• Published 11th Sep 2020
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One of the Stars in the Darkness - Choose23

"No matter what happens! Even if we lose ourselves...at least we won't lose each other..."

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Prologue: Two Weeks Later

There it is! I can see it as clear as day…

Don’t hurt him!

What have I done!?

What kinda world does this!?

Go on without me!!

You demons deserve to die!!!!

Because you're my friend!!

You all have chosen the path of darkness and this is the end result…


Pipsqueak...we will always be together...not matter what...

“Grr! When will this thunderstorm end!?”

Scootaloo mumbled to herself as she watched out the window in boredom and the rain fell from the gray skies and as lightning struck the grounds with the sound of thunder coming close behind. Sitting in the living room was Apple Bloom trying to see what is on TV and Sweetie Belle who was on her phone trying to call someone over and over.

But the phone always ended up silent.

“Still no response…” Sweetie Belle said as she lowered her head in defeat.

“Tryin’ to call Button?” Apple Bloom asked as she looked over at her friend.

Sweetie Belle’s head shot up, “Of course I am! It’s been two weeks since I’ve seen him and I’m worried sick!”

Scootaloo left the window and went to the girls sitting on the couch.

“I heard he was out of the hospital but he never left his house ever since then…”

“I know…” Sweetie glanced to the side. “What happened two weeks ago was...argh! I still can’t get over it!”

“Button’s probably got it worse,” stated Apple Bloom. “I mean...how are you supposed to continue living a normal life after something like that?”

Sweetie Belle looked at the other CMC with watery eyes, “That’s why I have been trying to get in contact with him! I’m worried about him…”

Even though she tried her best to hold it in the tears flowed out and the poor girl covered her face so that her friends wouldn’t see. Apple Bloom and Scootaloo went over to her and hugged her.

Apple Bloom caressed Sweetie’s hair. “Button and the other boys will be fine. It’ll just take some time for them to be back…”

“Bloom’s right!” Scootaloo said with a reassuring smile. “Right now we need to be the bravest and happiest we’ve ever been! We want to give those guys a warm welcome when they come back!”

Sweetie Belle wiped the tears from her eyes and looked at her friends with a weak smile.

“Y-yeah...you guys are right...we gotta be-“


Apple Bloom took out her phone and read the new text she just got.

“Whose it from?” Scootaloo asked.

Apple Bloom turned to her friends. “It’s from Diamond Tiara. She says she outside!”

"Outside!? In the rain!?"


"Ah'll go get it," Apple Bloom quickly said as Scootaloo was still comforting Sweetie Belle. The farm girl opened the door to see the rich girl Diamond Tiara, soaking wet.

"How did yah get here?" Apple Bloom asked in amazement.

Diamond Tiara answered with a dull expression on her face. "I ordered one of my butlers to drive and it was easy to find Scootaloo's address on the internet...can I come in please?"

"Oh! Yeah sorry!"

Apple Bloom got out of Diamond Tiara's way as the girl took off her wet boots and sat on the couch, not saying anything to the two other CMC.

Sweetie Belle spoke, "Are you okay Tiara...?"

Diamond Tiara turned to her and sighed heavily.

"To be honest...no, not at all..."

"Are you worried about Pipsqueak?"

Diamond turned away but she gave a slow nod which answered Sweetie's question.

It was now Scootaloo's turn to ask a question. "How come Silver Spoon isn't here with you?"

Diamond Tiara replied, "She is with Rumble right now. He woke up yesterday but...as you can expect he's not doing so hot..."

"So she's trying to comfort him...I see...but why are you here? Not like I have a problem with you being here but why are you here?"

Diamond Tiara looked up at the CMC and her eyes was starting to get a little watery.

"Do you guys know what this Friday is?"

The three girls looked at each other in confusion and shook their heads.

Tiara slouched back on the couch. "It's...Pipsqueak's birthday..."

"Oh..." all three girls said at the same time.

"After what happened two weeks ago he must devastated...I want...I want to bake him cake..."

"Huh?" Apple Bloom sat next to Diamond Tiara. "For his birthday?"

"Y-yeah! And I was hoping..." Diamond Tiara took a deep breath before she spoke again. "I was...hoping that you three could help me. It's okay if you don't want to..."

"Nah!" Scootaloo shouted with an energetic smile. "We'll definitely help! If this is to cheer Pipsqueak up then you know I'm on board!"

"So does that mean...we're doing a birthday party?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Absolutely! Let's get Pinkie Pie to set up and invite everyone in it! Pipsqueak will be so happy!"

"Let's get the boys their too!" Apple Bloom said with a smile. "They all deserve to have some fun!"

Diamond Tiara smiled for the first time as a single tear rolled off her cheek. "Thank you..."

The CMC turned to her with a reassuring smile. "Don't mention it!"

"I hope Pipsqueak...will appreciate this..."

“Good afternoon Officer Shining Armor,” the nurse greeted the police officer with a tender smile.

Shining Armor smiled back, “Good afternoon to you to ma’am...is the patient awake?”

“Oh yes! He just woke up an hour ago!...are you going to question him about the-“

“Yes I am,” Shining Armor replied quickly with a serious look. “It’s my job to find out what happened…”

The nurse seemed a little uncomfortable but she nodded as she got out of the doorway.

“Thank you again.”

Officer Shining Armor enters the room to see a young boy sitting in the hospital bed. He had white skin with some brown patches over it, brown eyes, and messy brown hair.


The boy known as Pipsqueak slowly turned his head to the door to look at the officer but he showed absolutely no emotion as he saw him. He then asked, “Are you here to question me? About the incident?”

Shining Armor nodded, “Yes. But first I wanna ask, how are you feeling?”

Pipsqueak looked down at his hands. “My body is a little sore but I’m good. But inwardly...like my mental health…”

The boy shook his head. “Not really...at hundred percent...”

“I see…”

“I have nightmares...nightmares of what transpired...nightmares of what I did…”

“It wasn’t your fault,” Shining Armor quickly said as he placed a hand on the bed and looked at the boy with caring eyes. Pipsqueak held his head down and tears started to flow from his eyes.

Shining Armor took a chair and sat down.

“Are you ready to talk?”

Pipsqueak sniffed, “Yes sir…”

“What happened two weeks ago was...horrific to say the least. We know the story but we don’t know the details. Please tell me everything that happened that led up to that moment in the Everfree Forest two weeks ago.”

Pipsqueak nodded, “Yes...it all started...when I fell down the stairs…”

Author's Note:

Hello people! This is a story I just personally wanted to write for fun so please read if you want and I hope you enjoy.