! What were you thinking?” She snapped.



She then came to the conclusion. As if she had finally checked off that one last item on the list. She had already lost Spitfire now. He has already taken her away from her and now it was over. The Wonderbolts, school, money, a home, …Spitfire. Now filled with rage and betrayal. She should have known that Spitfire joining the Wonderbolts without her would end up having her seen less and less. To the point where she would never have any time for her anymore. Soarin was just speeding that process up. What else can she say at this confusing moment. At this very moment of reality. What can she say? All she knew to do was to leave. She flapped open her wings and flew off at incredible speed, away from her best friend. Never to turn back.

Spitfire’s heart sank after watching her fillyhood friend leave the way she did. As if she received the entire message through those simple silent actions. She stepped forward, wanting to follow after her but something inside her didn’t allow her to. Soarin snorted and shook his head.

“What a crazy mare. Hope I don’t ever see her again,” Soarin said, obviously furious. Spitfire’s eyes watered.

“Oh, Celestia I hope I do.”

Nightshade flew at incredibly fast speed to reach back to the mountaintop she was previously on. She walked to the spot she was once standing and looked down to see the goggles still sitting there. She thought long and hard before feeling a cold breeze pass again. She picked up the goggles and looked up to the moon.

“Alright, Nightmare Moon, Luna.” She said as she placed the goggles over her head and eyes. She looked back up at the moon.

“I’m now yours to command, Princess.”

Chapter 5: Lookin' Good, Spit

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“Wow! To have Princess Celestia herself call us to meet with us personally. I’m getting goosebumps!” Fleetfoot said excitedly.

“Yeah me too!” Fire Streak said. Soarin laughed and nodded.

“We must be getting some kind of award or something. You know, for being the best and all,” he bragged. Getting chuckles and nudges from his fellow teammates. Spitfire smiled and rolled her eyes.

“Well if that were true, then the entire team would have been asked to come. Not just those high in command,” Spitfire pointed out.

“Yeah. Makes sense coming from the Captain of the group,” Fire Streak teased. The Wonderbolts made their way through the halls of the castle and sat to wait for their princess and ruler to come and meet with them. It’s been four, almost five years since Spitfire last saw Nightshade. The memory still haunts her whenever she is reminded of that night. It was something she kept in the back of her mind. Something she tries hard to ignore. Especially when other important duties needed her full attention. Being the captain of the Wonderbolts required a lot of responsibility and focus. Something she had. As long as she stayed focused and on topic. Before she knew it, the Princess of the Sun herself walked into the room and smiled gracefully at the ponies. They all bowed down in her presence.

“Princess Celestia, it’s an honor to be called here by your request. What is it we can do for you?” Spitfire said. Celestia smiled.

“You can all raise your heads now.” The ponies did so. “I am honored to be in your presence actually, I’m a fan myself,” the princess said. The ponies exchanged excited smiles with each other.

“Wow, that means a lot! Thank you, Princess,” Spitfire answered.

“First of all, Spitfire, congratulations on you’re promotion to captain,” Celestia said. Spitfire smiled and nodded.

“Thank you.”

“Now, as for why I called you all here,” the princess began. “I would like it if you all would take it out of your busy schedules to do me a favor?” she asked.

“Of course, Princess. What is it?” Spitfire answered.

“Well, I am holding a party here for my nephew, Blue Blood. I was wondering if you could perform here in Canterlot for the occasion?” Princess Celestia asked.

Spitfire looked over to the others and they all nodded.

“We’d be honored, your highness,” Spitfire said before bowing.

“Thank you,”

“It’s a true privilege to be requested by you personally to perform a show. We’d love to,” Spitfire finished.

“I truly am thankful and will be looking forward to seeing you perform. I really appreciate it,” she smiled.

The group smiled and nodded back to her. She dismissed them and all they could talk about was the upcoming party. All of them were excited to perform for the princess and her nephew personally. Of course, excitement turned into nervousness and soon into passion, a passion to train nonstop until the event. They took advantage of the two weeks they had and practiced and prepared for the unexpected.

No matter how much you prepare, you can never be prepared for the unexpected.


“No! I said I wanted the ice sculpture over there!” Blue Blood commanded left and right, adding finishing touches to his perfect party. Spitfire eyed him just like the rest of her team did, all thinking the same thing.

“What a spoiled snob,” Fleetfoot said. The other stallions tried their best to contain their laughter and stay quiet. Spitfire glared at Fleetfoot to be quiet. Especially since the Princess was approaching them.

“I’m so glad you could all make it. Those two weeks surely went by quickly,” The Princess said. The Wonderbolts bowed quickly before answering.

“Yes. We were training and practicing so much that it didn’t even feel like two weeks,” Spitfire replied.

“Yes. Well I can’t wait to watch you perform. I’m sure all that training will pay off today during the party,” she smiled. Spitfire nodded back.

“We hope so,” she said.

Time went by as the group watched Blue Blood rip through his presents like a spoiled little foal. He was hard to please as he threw away some of the gifts with disgust. Gifts that anypony would be excited to receive. Eventually he came to opening his final present and tossed it aside without a care.

“Meh. It’s not fitting for a prince’s quality like my own. Return it,” he said. Soarin rolled his eyes as the entire group groaned. Spitfire looked at the Princess and saw her give them a nod.

“Come on guys. That’s our cue,” she said. All of them followed her as they ran away from the party crowd. They made there way outside the party and flew to the sky in a circle.

“Alright. Just like we practiced, we’ll fly over all of them and that’s when Princess Celestia will announce us. Then we start the routine we worked so hard to perfect,” Spitfire ordered. The ponies nodded while placing their goggles over their eyes. Spitfire smiled and did the same before leading the others through the sky.

As they flew over the party crowd, Princess Celestia announced their arrival. Everyone smiled and watched as the ponies came back to fly by them again. Only this time it didn’t goes as planned. Soarin crashed after somepony flew by him fiercely, bumping into him and throwing off his balance. The same happened to Fleetfoot and the other Wonderbolts. Spitfire heard the gasps and alarming screams coming from the crowd below and that’s when she noticed her team were all on the ground. She stopped and turned around to see a figure fly into her before flying off. She fell heard to the ground at the sound of screams. Her goggles uneven now as they balanced on her nose, almost sliding off her face completely. She groaned before standing up and seeing all the rich ponies run through the party screaming. The party was being crashed and the perpetrators were stealing from everyone in sight. Spitfire looked and saw Soarin stand up and shake his head. She also noticed her team all conscious and okay. She turned around and saw these pegasus ponies flying around, robbing the Canterlot ponies of their money and jewelry. As well as picking fights with the rest of Spitfire’s team.

“Who are they?” She asked herself. Purple and black suits. Goggles with sharp edges. All of them similar to the Wonderbolts themselves. Accept these ponies were nothing good of the sort. She looked and saw one fly passed Celestia, purposely knocking off her crown. He turned around and grinned at her.

“All hail Nightmare Moon! Luna is the true princess of Equestria!” He flew off and continued along with the others to steal from everypony. Spitfire frowned, furiously enraged now. She zoomed by her team and flew to the closest pegasus she saw, knocking him down to the ground. Her team followed her actions and began fighting back to get them all to leave. The colt kicked Spitfire in the stomach with his back legs. She fell to the ground and held herself, coughing in pain. She stumbled before standing up again. Looking around to see Fleetfoot tackle one to the ground, only to be kicked in the face. Spitfire then was tackled to the ground herself. She looked up and saw those yellow goggles staring back at her. Her reflection was the first thing she saw before the rest of the pony.

