• Published 12th Sep 2012
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The Collector - gallagsp the corgi

A pony is stealing Cutie marks, can Twilight and Colgate find out who before it's too late?

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Chapter 5

It was obvious. Colgate didn't know why she didn't realize it before. The raspy breath, the weezing cough, the scar on his face, it was so obvious that Colgate felt like hitting herself over it. she didn't though. Lyra and Twilight were looking at her expectantly, waiting for her to tell them who it was.

"Well?" Lyra broke the silence, showing once again that she was the spastic, energetic one of the group. "Who is it?"

"That new patient I told you about. What was his name again?" Colgate wracked her brain for ideas on the stallion's name. Nothing came to mind. "Why can't I remember his name? I remember all my patients' names!"

"Don't worry, we have a description and you know him. That gives us something to go off of, right?" Twilight looked to Lyra. The Green mare looked at her notebook and nodded.

"It gives us something, but not much. From what we've figured out, he's moving in a circular motion cross Equestria. First case was in Manehatten, Then Trottingham, Then Maredrid. Each time he picked one pony and took their cutie mark, then disapeared until he struck again in the next town. Ponyville was his last attack, so that means next on his list should be Canterlot. That's why I was here before you."

"That makes sense, I guess." Colgate shrugged. "But Canterlot is a big city, how will we find him? And how do we know he's even here?"

"We don't know if he's here, however, most criminals have a pattern they go by, they like to stick to their comfort zone. So that probaby means this one is no different, therefor we've predicted his pattern. His way of attack has also lended itself to us figuring out his comfort zone. He likes to stalk the victem for a few days, then strike them from behind when they least expect it."Lyra tapped her chin. "I'm guessing he'll go after somepony lower on the social foodchain. If he were to attack one of Canterlot's elite, He'd end up having a lot of attention drawn to himself, and that isn't his style from what we've figured."

Colgate and Twilight stared at Lyra. They were in complete shock that Lyra, who was obsessed with mythical creatures and a complete nutcase, could be so smart and figure this out. It didn't make sense.Lyra raised an eyebrow at them.

"What? Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Nothing." Twilight interupted. "What we need is a plan."

"I think I've got one, I'll disguise myself as a lowly street performer and try to catch his attention, then when he attacks, you two pop out to stop him." Lyra rubbed her hooves together maniacly. Her crazyness was reaching an all-time high right now.

"Um, Lyra? No offence, but you pretty much are just a street performer with some crazy hobbies." Colgate said. Lyra glared daggers at her. Colgate knew, however, that the threatening look was just a show. She had known Lyra too long and Lyra knew what she said was true, she was even proud of it, but it was still a little hurtful hearing it from somepony else.

"Anyway. I think this will work. we just need to do some more investigation to see if he's even here, and where in Canterlot he's working. Like you said, Canterlot is a big city, and he could be anywhere."

There was a knock at the door to the room. The sudden noise caused all three mares to jump in their seats.Lyra recovered from the suprise irst and got up to open the door. She opened the door and standing there waiting was-

Nopony. There was nopony there. Lrya peeked up and down the hallway but didn't see anypony. She turned to shut the door but saw a white peice of paper pinned to it. It wasn't there before, so Lura picked it up with her magic. On the note, in almost illegible writting, was a simple phrase. It could have been written by anypony, but Lyra had a feeling she knew who it was. That meant her was near. The pony they were after was here.

The note read: "Leave me alone!"

Lyra ran back into the room and dove over the couch, which was facing away from the door, dramaticlly. Twilight and Colgate rolled their eyes in unison as the mare got up and stood in front of them.

"He's here!" She yelled in their faces. The other two recoiled but recovered, and Colgate was about to say something about Lyra's breath, but once she understood what Lyra meant, she felt that the comment was unneccessary.

"He's here?" Twilight said. "Where?"

"He left this note on our door! He's somewhere nearby!"

"What are we waiting for? Lets get him!"

"I don't know where he went, all I know is he left this note on our door." Lyra walked towards the door, determination plastered on her face. "But as Celestia as my wittness, I'm going to find this scumbag and let him have it!"

"Lyra wait! It's dangerouse to go alone! Take us!"

"Really? A legend of Zelda reference?"


"Nevermind, lets go."

The three mares left the room and ran down the hallway, hoping they could catch this criminal before he got away.


Author's Note

Once again, not that happy with this chapter. It started out well, but it took me a while to finish because of school and work. What I need to do is figure out a solid schedual and keep at it. Anyway, thanks for reading and keep me informed on how to make it better!