• Published 2nd Nov 2021
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An Iron Sunset - Dragon Angel Knight

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Burnished Dreams

Author's Note:

An extremely short chapter this time. I've been a little out of sorts lately, trying to keep up with work and being able to maintain myself beyond that.

And with this, however... things are going to progress a bit more. Since Sunset has her weapons and first Subclass tree unlocked, she can start going out and about and seeing what the worlds around her are about. I'm going to do a small time jump for the beginning of the next chapter, so it may take me a little bit to get out.

And now, we come to a crossroads. Our pony has found her Light. She has been properly armed.

...and now she must be tested. She will survive her Trial, that much I can assure you, however, events will happen before they were meant to happen. A House will stand with the City, a Saint returned, and a Friendship will be made. All the while, The Young Wolf will do what they were meant to do, but they are not the focus of this story…

You are granted a vision of a fanged equine smiling through the dark, and a laugh that would chill even the most stalwart of Titans. A flash of vivid electric blue eyes with cat like slits for pupils dances in the dark, a not-quite malevolent glint to them.

Come, I would quite like to meet you…

Oh Phoenix, Mine…