Her mane, her familiar coat color.

“Lookin’ good, Spit,” said the Pegasus. Spitfire’s eyes widened before seeing a cocky devious grin on the pony’s muzzle. She spread her wings and took to the sky. Spitfire quickly jumped to her hooves and looked up to see the pony leading the others away into the sky. They all left with bags in their hooves, filled with stolen goods.

“That voice,” Spitfire said, shaking from the encounter. She turned around and saw the mess and destruction where the party once was. Her team all beat up and staggering. Prince Blue Blood stayed hidden under a table, cradling one of his presents. Spitfire scanned the area for the Princess and instead saw a wall covered with black and purple spray paint. The words spelled out something that answered her question.

“The Shadowbolts,” Princess Celestia read aloud. The Wonderbolts all came together around the wall to read what the princess had read. Spitfire glared at the wall and read it multiple times. Her main question still focused on the previous mare she encountered earlier.

“Thugs.” Soarin said aloud, angered.

“And they’re ripping off our name!” Rapidfire says while stomping his hoof into the ground.

“They’re obviously not very fond of me being princess either,” Princess Celestia said while readjusting her crown. Spitfire stayed quiet, thinking.

“I heard one say all hail Luna,” Fleetfoot mentioned. Spitfire’s eyes then grew wide.

“Hey, Spitfire. You okay?” Fire Streak asked. She blinked back to reality and became more alert of her surroundings. Everyone then shifted their attention to her.

“What?” She asked.

“You seem a little shaken up. You okay?” Soarin asked. Spitfire nodded.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just wasn’t expecting that ambush,” she replied while looking to the wall again.

“None of us were. And it seems that all the guests have fled the area. I hope they’re all alright,” Princess Celestia said. Princes Blue Blood ran and cried while hugging onto his aunt. He cried and whined like the spoiled brat he was, acting like a frightened little colt. Ignoring his exaggerated sobs, Celestia addressed the Wonderbolts.

“This is serious. We need to address this right away. This isn’t something we should take lightly,” she began.

“Agreed. We need to find these thugs and bring them all the justice,” Soarin said. Spitfire still fell silent. Not sure of what to think anymore.

“As a personal league of order. I will be putting out that these Shadowbolts be arrested. Wanted, for their crimes against not just me but the citizens of Canterlot. I will leave you all in charge of finding these criminals and bring them to justice as soon as possible,” Princess Celestia ordered. The Wonderbolts nodded in agreement.

“I will be putting word out to all of Equestria to keep an eye out for them. As well as my royal guards,” she said. Spitfire gulped and stepped forward.

“Of course, Princess. We’ll be heading back to Cloudsdale but not without keeping an eye out for them. Don’t worry. They won’t get away with this,” she said, her confidence set lower than usual. She was obviously distracted. Princess Celestia figured it was from being shaken up by the ambush and thought nothing more of it.

“As the Wonderbolts, we’ll be sure to bring down…The Shadowbolts.”

Chapter 6: Forever and Ever

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Landing before the castle ruins, the Shadowbolts drop the sacks of stolen goods and take time to catch their breath.

“Damn! That fly to Canterlot and back was murder on my wings!” Said the stallion. Nightshade looked at her team and then back to the castle ruins.

“Get the stuff inside and then you all can rest,” she ordered. The team raised their heads to see her walk into their hideout.

“What’s with her?” Another stallion asked. A mare shrugged in response.

Nightshade stopped and looked at the circular pedestal which held the five stone orbs. She never thought anything of them and so she continued with her trot up the stairs. Soon reaching the bedroom. She passed by the bed and flung off her goggles, watching them bounce on the mattress. She took down her mask and walked out to the balcony. She looked up at the moon and stars, clouds mixing in the night sky. She sighed.

“Spitfire, what am I doing?” Her head fell low. “The look on her face. How could I be acting like this? Why am I even doing any of this?” She said to no one in particular.

“She betrayed you, Nightshade,” said a voice. Behind Nightshade was a purple blue aura. Glistening with the hidden sparkles in its mist. Nightshade recognized the voice, and had no intentions of turning around to face it. She raised her head and hardened her expression.

“The bash went successfully, we left our mark for Celestia and everyone to see,” Nightshade answered.

“Good. I can see your loyalty is becoming more and more trusted. Unlike Spitfire’s,” said the voice. Nightshade grew enraged at the reminder. “She turned on you and left you for something more. Leaving you behind to pursue her own dreams, without you in them,” the aura floated around her as it continued to remind her of her past. Nightshade’s body stiffened as her head hang low, resisting to cry.

“Now, my sweet young follower. Don’t let this hurt you,” the aura began to comfort the mare and slowly covered her in its mist. It did its best to change her mood, taking away those tears and replacing them with anger and rage. “Instead, let it strengthen you to take back what belongs to you. What belongs to both of us.”

Nightshade raised her head.

“Yes, Nightmare Moon.”

“Good. Soon this will all pay off my child. My return to take over Equestria is coming closer by the night. Soon I will return and the night will last forever,” the mist left Nightshade’s side and laughed before floating through the room.

“I can’t wait until your return, Princess,” Nightshade said, still not turning around.

“As can I. Soon, my child. Soon. The Summer Sun Celebration is very close to come,” said the voice. “But until then, I want you to pursue the plan.” Nightshade’s eyes widened slightly. She turned around to face the faceless voice.

“That plan is too risky. Besides, it doesn’t have any proof of benefiting your return, if anything it’ll raise alarm to the princess ahead of time,” Nightshade said, walking forward towards the aura.

“Those Wonderbolts are already aware of who you are and what you all are capable of. They are already on high alert of awareness and so that is why you must do as I say and pursue the plan!” Nightshade bit back in defeat, knowing she lost the argument. “You will do as I commanded, Nightshade.”

Nightshade thought a bit longer before finally submitting. She sighed heavily and looked up to the aura.

“Yes, Princess,” she said while bowing.

“Good. Now you know already know what to do. I only hope you’ll do what you are told and fulfill it. You know that we need them out of the way.”

Nightshade gulped and nodded.

“Right then. Tomorrow,” commanded the voice. Nightshade raised her head quickly.

“Tomorrow? So soon-?”

“Enough! Do not question the authority of your princess!” Shouted the voice. The aura flared like a wild fire, frightening the mare. She fell to the ground, burying her face in hooves.

“You will do as you are told!”

“Yes, Princess!”

“And you will do this task tomorrow! No less!”

“Of course, Princess!”

The aura calmed down.

“Good,” the voice now content.

It watched Nightshade continue to shake on the floor before floating over to her. Comforting her. Filling her with rage and vengeance. Replacing the fear and sorrow with anger and hate. Nightshade stopped shaking and let herself be covered in the aura filled with the negative vibes.

“Now, do you feel better?” the voice asked. Nightshade stood up and nodded. Her eyes were dead and cold. The expression pleased the dark mist and soon it left her body.

“I will see you soon, my child.”

“I will be awaiting your next visit and future arrival, Princess,” Nightshade answered, her eyes narrowed, accompanied by a dead frown.

“Until then, continue to stay a loyal faithful follower.”

Nightshade nodded. The misty aura left Nightshade’s side and out to the sky through the balcony. She followed it and stepped onto the balcony, feeling the familiar cold night breeze. She looked up at the clouds and saw a cloud that was shaped as a bolt. Like magic, she suddenly received a vivid memory from her filllyhood.

“Hey, Spitfire!”

“What is it, Nightshade?”

“I made this for you in art class!”

