• Published 2nd Nov 2021
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An Iron Sunset - Dragon Angel Knight

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Blueshift Dreams pt1

Author's Note:

The first of a two parter, and honestly one I had wanted to try and get done but haven't been able to find a reason to make the interactions happen that felt natural til now. This bit is mostly set up for the following chapter where things REALLY start to happen.

Let me know what you all think, as always!

Blueshift Dreams pt1

Sunset awoke with a start. She peered up at the Traveler from her bedroom window, the broken shards of the paracausal being floating around it like a moon orbiting a planet. It was beautiful, in its own way, but some fleeting, half remembered image in the back of her mind told her that things wouldn’t be like this forever.

Since awakening to her Light, Sunset had been training day in and day out. She could call on her Dawnblade pretty much at a moments notice at this point, but generally preferred the Well of Radiance she had developed an affinity for. The speed of the Attunement of Sky was generally fun to mess around with and the raw aggression of Attunement of Flame was great for dealing with lots of targets in a confined area, but the Attunement of Grace was where she felt the most comfortable. Helping others and being rewarded for that help in one way or another was something that just felt… RIGHT to the young Alicorn.

Looking around her room, Sunset noted that it was still dark out, the omni-present lights of the City not counting for much. Groaning a bit, the little mare pulled the covers back over her head and attempted to fall back asleep, succeeding for a while.


“What’s the matter?” Philomena asked her Guardian as they walked to the Tower from their apartment, “Bad dreams?”

“Sort of?” Sunset replied, not sounding too sure of herself, “I can’t even remember what it was about… just that it was… Dark.”

“Dark?” Mena asked, parroting her Guardian, “That doesn’t sound all that good… Maybe we can talk to Ikora about it. She’ll know at least SOMETHING about what happened.”

“No, it was just a dream,” the pony rebuked, “No need to get worked up over it.”

“If you say so, Sunset…” Philomena said as she went to hover over the mare’s shoulder.

The pair were on their way to spend time with Shaxx, at the Warlord’s request no less. Saladin had business to attend to at the Iron Temple that week anyway, but trusted the other Titan with his daughter, if only for a little while. The Vauguard also took turns keeping an eye on her while in the City, each with their own ways of teaching the young mare.

Cayde often made it so his lessons with Sunset were more like games, teaching her how to move and fight while playing tag or some other similar game. Ikora was more like a traditional teacher, but also made time for stretches and more metaphysical kinds of exercises, like creating the ice crystals that Sunset had seen around the tower during the Dawning. Zavala often taught Sunset leadership skills and presented the lessons in the form of puzzles for her to solve. Some, like the Kobayashi secanario, were meant to test how someone would react in a no-win situation… but it flew apart when Sunset not only managed to keep her team ‘alive’, but succeed in the activity.

Lord Shaxx, however, often showed Sunset the Crucible matches he officiated, a steaming mug of coffee in his fist the whole time. He would shout at the screens, complaining about the lack of grenades being thrown, or bellowing out in laughter that was honestly just as infectious as Sunset’s own when a Super Charged Guardian took out another one. Rarely, he also cried out ‘Get that butter knife shit out of here!’ when a Titan took out a Blade Dancer in their super.

Today, however, had other plans.

Just as Sunset and Philomena reached Shaxx’s office, there was a… PULL. And suddenly, Shaxx, Sunset, and their Ghosts found themselves in an entirely different place, a haughty, but beautiful Awoken woman standing before them in a chamber of Amethyst crystal.

“Wha- Where are we?!” Shaxx demanded as he looked around, the steaming mug of coffee in his fist still, “Sunset, are you alright?”

The mare in question nodded, but looked a little green from the sudden translocation.

“I’ll be alright… just as soon as the room stops spinning…” Sunset replied, Philomena floating around her worriedly.

“...who in the world is this?” the Awoken woman asked.

“Queen Mara?” Shaxx asked, slightly confused, “Why did you bring us here?”

“I was going to have you read this,” Mara Sov, Queen of the Awoken replied as she held up a copy of William Shakespeare's The Tempest, “But now I find that my desire is more rooted in curiosity about your four legged friend here.”

Looking around after having recovered from her nausea, Sunset eyed Mara with some scrutiny before saying, “My name is Sunset. And you are REALLY pretty…”

Mara blinked a bit at the compliment, internalizing a squee that would have made her Corsairs giggle and laugh for centuries to come. She walked over and knelt down before Sunset and said, “Thank you. The sincerity behind your voice is… refreshing.”

“That’s all well and good,” Shaxx began, “But that still leaves us stranded here, wherever HERE is.”

“I will return you to your Tower and City in due time,” Mara said, “For now… I feel like I should show Sunset around the Dreaming City. And you as well, I suppose, since you are, apparently, acting as her chaperone.”

“Dreaming City?” Sunset asked curiously, “What do you mean by that?”

“Come, and you shall see,” Mara replied with a small smile to the equine Guardian.

Behind them, Shaxx huffed out, “For the record, I know The Tempest by heart….”


Oh yes! YES! You are finally here, O Phoenix Mine!

The might of any wish you could EVER make is so… deliciously TANTALIZING….

A wish for Twilight, a wish for Memory… perhaps a wish for a Mother?

Oh, the possibilities from your mere EXISTENCE fills me with so much energy I could break these chains that have been Wished upon me with nary a thought to them!

But no. I will not. After all… where is the fun in that… O Reader, Mine?


As Mara showed Sunset and Shaxx around the Dreaming City, the mare herself was in awe of how beautiful the place was. She took in every crystalline formation and vista she could, her wings fluttering a little in a desire to stretch out and fly around, to see it all for the beauty it held.

“Look up,” Mara said at one point, the Queen smiling a little bit as she did the same. Shaxx looked as well, though his expression was, as always, unreadable under his helmet.

“Wow!!” Sunset exclaimed, the swirling stars captivating her attention as she laid on her back and took them all in. The trio had made their way out of the town like place that comprised the bulk of what Mara had been willing to show them of the Dreaming City proper, ending up on a hill that overlooked a lake like place. An entrance to a Temple was off to their left and an opening carved out of the same Amethyst crystal off to the right.

“I do not usually take in the sights anymore,” Mara said softly as she too sat and looked out at the lake, the rocks jutting out like jagged teeth from it, “We Awoken live far differently than the humans and Exos that live on Earth now. Time is different for us, even. But… You are something incredible.”

“What do you mean?” Sunset asked as Shaxx sat down as well, the Titan looking out, but keeping his thoughts to himself.

“I mean that you are so much more than what you seem to be,” Mara said matter-of-factually, “And you represent something far more… Harmonious than even I could conceive of. I feel that, some day, you will know exactly what I speak of. For now, however… take this.”

The Awoken Queen held out a small token to Sunset, the image of a swooping bird on one side and a diving bird on the other. The mare took that offered token and asked, “What is it?”

“A token of friendship,” Shaxx said from her side, “Something that the Awoken do not give out on a whim, I might add. Treasure it.”

“I will,” Sunset replied without hesitation, “Thank you.”

“That token will grant you access to the Dreaming City whenever you Wish,” Mara said with a smile, “Should you need it, the Awoken will be here for you.”


Ah! A Wish to be made!

Be careful what you Wish for, O Phoenix Mine…

It may not be what you expect….

Laughter fills your ears once more as things go silent.