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Trying to get back into a bit of writing. Comments are welcomed!


Iron Lord Saladin Forge is many things, but 'father' was the least he expected. And to a non- human!
See the Trials and Tribulations of Iron Lady Sunset Shimmer as she is brought up under the Traveller's Light.

NOTE: Lore is going to be followed as closely as possible, but Destiny Lore is fairly weird in some places.

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This... got my interes. Good work.

I take it I'm going to know about Destiny in order to understand this story?

So, Sunny's: already an alicorn, is a foal, and has lethal, weapons grade cute?

Sure, I can dig it. Let's see where this goes.

Also, I can hear Saladin's voice when I'm reading his dialog.

Names and places for sure. Maybe weapon names as well, but that's a different thing entirely to be honest. The lore for Destiny as a whole tends to be in a rather grey area since there's not a whole lot of hard timeline things that happen in game. About the only thing that i reference in what I've written so far is an event in the history that sort of shatters a relationship between two characters, but so far it's all been before the player Guardian is ressurected.

I could hear it as I typed it so I tried to do the old man some justice, lol.

i hope we get a chapter of sunset and cade getting in troble

Ah yes, Iron Lord Salad Man, always liked him

I'm confused is Sunset a Pegasus, unicorn, or an Alicorn because I am surprised she's a pony when the story has the Equestria Girls tag on there. I don't mean to say bad stuff I am just confused on the on these 2 specific parts, but I like where the story is going overall.

Sunset's character is from EQG and doesn't show up often in MLP:FiM, which is why i used EQG as the tag.

As for species, she's an Alicorn. I should have been a bit more clear about that when i described her.

The Iron Wolf campaign was great. I miss that sword, and my Iron Gjallerhorn.

Honestly, it was my fave sword of the whole game. Just looked amazing!

Yeah I know who Sunset is and where she's from I was mainly confused on her introduction and you should've written about her horn when describing her appearance but overall you doing good and I can't wait to see what you have in store for this story.

I also miss the Dark Drinker. That was the best anti-Hive sword.

if we assume that the 3 pony types could be parallels of the classess and that sunset is an alicorn then we might be able to see a sunset who pops all ark supers at once and becomes a flying missial that disintigrates anything it flyes past while deflecting anything tossed at it

Agreed, its really when we came into our own, and Saladin was just great. Ah the Gjallerhorn, good times.

Still got the poster, and pre-ordered next year's DLC bundle to get that beauty back. Funny thing, I helped make the WatchMojo Top 10 Rocket Launchers in Games video by pitching ideas, and Gjaller was one of 'em.

Damn, nice. Destiny has crossplay now right? May pick it up again one day.

I'd love more company. Every clan I join seldom uses open mike or communicates outside the bungie site for meetups.

Damn. I remember I would communicate with all my friends back in the day when we got together to play D1 an D2

A number of contacts I made in Destiny 1 were open mike conversations. We went on to run the raids. Destiny 2 came, and that all stopped. I STILL haven't won a single raid.

Damn, that sucks dude. I remember the good times and the bad times with friends in Destiny

Wow what a kill streak!!! :rainbowlaugh:

So, is Sunset going to end up as a warlock, hunter or titan? Who knows? (My vote's for warlock, but that's because I'm predictable. And was a warlock main when I still played.)

Sunset's weapon grade cute still continues to be the greatest potential defense the city has. Now if only they could record several hours of it and beam it directly into the vex collective. It might turn them from the Darkness to the Light simply by the power of adawableness.

she is already an alicorn so why not all of them but have her favore one slightly more?

cayde escelating the sunset blinking by turning it into tag was exactly what we needed and what he would do. thankyou

It would legitmately be overpowered, tbh.

if i remember correctly you could use some events we dont know when happend but did before the main story
hawthorn sneaking out the city
osiris sneaking around in it (i think)
zavala walking around his garden and visiting his lovers grave

Also you could toy with things like
Sunset meeting all the tower people
sunset visits the hunter dens while they are still active ( we all know that would be chaos)
Sunset meets eva
Sunset plays with the ghosts (plz!!!!!)

If she ever calls him "Uncle Cayde", I swear it'll be to much for me.

I am getting some familiar vibes from the exotic pulse rifle from the VoG FWC exotic quest from destiny 1 and the strangers rifle too.

Traveler's chosen, eh? Good choice for a caster build.

they both have horns... do with this info what you please

in the first chapter it was said that the scans of sunset were more powerfull then the passive scans of the traveler so the traveler helping her and view her as a close freind of sister.

Yep! I figured the Khvostov would be too unweildly for Sunset's pony frame.

So Sunny-titan? Or are we going to get something unique to Sunset that doesn't fall into the Titan/Warlock/Hunter triad? Guess we'll just have to wait an see.

Sunset as a Paladin. Let's go with that!

Full build idea for an unkillable Warlock.

Nezarec's Sin helmet
Claws of Ahamkara gloves
Sanguine Alchemy robes
Promethium Spur boots
Memory of Cayde class item

Cryosthesia 77K kinetic, for the aoe stasis burst
Graviton Lance energy, for more boom and void
The Colony power, because "I don't care about your cover, I said die!"

Sunny got some fun gifts. And made Xur have feels.

Guy deserves it, being used as a puppet/servant by cosmic entities. Here I was thinking Sunset would get a Cryo Sword from the Starhorse.

I thought about it, but Stasis wasn't in any kind of involvement with the Tower or Guardians at the time Sunset showed up. That is, however, why I had Xur give Sunset Subtle Calamity though. And why Zephyr was the sword I had show up. Zephyr, back in the Curse of Osiris expansion, was an arc sword sold by Tess when the Dawning first dropped back then and now it's a Stasis sword... so a small side quest in a later chapter to tweak it a bit isn't outside the realm of possibility.

Well that is interesting, that was after The Fall Formal. So EQG happened. With Sunset having wings... so either she was reincarnated here after living her life, or at some point after, at lest the formal, she tried to go back home and ended up here.

"Familiar pair of wings" would have pointed to Celestia, but her memory was of Twilight, curious.

I get the feeling she will have hard times, soon. When the Iron Wolves form, she is gonna lose a few friends.

Oh. The Darkness that is Nightmare Moon has it's eyes on our little Phoenix.

I just read all of this and it's very awesome and epic. Excellent homage to the Destiny franchise (dying).

Lol I love how people say destiny is dying yet it's still going strong. If it had been battlefield, anthem, or cod you would have a point. Still waiting for that destiny killer people say is going to happen but ends up killing itself. Still I do agree this is a good homage to the series.

Riven, you better leave that wall alone.

Plz let this wish dragon be a freind

Seeing as I know next to nothing about the game this is crossed over with I have no idea who, or what, that is. But its giving off Discord vibs, and I'm talking about the one before Fluttershy. Real monkey's paw energy there.

Interesting that it knows about Twilight, though which one?

Great, now Riven's got it's eyes on Sunset. That's not good.

Spoilers, lol.

that said, Riven is an Ahamkara, and they ARE the Destiny equivalent of Discord in what they can do. But they always do it as a wish. They gain their power from the wishes they grant, but those wishes almost always are some perverted version of what the wisher wanted.

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