“Really? Wow! A Wonderbolt bracelet! This is so awesome!”

“You really like it?”

“Yeah! I love it! I’ll wear it forever!”

“And ever and ever?

“And ever and ever and ever!”

Nightshade’s eyes watered and the realization of crying angered her, cursing at herself to stop. She turned around and walked back into the room, forcing herself to stay angered instead of depressed.

“No. It means nothing now. None of it,” she growled, trying her best to convince herself this was true. She took off her uniform and climbed into the bed. Furious at herself for desiring the presence of her old friend. Her enemy.


Spitfire walked into her room, shutting the door behind her. Her apartment dark with only the light from the moon outside the windows. She took off her goggles and suit, folding them neatly and placing them in her closet. She walked over to her dresser with goggles in hoof. As she placed the goggles on top of the dresser, her eye caught the bracelet around her right hoof. She brought it closer to her face to see its design up close. A thick tough blue rubber band with a line of dark blue and orange painted in the center. A small Wonderbolt logo cut out of cardboard and tied to the rubber band. Something simple that any foal could have made in art class, and yet, it had so much meaning to the Captain of the Wonderbolts. She thought back to the ambush that happened earlier that day and recalled the encounter she had with the mare.

“Lookin’ good, Spit.”

“Could that have really been her? I mean, it looked like her, just with a suit and goggles,” Spitfire told herself. She walked over to the drawer next to her dresser and picked up the picture frame. She stared at the picture of her and Nightshade when they were still in high school. They had matured and changed a lot since then but it was the only latest picture she had of the both of them together.

She stared at the color of her mane and coat color. It slowly began to click but she still couldn’t put her hoof on it. She then looked closer and focused on Nightshade’s eyes, they were almost the same color as the goggles. Then a quick memory of when they were fillies ran through her mind and Nightshade’s filly voice rang through her mind.

“You’ve got the best of both worlds, Spit.”

Spitfire’s eyes widened and she dropped the small frame, backing away from it as fast as she could. She gasped and shook her head. She stopped once she slammed into the wall behind her. She shook her head and continued to hyperventilate.

“No. No it can’t be,” she said. She placed her hoof over her mouth before running it over her eyes, a failed attempt to keep the tears from slipping out. “No, dear Celestia! No, it can’t be her!” She removed her hoof from her eyes and caught glimpse of the bracelet around her hoof. She looked back at the bracelet after recalling the memory of when she first received it.

“And ever and ever?”

A heavy sob was heard.

“Forever and ever and ever,” she said before breaking down. She ran to her bed and dived into her pillow. Falling back into the sweet memories that cause her so much pain to remember. Especially now that it might be from a potential enemy who she once loved like a sister.

“And ever and ever and ever!” She cried.

Chapter 7: Captain

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“Hey, Spitfire. You okay?”

Spitfire looked up at the stallion and blinked before rubbing her tired eyes.

“Yeah, what’s up, Soarin?” She replied. He watched her blink a couple times before standing up straight.

“You seem a bit…well, out of it today. Everything okay?” He asked, in a concerned tone. “You still shaken up from that ambush yesterday?”

Spitfire shook her head quickly.

“No. I just had a hard time getting some sleep last night, that’s all,” she smiled to her fellow teammate. He shrugged.

“Well alright, just making sure you’re okay,” he smiled back. The group all sat in their uniform, talking to each other before getting ready for another day of practice.

“Can you believe that the Summer Sun Celebration is practically here already?” Fleetfoot asked.

“I know! It feels like it just passed. Time flies,” Soarin said while walking over to the group.

“Was that suppose to be a pun?” Rapidfire asked dully.

“What? No. But now that you think about it, it sure was pretty clever,” he grinned. The ponies rolled their eyes.

“Ok, Pie-boy,” Rapidfire replied.

“Alright, team. I think we should hit the skies for some morning warm ups before we start getting our daily routines in,” Spitfire said while joining the group. They all smiled.

“Sounds good,” Lighting Streak said while stretching his wings.

“Yeah. I need to blow off some steam after what happened yesterday,” High Winds said. Spitfire’s eye widened slightly, partially worried.

“I know! Those thugs really ticked me off. Ruining our routine and the party like that, not to mention giving me this gnarly bruise on my back!” Soarin said before stretching.

“Well if we cross paths again we’ll be ready. Pff, Shadowbolts. Kinda of name is that?” Said Firestreak. The others laughed. All accept Spitfire. She cleared her throat.

“Okay that’s enough chit chat now. C’mon, everypony to the skies,” she ordered politely. They all smiled and took to the skies. They each quickly started their individual exercises and stretches. Spitfire watched from below before expanding her own wings. She grabbed her goggles to place them over her eyes when she felt a strong force push her across the field and over to a wall. There, hidden from the other Wonderbolts, she laid on her back against the wall. Something heavy was holding her down. Her eyes widened when she saw the familiar suit and goggles staring back at her. A dull frown and eyes hidden behind the reflective goggles. Spitfire took a second to realize her mouth was covered by the pony’s hoof. She muffled Nightshade’s name, though it wasn’t understandable. She said it again and this time it was easier to hear through the hoof. The pony frowned angrily and raised her other free hoof and knocked out the pony beneath her. Spitfire’s vision faded to black, but not before saying her name once again.



“We’re not stupid! You’re the one’s that are stupid! Trying to kidnap the Wonderbolts, do you thugs really think you’ll get away with this?”

Spitfire awoke to Soarin’s voice and slowly opened her eyes. Her head was aching from the blow she received earlier. She looked around to see her entire team tied up, herself included. The Shadow Bolts all stood in front of them in the large room. Spitfire assumed they were in a tower after seeing the stairs outside the door. Soarin was arguing with another colt that found it hilarious to pester the stallion.

Spitfire eyed all of the Shadow Bolts and noticed they haven’t realized she had awoken yet. Her eyes scanned all of them until she heard a voice that caused her to jump.

“She’s awake!” Said a mare, her voice unfamiliar. The Wonderbolts all looked to see their captain now conscious.

“Well, it’s about time,” said another mare. That voice was familiar. The Shadow Bolts made a way for their captain to walk through. She came out of the small group and stopped in front of Spitfire.

“Nightshade,” she said. Anger and hate pierced through her eyes as she spoke through her teeth. A failing attempt at forgetting the sadness and disbelief she was experiencing. She had to hold herself together, for the sake of her team.

“Hmph, still witty as ever,” snickered Nightshade.

“Where are we?!” She ordered an answer.

“Castle Ruins in the Everfree Forest,” Nightshade answered.

“The ancient castle of the royal pony sisters,” Spitfire answered her own question under her breath. She looked around and saw they were in a different part of the castle. They were inside the building beside the room the held the five stoned orbs.

“You guys sure were a hassle lugging here. You all really must have put on a lot of weight recently,” Nightshade said. Her team followed immediately with small chuckles.

“Why are you doing this? What do you want?” Soarin asked. Nightshade’s grin turned to an enraged frown.

“Shut up!” She shouted before kicking the stallion in the stomach. He fell to his side and groaned in pain.

“Soarin!” Spitfire cried in an alerted tone. Nightshade snorted at the sight of the stallion.

“See you still care about this dirt bag,” Nightshade said before walking back to her previous spot. She met eye contact with Spitfire’s glare and only smiled back at her anger.

“Lookin’ good, Spit,” she laughed. “You really blossomed through the years.”

“Nightshade, why are you doing this? How can you do this? I thought we were friends!” Spitfire pleaded, her expression still the same.

“Friends? Friends?!” Nightshade raised her voice. Her wings extended out as she stepped forward. “How can we still be friends after everything that’s happened?! How? Tell me!” She shouted.

“You were the one that flew off! I wanted to go after you but-”

“And why didn’t you!?”

Spitfire stopped and leaned back after realizing she was nose to nose with the angered mare. She was silent after realizing she had no answer to come back with.

“Exactly,” Nightshade said before turning around. “Four of you stay guard here and two of you stay guard down stairs. I’ll be in my room,” she said while walking out away from the Wonderbolts.

“Yes, Captain,” said the Shadowbolts.

“Nightshade!” Spitfire called out. It did nothing. Nightshade kept walking and soon was heard trotting down the stairs. Her trots vanished when she flew down the rest of the way and out the door. Nightshade zoomed to the ruin near and flew passed the pedestal, speeding up to her room. She dropped her goggles to hang around her neck as she began to pace. Thinking a million things at once. Her contradicting feelings eating her alive as she battled between love and hate. The more she thought, the more she grew angry at herself.

“She’s not my friend anymore. She’s my enemy! My rival! I can’t let them go now. No! I can’t!” She said to herself. Her pacing getting faster.

“No matter what she says or does. I don’t care. She could’ve fixed what was done all those years ago but she didn’t!” She stomped her hoof in the ground and stopped pacing. “So she brought this onto her team, onto herself.” Nightshade looked to see the darkness outside the closed glass doors. The balcony still where it was before. Even though it was always dark in the Everfree forest, Nightshade could still tell when it was night and when it was day. The large bright moon wasn’t out yet and so she figured night still hadn’t come.

“Suck it up, Nightshade. Don’t let your stupid past feelings get to you. They don’t mean anything!” She shouted. She looked out her window and saw the ruins next door, where Spitfire and the others were being held captive. She sighed. “Not anymore.”


A trio of hours had passed and Nigthshade returned to check on the captives. Her heart skipped a beat after seeing Spitfire on the ground in pain.

“What happened?!” She asked the closest Shadowbolt near.

“She wouldn’t shut up. We told her to stop talking and yelling at us but she wouldn’t listen! I finally made her shut up,” the stallion said while glancing back at the mare on the ground. Nightshade practically roared at the unexpected pegasus.

“You did what?!” She shouted. Every pegasus in the room looked to watch the scene.

“I-I only kicked her-”

“You hit her!?” Nightshade’s voice raised higher. Spitfire looked up from the floor and watched as well.

“What’s the big deal? You hit that other one earlier,” replied the frightened Shadowbolt.

“Did I say that any of you idiots could lay a hoof on the captain?! If something is wrong you call me! That’s why I’m the captain and you’re not!” She shouted. She walked forward as the stallion began to back away.

“N-no you didn’t,” he answered.

“No! I didn’t! So why the hay did you?!” She shouted.

“I-I’m sorry,” he replied, his back against a wall now.

“Oh, you’re sorry?” Nightshade growled. She kicked the colt and watched him fall to the ground.

“Next time you disobey my orders, I’ll give you something to be sorry about,” she said. He nodded and grabbed his sides.

“Yes, Captain,” he replied, obviously in pain. The Wonderbolts all watched in shock before seeing the Captain of the Shadowbolts turn to face them.

“Listen up!” She addressed her team. “I don’t care what you do to the team but you don’t touch the captain! You hear me?!” She shouted.

“Yes, captain!” They all replied.

“Good. One of you follow me and bring her to the other room.”

Nightshade turned and headed to the door.

“The room with the orbs?” A mare asked.


A stallion scooped Spitfire onto his back and flew after Nightshade.

He reached her quickly and soon they were both in the room. Nightshade sat waiting for the stallion to leave. Once he dropped Spitfire to the ground gently, he saluted Nightshade and flew outside the ruins. Nightshade looked and saw Spitfire laying on the ground, still aching and wincing in pain. She also noticed how the ropes were squeezing her sides and growing tighter every time she moved. Nightshade lowered her goggles to hang over her neck and proceeded to the other mare.

“I’m sorry about that. He won’t touch you again. None of them will,” Nightshade said. She helped Spitfire sit up and finally they were eye to eye, without their goggles to hide behind.

“Nightshade,” she said in a tone full of pain, sorrow even. It pierced Nightshade’s heart. Slowly the emotions Nightmare Moon planted inside her began to hide away. Nonetheless, the were still there inside her.

Nigthshade let go of Spitfire and stepped back, looking away.

“Look, I’m sorry he hit you. Is your stomach okay?” She asked, avoiding Spitfire’s eyes.

“I’m fine now. Thank you,” Spitfire replied, her tone still the same. Nightshade turned around and walked away to look out the window. Still seeing that the moon wasn’t out yet.

“Nightshade, why are you doing this to us? To me?”

“Spitfire, I’m not trying to hurt you. I’m just doing what has to be done,” Nightshade answered in a weak tone. “In all honesty though, I can care less about your team.”

“Look at me, Nightshade,” Spitfire ordered. Nigthshade hesitated a bit before turning around to glare back at the mare from beside the window. “What happened to you? I never saw you again after that one night. Are you doing this because you couldn’t get into the Wonderbolts? So you made your own team instead?” Spitfire asked.

“No. I’m not gonna lie. My life went down the toilet because I didn’t get accepted in. I looked for a place to live and well, your looking at it,” she answered. Spitfire’s eyes widened.

“You mean… you lived here all those years?” Spitfire asked, shocked. She glanced around her settings before looking back to the other mare.

“Still do. I would never have found it if it wasn’t for Princess Luna though,” Nightshade said.


“I went to Celestia for help, but her guards and pony officials said she was too busy to see a pony with a minor problem like myself. Can you believe that? The princess you serve was too busy to help me from becoming homeless. So after that I put her out of my life for good and went back to serving Princess Luna. She helped me find this place here and has been helping me ever since,” Nightshade explained, shaking her head as if the memory still upset her. Spitfire’s eyes watered.

“Nightshade. Why didn’t you just come to me for help? I would have let you live with me. We could have worked this whole thing out,” she cried.

“Live with you? No! How could I do that? You were a Wonderbolt now, you looked like you were gonna have a new coltfriend, you were flying on rockets while I was dying down here on the ground with the rest of the world! I couldn’t ask you for help! I had already lost you,” Nightshade said while walking up to her.

“How can you say that? I would have dropped everything for you!” Spitfire confessed. Spitfire’s words broke the mare’s angered barrier and began to get through to her.

“What?” Nightshade’s expression softened slowly.

“I went looking everywhere for you the next morning. I couldn’t find you anywhere. I would have helped you, Nightshade,” Spitfire said, her tone comforting to the mare in front of her.

“Really?” Nightshade said as she stepped closer.

“Yes, Nightshade. You’re my best friend,” Spitfire smiled. Nightshade felt her eyes begin to warm up when she suddenly heard a rough voice bring her back to reality.

“Captain!” Said the stallion. Nightshade looked back at the stallion then at Spitfire. Her expression changed as she cleared her throat and stepped away from Spitfire.

“What is it?” She answered.

“It’s time. She’s coming!” He said, obviously excited. Nightshade’s eyes widened before nodding.

“Right. Get her back to the others,” Nightshade ordered the stallion. The pegasus nodded before grabbing Spitfire and throwing her on his back. She said nothing as she was carried out of the room, she merely glared at Nightshade before finally leaving the room. Nightshade sat there, contemplating those contradicting feelings again. She shook her head and stood tall. She placed her goggles over her eyes and dashed out of the room.

“Finally. Nightmare Moon. Luna, My princess. You’re finally here.”

Chapter 8: Locking Up The Sun

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Nightshade ran up the stairs to see all of her team in the room, along with the Wonderbolts still bounded. Spitfire was placed down with the others and glared at Nightshade as she entered the room.

“What’s happened so far?” She asked.

“Nothing yet, captain,” answered the colt she kicked earlier. Nightshade walked over to the window and stared at the moon. She then saw a familiar sight.

“The stars are coming together. She’s coming!” Nightshade alerted.

“Who’s coming?” Spitfire asked. Nightshade turned to her and grinned deviously.

“Princess Luna.”

Spitfire gasped along with the rest of her team. The thought of disbelief slowly sank in with shock.

“What? How?” Spitfire asked. Nightshade merely laughed along with her team. “Wait a minute,” Spitfire said under her breath. “According to our history books, Celestia sent Luna to the moon. But she wasn’t Luna at the time…she was-”

A vast wind struck the ruins and flew open all the windows. Everypony found their balance and did their best to stay standing.

There it was. That familiar voice, expressed through the ruins as a menacing laugh. Nightshade looked and saw the aura she’s been conversing with for so long now. It spun in a tornado before a bright light flashed throughout the entire room. Suddenly everypony felt like they were falling when they slammed into the hard floor beneath them. Nightshade rubbed her head and looked around to see she and everypony else were in the room that held the five stone orbs.

“How’d we get down here?” Nightshade wondered. Finally the same vast wind hit again and the same tornado grew in the room before finally bursting out of its form. Revealing the dark alicorn.

“Nightmare Moon,” Spitfire said in terror.

The alicorn laughed again. Nightshade bowed quickly and her team followed.

“Ah. How good it feels to be back!” The alicorn said. She walked over to Nightshade and smiled down at the mare.

“My Princess, it’s an honor,” she said.

“Indeed it is. Rise my Shadowbolts,” she said. They did so and finally got a good look at the mare that lived for so long on the moon.

“Wow,” Nightshade said in a hush tone. Nightmare Moon laughed. Her mane the same aura Nightshade has seen before. The aura picked Nightshade’s chin up to face Nightmare Moon.

“You have proven of good use to me, Nightshade,” she smiled. She turned to look at the Wonderbolts in binds. “And you’ve done exactly what I commanded you to do.” She walked away from Nightshade and examined the Wonderbolts, Spitfire in particular. “My sister’s pitiful effort at creating a team like yourselves will all be in vain once she witnesses my vast power,” laughed the alicorn.

“You’re not powerful! You’re nowhere near as powerful as Princess Celestia! You’ll never be half the princess she is!” Shouted Spitfire. Nightshade’s eyes widened at the possible consequences that could come out of her actions. Nightmare Moon chuckled.

“Oh you want to see power? You want to see what I’m capable of!” Nightmare Moon’s voice echoed in a terrifying roar. Nightshade gulped and stood on her hooves, ready to act if necessary. Spitfire stood strong but couldn’t help but shake in fear.

Nightmare Moon’s eyes glowed and soon the entire ruin began to shake. The Shadowbolts continued to fall and so they hovered in the air to avoid the rough shake. The shaking was so intense that the remains of the ruins roof began to cave in, windows shattered and the room up stairs collapsed to the ground in pieces. Parts of the ceiling began collapsing all over the Wonderbolts. Nightshade acted quickly and flew over to Spitfire. Spitfire laid on the ground, still tied. The shaking had caused her to shut her eyes and pray nothing would collapse on top of her. She opened them when she felt something stand over her. She looked and saw Nightshade using her body to shield Spitfire from any damage, her wings extended out to give her full cover. Finally the shaking came to a full stop and the dust began to clear up.

“Ha! How’s that for power?!” Nightmare Moon laughed. The dust cleared and she looked down to see Nightshade shielding Spitfire. She gasped. “What? What is this?”

Nightshade looked quickly to her ruler and then at everypony else. She quickly hovered in the air and flew away from Spitfire.

“Princess-I,” Nightshade mumbled.

“What were you trying to do? Protect the enemy?” Snarled the princess. Nightshade gulped and thought quickly.

“No! Of course, not! I just wanted to make sure she stayed alive so I could-,” Nightshade looked over to Spitfire then to Nightmare Moon. “So I could finish her myself!” She concluded. There was a small pause before Nightmare Moon smiled.

“Oh. I see,” she chuckled. “Well that’s very logical. I can’t hold it against you if you want the pleasure of disposing this trash yourself,” she laughed. Nightshade smiled and nodded.

What was I thinking? Why did I go and try to protect her? Why should I care anymore?

Nightmare Moon walked around the room and stopped at the five orbs on the pedestal.

“What are those?” She asked.

“Huh?” Nightshade responded, coming back to reality.

“Those stone orbs. What are they? They survived without a single scratch after all I’ve just done,” she said while examining them.

“Oh, those? They’re nothing, Princess,” Nightshade said while flying over to the alicorn. “They’re just decoration.”

“Ah. I see. Well they’re nothing of my interest then,” she said while walking away. “Well I suppose I should go and make my grand appearance at my sisters Summer Sun Celebration now, shouldn’t I?” She smiled. The Shadowbolts grinned and nodded, mainly because they were too afraid to disagree or not react. “But not before I watch you destroy her,” Nightmare Moon said to Nightshade.

“What?” She asked.

“End her life now,” Nightshade said while pointing at Spitfire. Nightshade’s eyes widened and her eyes connected with Spitfires.

“I-” she muttered.

“Well?” Nightmare Moon insisted. Nightshade sighed and flew over to stand in front of Spitfire. She stared back into the mare’s eyes and couldn’t go through with her next action.

“Well? What are you waiting for? Do it!” Nightmare Moon shouted while stomping her hoof on the ground. Nightshade gulped then sighed. Her head lowered.

“I can’t,” she replied.

“What?” Nightmare Moon hissed.

“I can’t, I’m sorry but their has to be another way to do this. There’s no way it has to end this way,” Nightshade said as she turned to face the alicorn. Her wings flapped open as she grew more and more enraged.

“You dare disobey my orders?” She hissed. Nightshade gulped before raising her head and standing tall. Nightmare Moon looked at Spitfire then at Nightshade. Her furious expression changed to a devilish grin.

“I see you need to be reminded of all I taught you,” Nightmare Moon said.

“What are you-?” Nightshade’s began to say before being covered in the dark glittering aura. Her screams were heard throughout the entire castle ruins. Spitfire watched in horror as Nightshade was buried in the excessive amount of rage, pain, and pure evil that was filled in the aura. The Shadow Bolts all watched in shock as well as the Wonderbolts did. Every ponies jaw was wide open as they watched the display, all except for Nightmare Moon. She laughed softly to herself as she finished filling the mare with false emotions. The aura vanished and left the mare visible to the others.

“There, feel better?” She said. Nightshade laid flat on the ground, her face buried in the floor. Everyone remained silent, out of shock or fear, some even from both. Everyone watched closely as Nightshade began to move. First her left hoof came up and then her right hoof. She slowly raised herself off the ground and stood. Her head raised last, an evil grin stretched across her muzzle.

“Much better. Thank you, Princess,” Nightshade grinned. Nightmare Moon smiled back, pleased with the results.

“What did you do to her?! You monster!” Spitfire shouted, struggling to escape the ropes that kept her from attacking the alicorn. Nightshade flew over to Spitfire and kicked the mare in the face. Causing her to fall roughly to the ground.

“Spitfire!” Soarin said. Nightshade flew over and kicked him as well, rougher than she kicked Spitfire. He too fell down to the ground. Nightshade flew back and landed by her ruler’s side.

“I didn’t do anything to her, silly mare. I simply reminded her of the emotions and feelings she has against you all. One in particular,” Nightmare Moon laughed loudly. Spitfire raised her head slowly to look at Nightshade then Nightmare Moon. She groaned in pain. Nightmare Moon stepped down to be eye to eye with the mare on the floor.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure she’ll reveal all her true emotions to you once she ends your life!” She laughed. Nightshade laughed as well.

“Yeah. I want this to be a challenge though so I can prove how much better I am than you at flying and fighting,” Nightshade laughed. Spitfire glared at the mare then at Nightmare Moon.

“A shame I won’t be able to see it. I must leave if I am to make my appearance in Ponyville. But before I forget,” Nightmare Moon walked over to Nightshade and scanned her from head to hoof with the magic of her horn.

“Princess, what are you doing?” Nightshade asked.

“Scanning you to make a duplicate later. I feel I’ll need it,” she said. She walked over to scan two more colts in their Shadowbolts uniform and did the same.

“Well, ok,” Nightshade said.

“I’m off. I’ll see you all later. Well, I’ll see some of you later,” Nightmare Moon laughed. Insinuating that she won’t be seeing The Wonderbolts alive again. The alicorn bathed herself in her blue aura and then vanished out of the ruins, in the direction of Ponyville.

Chapter 9: Two Bolts

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Nightshade ran to the door to watch her Princess disappear across the gorge and into the Everfree forest. She grinned and then trotted back into the room.

“Well that went well,” she said, more cocky than usual.

“Oof!” A loud thump was heard when Nightshade looked up to see Soarin head-butt one of the shadowbolts. The stallion fell to the floor and that’s when Soarin broke free from the ropes.

“What? How did you-?” Nightshade mumbled. Soarin hovered in the air and glared down at her.

“While you were chatting it up with, Princess Nightmare over there, we were getting out of those ropes,” Soarin said. Nightshade looked and saw the other Wonderbolts break loose. “I just wanted to wait until she left so I can do this!” He charged after Nightshade and tackled her out the door. Both ponies rolling across the grass. Finally they stopped once they were at the edge of the gorge. The fog making it hard to see the bottom. Soarin laid on his back and fought hard to get up. Nightshade kept him down and continued to punch the stallion in the face. Finally after seeing his cheek bleed, she stopped.

“I never liked you,” she growled. He glared back at her.

“Likewise,” he hissed. She pressed her hoof against his throat and persisted to push him over the gorge. However the stallion put up a fight and made it difficult for Nightshade to push him over. The stallion expressed pain in his face, causing Nightshade to grin. She pressed her hoof against his throat even more and saw him struggle for air. Before she could continue, something grabbed her and took her to the sky. Her last glimpse of Soarin was of him jumping up and dragging himself away from the edge of the gorge, coughing and gasping for air. Nightshade was thrown into the sky and she expanded her wings to stay hovered. She looked and saw Spitfire staring back at her.

“Stop it! Stop! Just stop!” She shouted. Thunder was heard, hints that the upcoming storm was soon to commence. Just as Spitfire’s team all flew up behind her, Nightshade’s did the same. There in the dark cloudy sky, hovered the Shadowbolts and Wonderbolts. Once realizing their presence, Spitfire acted quickly. “Go! Fly to Ponyville and try to warn the other ponies! Or at least try to help them!” Spitfire ordered her team. They all nodded and quickly took off.

“All of you, go! Don’t let them get there!” Nightshade ordered her team. They flew after the Wonderbolts and did what they were told. Again, only Spitfire and Nightshade hovered in the sky. The dark, gloomy sky. They hovered there in silence for what seemed like an eternity to them.

“I’m not going to let you go through with this, Nightshade,” Spitfire said. Her expression now determined. Nightshade grinned.

“I know you’re not gonna succeed at stopping me,” she said before flying up to the mare, pressing her forehead against hers. “But it’s gonna be fun seeing you try,” she whispered.

Before Spitfire could react she felt Nightshade punch her in the jaw. The mare flipped backwards but quickly flapped her wings to stay in the air. She grabbed her jaw and then looked up to see Nightshade flying towards her. Spitfire frowned, angry and ready to fight. She put her goggles over her eyes and so the match began.

She flew towards Nightshade and met her halfway before quickly flying around her. Nightshade looked over her shoulder to see Spitfire use both her legs to stomp on her back. Her wings cramped at the sound of her back cracking. She let out a loud gasp of pain before plummeting down. Spitfire dived down after her, knowing the mare was much more capable than what she was displaying. And she was right. Nightshade let out a loud holler before extending her wings and flying back up. Her speed caught Spitfire off guard when she flew up to the mare from beneath, giving her the most painful uppercut anyponies ever received. Spitfire flipped repeatedly downward. The unbearable pain making it too hard to focus on flying. Nightshade watched her begin to fall and soon she too dived after her. She sped up to catch up to the mare before she hit the ground. As Nightshade got closer she realized Spitfire was unconscious, or so she thought. Spitfire’s eyes opened widely and she seized the opportunity, by using her back hoof to kick Nigthshade from under the jaw line. Equaling the pain Spitfire received from her uppercut. Spitfire flipped over and flapped her wings. Nightshade spun backwards but kept her wings out to keep her from falling. She stopped and caught her balance. She grabbed her jaw and then glared furiously at the mare who caused it. Spitfire glared back at her to see lighting strike behind the shadowbolt. Showing her silhouette for a brief second. Nigthshade charged towards Spitfire once more and this time the Wonderbolt awaited her attack. Nightshade pulled back her hoof, ready to punch when Spitfire quickly dived down. Nightshade quickly followed. Drawing close on her tail. Spitfire looked back quickly to see how close the mare was. She then spun around and flew back up. Nightshade followed her moves exactly, not knowing what the mare had planned. Nightshade drew closer to the Wonderbolt and reached out to grab her tail when Spitfire kicked her in the eye with her back hoof.

“Aagh!” She shouted. She stopped and hovered in place, covering her face. Spitfire spun around and looked down at the mare. She waited in place and stared to see if she was okay, not trusting if it was a trick or not. Nightshade growled as she looked back up at Spitfire. Her right eye visible now between the broken shards of her goggles. Spitfire’s eyes widened after seeing the furious mare speed up towards her.

“Come back here!” She shouted. Her anger blinded her and the tone in her voice frightened the Wonderbolts. She dove down towards the trees of the forest and hid behind a tree. She took the time to catch her breath while waiting for the mare. Nightshade followed shortly after and slammed into the ground. The entire floor shook at her landing.

“Come on out, Spit!” She called. Nightshade walked around the forest, checking every bush and tree. “We’re not fillies anymore, Spitfire. Enough with these games!”

Spitfire gulped and pressed herself up against the tree, nervously praying she’d not be found. The loud roaring thunder helped hide her breathing but the bright sharp lighting could easily give her away if she wasn’t careful.

“You know, honestly I’d thought the captain of the Wonderbolts would put up more of a fight. Instead of go around hiding like a scared little foal,” Nightshade escalated her voice as she continued to look through the forest.

“Your broken goggles say otherwise, Nighty,” Spitfire shouted, her voice echoed through the forest. Nightshade looked around but couldn’t pinpoint the voice’s position.

“Yeah. You always were a dirty fighter,” Nightshade chuckled. She raised her ears and waited for a response.

“Guess that’s why you were always so jealous of me. Seeing how I beat you at everything!” Spitfire shouted back. Her voice echoed again. Nightshade grinned and walked towards the source from which the voice came from. Slowly she approached the area.

“What?! I was never jealous of you! If anything I was tired of always coming second!” She replied.

“Oh sure. Whatever!” Spitfire replied. Nightshade continued to approach the tree slowly.

“Really! I just wanted to cross the finish line first, the both of us first. So we can both celebrate winning together,” Nightshade said, her voice tender. She approached the tree and waited for a response to confirm her theory. “Like when we were fillies,” she finished. Spitfire looked down to the ground and dropped her guard, falling vulnerable to Nightshade’s confession.

“Really?” Spitfire replied. Her voice so soft that it was almost easy to miss.

“Of course!” Nightshade shouted. Her sudden close reply startled Spitfire and she quickly reacted. She flew around the tree to see Nightshade sitting on the other side. She stared back at her, her face easier to read now that her right eye was visible. “That’s all I’ve ever wanted.”

Spitfire lowered herself to the ground and stood across from the mare.

“I thought we’d be best friends forever,” she said.

“You said we’d be best friends forever,” Nightshade replied. Spitfire gasped softly after seeing Nightshade’s right eye water. She assumed her left eye was doing the same. Nightshade stepped forward. “Spitfire I-” she stopped and let out a loud painful scream.

“Nightshade!?” Spitfire called out. Nightmare Moon’s aura started to fill her entire body once more and glowed all around her. It then began to replace her emotions with false rage, erasing everything she was previously feeling. Spitfire watched in pure horror, the sight of her friends pain killed her inside but the knowledge of what was happening was worse.

“She’s controlling her,” Spitfire said under her breath. The realization hit her quickly and she leapt forward to stop this menacing scene go on. She flew to the mare but stopped after a lighting bolt struck between her and her best friend.

“Aagh!” Spitfire screamed. She was only inches away from the strike, any closer and she’d be burnt to a crisp. Spitfire looked up and saw Nightmare Moon walk out from the shadows behind Nightshade. The mare was still engulfed in the aura, still groaning and crying out in pain.

“Stop what you’re doing to her!” Spitfire shouted, hovering inches above the ground. Nightmare Moon laughed.

“I’m not doing anything. Simply reminding my pupil of her loyal duties to her true ruler,” the alicorn said while looking at the mare in pain.

“You’re controlling her! You’re using her and making her act this way!” She shouted.

“So what?! She submitted herself to me and now she will be used. It is her own fate!” Nightmare Moon hollered back. Nightshade let out another scream, causing Spitfire’s eyes to water. She cringed her teeth and let out all her anger.

“Aagh!” She shouted before charging after the alicorn. Another loud thundering clap was heard before the lighting struck. The blinding light lasted a mere second but it was enough to throw Spitfire off. She felt herself being pushed up high into the sky. She was thrown and caught herself with her wings. The sky was almost pitch black, covered with dark clouds. The sound of the gap between each lighting strike was at least three seconds. The thunder was ear numbing, but the mares still managed to speak to each other and be heard.

“Enemy! Do not come near the princess!” Shouted Nightshade. Spitfire glared back in disbelief.

“Nightshade? Do you remember me? It’s Spitfire!” She said, patting her chest with her hoof.

“You are a Wonderbolts, an enemy!” She shouted before charging towards her. Spitfire dodged her and continued to hover in place.

“Nightshade it’s me!” She shouted.

“Stay still!” Nightshade replied. Countless failed attempts at tackling the mare enraged her even more. Spitfire took off her goggles and dropped them, letting them plummet down. She then took down her mask, revealing her face.

“Nightshade! It’s me!” She cried. Nigthshade stared at her for a moment but the loud thunder snapped her back to reality once more and she flew after her. Spitfire dodged her again. “No! I’m not going to fight you! Not like this! I was stupid for doing so in the first place!”
Nightshade charged towards her and this time Spitfire didn’t move. The mare tackled her and shoved her through the sky. Spitfire coughed out whatever gasp of air she had in her. The blow was expected but not prepared for. She looked down at the mare pushing her through the sky and finally acted. She spread out her own wings and brought them to a full stop. Nightshade fell into at the unexpected brake.

“Oof!” She said. Spitfire seized the opportunity and hugged onto the mare tightly. Holding her whole body in her embrace. Nightshade squirmed around and cursed at the mare constantly. “Let go of me!” She shouted.

“No! Nightshade I know you’re there! It’s me, Spitfire!” She cried. The mare continued to struggle. They both hovered their in the dark sky. “You have to remember! You have to remember the time we met and we both raced together, and we won! Our first Wonderbolts show!” Her struggles became less violent but she still continued to fight out of the hold. “The time I helped you get an A on your test. Or the time when you made me that bracelet!” Spitfire cried. She noticed Nightshade stopped squirming but still remained stiff as a rock. “I still have it too,” she said between sniffs. Nightshade didn’t budge. “See?” Spitfire tore her costume with her teeth to reveal her hoof and the bracelet. She wasn’t sure if Nightshade saw it or not, but she knew she must have after feeling her body soften up. Spitfire wrapped her hooves around her tighter. “You are my best friend. You always have and always will be, Nightshade,” she cried. She buried her head in the mares chest and waited to be kicked or shoved off. Instead, she received the unexpected.

Nightshade wrapped her hooves around the mare and brought her into a tighter embrace. Her sobs were heard and Spitfire only smiled.

“It’s okay,” she said.

“Spitfire, I’m sorry,” she cried. Nightshade hugged her tighter before breaking out of the hug. She looked back at the mare and finally Spitfire saw her best friend looking back at her.

“It’s okay, Nightshade,” she grinned. She took her hoof and slid Nightshade’s goggles off her eyes and let them fall around her neck. She touched her sore right eye. “I’m sorry too.” Nightshade took off her mask and continued to cry.

“No. I really am sorry, Spitfire. I shouldn’t have done any of this,” she cried.

“Most of it wasn’t your fault. Nightmare Moon was controlling you. Besides, it doesn’t matter anymore. I forgive you,” she said. Nightshade smiled through the tears and brought her into another tight embrace. Spitfire smiled and hugged her back.

“What?” Nightmare Moon said in disbelief. She watched the scene from below and growled after seeing what she saw. “No!” She yelled. Nightshade and Spitfire both landed back down to face the alicorn, both determined and side by side.

“It’s over, Nightmare moon!” Nightshade shouted.

“You dare go back on your ruler?! This is not how you serve your princess!” She yelled back.

“I wanted to serve Princess Luna! Not you!” Nightshade snapped back. Nightmare Moon’s expression changed drastically. She was obviously more than angry, she was furious.

“We’ll see about that!” She hissed. Her horn began to glow, as well as her eyes. Nightshade then was levitated and let out a loud scream.

“Nightshade!” Spitfire called out.


Chapter 10: And Ever and Ever

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“Nightmare Moon! Stop it!” Spitfire shouted. Nightmare Moon laughed aloud. Spitfire flew over to the alicorn but was kicked away by her strong long legs. Spitfire slammed into a tree and rolled to the floor.

“Ugh,” she moaned before rubbing her head.

“No. Not again,” Nightshade said. Nightmare Moon turned her attention to Nightshade and saw she was resisting.

“What?” She asked in surprise.

“I won’t let you control me again!” She shouted. The magic reversed and blew out towards Nightmare Moon, like she let out a loud blast of wind and magic from her outburst. Nightmare Moon stayed in place but shielded her face with her hoof. Spitfire covered her face with both her hooves to avoid the leaves and twigs that were blowing passed her. Nightmare Moon lowered her hoof to see Nightshade hovering above the floor. Slowly she landed down on all four hooves and gave Nightmare Moon the scariest death glare she’s ever seen.

“I won’t let you hurt anypony like you’ve hurt me. I won’t let you hurt my best friend!” She shouted before charging towards the alicorn. She snarled at her attempt and stepped back when Nightshade leapt at her. The gap between them was met when a lightning bolt struck Nightshade on the back. Her spine shook and her body numbed.

“Nigthshade!” Spitfire cried out. Nightshade’s body dropped to the ground right in front of Nightmare Moon.

“You impeccable little foal! This grave is too good for you. No matter, you are nothing to me. I have six other problems that I must go and take care of now,” she said before turning her back on Nightshade. “Wasteful trash,” she hissed. She bathed herself in her magic and then was gone through the air. Spitfire sat their in shock when suddenly she felt a drop of water fall on her nose. It started to rain. Spitfire jumped up and ran over Nightshade. The rain fell but it wasn’t too strong, weak even.

“Nightshade! Nightshade!” Spitfire ran to her side and turned the mare over. She held her in her hooves as she moaned in pain. Spitfire’s eyes began to stream and wet her already damp face. Nightshade opened her eyes slowly and looked up to Spitfire.

“Spitfire?” She said weakly, her voice groggy and rough. Spitfire’s sobs were heavy and made it difficult for her to respond.

“Yes, Nightshade. I’m here,” she cried.

“Guess having bolt in my name makes this whole thing a bit ironic, huh?” She laughed softly. Spitfire let out a small laugh at her friend’s humor, then went back to crying. She held Nightshade’s hoof in hers while holding her in the other.

“You kept it,” Nightshade laughed softly. She looked at the bracelet around Spitfire’s hoof. She smiled.

“Yeah. I told you it’d wear it forever and ever,” Spitfire grinned. Her sobs grew louder than the soft thunder. It was strange but it seemed that the storm was slowly passing.

“I just realized something,” Nightshade said. Spitfire looked over to her and faked a smile.

“What’s that?”

“We both became bolts,” she said.

“What do you mean?” Spitfire asked.

“We both wanted to become Wonderbolts. But honesty we just wanted to become something successful together to share. I guess I got scared of loosing you when I didn’t become a Wonderbolt,” Nigthshade said, her voice sounding raspier with every word.

“Don’t even think about apologizing, none of this was your fault,” Spitfire squeezed Nightshade’s hoof tighter. Nightshade let out a heavy cough and became stiff. The pain in her face frightened Spitfire and she held her tighter. “Nightshade, listen to me,” Spitfire said calmly. Nightshade opened her eyes and turned to look at the mare. “You are my best friend and always will be-”

“Spitfire I’m di-”

“No don’t say that!” Spitfire snapped. “Let me finish,” she said, her sobbing picked up again. Nightshade only looked back at her, waiting for her to go on. “I’ve known you almost all my life and loved every second I’ve spent with you,” she cleared her throat and went on. “Out of all those years together, there’s only one thing I regret,” she said. She slightly squeezed her hoof tighter and brought it closer to her. “And that was not going after you that one night,” she finally said. Nightshade smiled and squeezed her hoof back.

“I only regret not being there to see you receive your suit and goggles. And to truly say Congratulations,” Nightshade smiled warmly to the mare who was sobbing, her own eyes watering. Nightshade raised her other hoof and touched the bracelet she made so many years ago. She felt a painful stab in her spine that traveled throughout her body, hinting that she was going. She maintained the best poker face she could bring together, hiding how weak she was beginning to feel. “Spitfire, could you do me a favor?” She asked while playing with the bracelet. Slowly the rain began to let up and the clouds started moving across the sky on their own.

“Anything,” Spitfire said. She cleared her throat again and tried to withhold her sobs.

“Later today, do you think you could take my goggles to get fixed? I don’t think I’ll have time to,” Nightshade said, still playing with the bracelet. Spitfire smiled and nodded.

“Of course,” she replied.

“Oh and one more thing,”


Nightshade gripped Spitfire’s hoof and couldn’t care less if she was holding on too tight. Spitfire was too distracted to even notice.

“Can you stay my best friend forever?” Nightshade said, her voice choking on the desire to cry. Spitfire let out another sob but smiled through it.

“Yes. Forever,” she said. Nightshade’s eyes became heavy and she slowly faded away.

“and ever?” Her last words before she finally faded away. Spitfire’s eyes shot open at the sight and began to hyperventilate. She bit her lip as more tears poured through. She buried herself in Nightshade’s stomach and let out a painful cry.

“and ever and ever and ever!!” She cried. The sun then came out and warmed up the area. Spitfire felt the warmth against her coat but was too absorbed to care.


It’s been almost a year now since the incident in the Everfree forest. The Shadowbolts all got away the same night and are still wanted for their arrest. Spitfire learned from the newspaper and from friends about how six ponies beat Nightmare Moon. She also heard how Princess Luna emerged from those hidden ashes and now rules beside her sister in Canterlot. It made Spitfire smile to know Nightshade would have loved it if she could have met Luna. Spitfire broke from her daze and looked around to remember she was doing something very important.

“Alright, next?” Soarin said while checking off something on his clipboard. Spitfire looked over to the line and saw two fillies talking to each other, one obviously very nervous. Finally they both flew together in front of the judges.

“Oh, sorry. Only one audition at a time,” Soarin told them. They both looked at Spitfire.

“Could we please audition together? Please?” They both grinned hopefully.

“Um,” Spitfire said, her mind filling with memories.

“Please? We both want to get in,” they said. Spitfire finally smiled and nodded.

“Sure,” she said. Soarin looked over to her but said nothing. The two fillies performed a trick together and showed how hard they worked to perfect it. Once they were finished, they both turned to Spitfire and smiled, waiting for her answer.

“That was very good! We’ll be letting everypony know next week for who made the team. Thank you!” Spitfire grinned. The fillies brightened up and both high-hoofed each other before flying off. Spitfire watched them both hug and twirl in the air, laughing and cheering to themselves. Spitfire wiped a tear from her eye and caught the attention of the mare next to her.

“Hey, you alright?” Fleetfoot asked her. A small sniffle and nod was Spitfire’s response.

“Yeah, never better,” Spitfire said with a small laugh. “Just got something in my eye.” she lied.

“Oh. Okay,” Fleetfoot said. She turned back to watch the next pony’s audition. Spitfire looked and saw the two fillies off to the side and smiled at them warmly.

She saw herself and Nightshade for a brief second then blinked and saw it was the two fillies again. The two ponies looked young enough to still be high school. Just like Spitfire and Nigthshade were. The rest of that afternoon went on with nothing but memories and warm smiles. Of course it still hurt inside to remember her best friend’s departure, but she kept her promise to her and stayed strong and happy. She didn’t feel sad but warm inside. She would find herself shed a few tears now and then whenever she would go deep into thought about the past. But most of the time she felt good with the sweet memories she got to share with the pony. She truly made her life an amazing ride. The only wish she had was that she could share it with her still. But since she couldn’t she vowed to live her life the best she could, for the sake of her best friend.

She went back to her apartment and walked into her room to see the fixed Shadowbolt goggles sitting on her dresser, right next to the picture frame of her and Nightshade. She adjusted the picture frame then looked at her bracelet around her hoof, and smiled warmly.

“Forever and ever.”