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One of the Stars in the Darkness - Choose23

"No matter what happens! Even if we lose ourselves...at least we won't lose each other..."

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Chapter 1: Missing a Step


A soldier in golden armor and an emerald green cape approached his partner in red armor. The warrior had an arrow lodged in his chest and coughed up heavy amounts of blood.

“Why did you take that shot for me Soren!? That’s not your mission! Your mission is to protect the kingdom not me!!”

Soren coughed again and slowly opened his eyes. He looked up at the golden armored warrior with a bloody smile.

“Because Lucas...you are my friend...you are precious to me like family…”

Soren closed his eyes and took his last breath.

Lucas roared out to the skies.



Miss Cheerilee turns the TV off and looks over at her students who almost all seemed to be asleep. She raised both her hands and clapped so loud that all that were drifting to the state of unconsciousness immediately shot back up to reality.

“So…” she started. “Can someone tell me the message in the story of A Warrior’s Bond?”

One kid raised his hand, a boy with light bluish gray skin, two-tone dark hair that was slit back like a flame, and amethyst eyes. He’s name was Rumble the younger brother of Thunderlane who is one of the top players of the Wonderbolts.

“Oh Rumble! Do you know the answer?”

Rumble smirked. “Yes the main message of this story is that Director Lost Legacy is number one for making the most boring movies of all time!”

The kid earned a roar of laughter from half the class and a high five from the kid next to him. Miss Cheerilee frowned and shook her head.

“Very funny Rumble with such a funny joke you can see me after class.”

Rumble scoffed. “Whatever.”

“Can someone tell me the answer?”

As many students were trying to test their luck what the answer could possibly be there was one kid in the far back who was trying to hide his very existence. He was a small boy, actually the smallest kid in the class. He had white skin with some brown patches, brown eyes, and neatly tidy brown hair. The boy sighed as Miss Cheerilee was going through many students.

My mother showed me this movie before and told me what the message that Director Lost Legacy was trying to get across, but…” the small boy cowered in his seat. “I just can’t say it! I’m not good with talking up front or sounding confident even when I have the right answer! Darn! What can I-“


The boy known as Pipsqueak squeaked like a squirrel as his name was called.

“Are you with us? You seem like you’re having a lot of fun in La La Land.”

The class laughed as Pipsqueak was called out by Miss Cheerilee; the boy blushed in embarrassment.

“Since you don’t want to pay attention I’m guessing that means you know the answer?”

Pipsqueak shifted in his seat uncomfortably and opened his mouth slowly.

“T-the message i-is...the importance of bonds…”

“Excuse me Pipsqueak?” Miss Cheerilee cupped her ear in her hand. “Please speak up, Pipsqueak I can’t hear you.”

“I-it’s...the importance of bonds…”

“Pipsqueak! Speak. up. please!”

“Forget it!”

Speaking aloud was Diamond Tiara who was looking at Pipsqueak with a snarky smile.

“That dwarf is too busy talking to the ants at his desk!”

The whole classroom erupted in laughter and Pipsqueak’s white face became even redder. The poor boy hid under his desk wishing that the world around him would disappear.

“Hey leave him alone Tiara!” Apple Bloom yelled as she got up from her desk.

“Ew~! Don’t talk to me like we’re equals farm girl!” Diamond Tiara turned away putting her hand in front of Apple Bloom while doing a shoo motion.

Apple Bloom growled and was about ready to say something else until Miss Cheerilee finally had enough and exploded with her loud and dominant teacher voice.

“Diamond Tiara and Apple Bloom! E-nough! One more word out the two of you then you will expect extra homework tonight! Is that clear!?”

Apple Bloom shivered in fear as she sat back down but Diamond Tiara just sucked her teeth and turned away.

Miss Cheerilee regained her composure and spoke again, “Now...can someone please answer the question? What is the message of A Warrior’s Bond?”

The one to raise their hand next was Sweetie Belle with a confident smile.

“Yes Sweetie Belle?”

“The message of A Warrior’s Bond is the importance of a bond which is the significance of camaraderie and friendship!”

“Well done Sweetie Belle that was the right answer!”

“Darn it! And that was the one I thought of…” Pipsqueak held his head down in shame.

“What Sweetie Belle said was the right class! Lost Legacy created the movie to show the importance of friendship. How a bond could- Button Mash!”

Sitting in the right of Sweetie Belle was a young boy with brown skin, orange hair, and his eyes being moderate vermillion. If you haven’t guessed it his name was Button Mash and he was button mashing a Nintendo Switch.



Button Mash looked as if he was just freed from a trance. He saw the eyes of the upset Miss Cheerilee and knew he was in big trouble.

“Are you playing a Nintendo Switch in the middle of class?” Miss Cheerilee growled as she stomped over to Button Mash’s desk. Her stomps were shaking the grounds of the school itself as she got up to the boy and stood over him with fierce eyes more intense than a ferocious grizzly bear.

“N-no…?” Button tried to stealthily hide his Nintendo Switch into the compartment of his desk but Miss Cheerilee was quick to grab the gaming device from the boy before he could hide it.

“I’ll keep this until Friday and you can see me after class Button Mash!”

After saying that Miss Cheerilee quickly went over to her desk and put the Nintendo Switch in the “Secret Miss Cheerilee Collection Drawer” and Button knew he would never get his game back today.

The boy slouched on his desk as he pouted. “I knew I should’ve sat in the back but Pipsqueak took that spot! This sucks!”

“But the power of friendship? That’s so stupid!” Rumble chuckled. “The dude Soren just killed himself for no reason! There’s no power in that, it's just idiocy!”

Miss Cheerilee folded her arms. “Well Rumble let me ask you this who is the most important person to you?”

Rumble was taken aback by Miss Cheerilee’s question but sat up and answered it anyway. “My big bro of course!”

“So Thunderlane? If he was in big trouble would you help him Rumble?”

“Damn straight I would!”

“Language and there it is. Just like the feelings you have for your brother Thunderlane Soren had those same feelings for Lucas.”

“But they're not even related!” Rumble fired back.

Miss Cheerilee smiled. “They don’t need to be family to have a bond. The message is that you can form a relationship with anyone and have an unbreakable relationship.”

“I don’t see how that relationship was unbreakable,” Silver Spoon interjected with a cocky smile. “I mean Soren died a pitiful death. Their relationship won’t matter if the other is dead!”

“Exactly!” Diamond Tiara said aloud with her hands up. “Because that idiot sacrificed himself and died the relationship doesn’t mean anything!”

“That’s wrong…”


All of the students turned to Pipsqueak who was still trying to hide himself.

“What was that you little dwarf?” Diamond Tiara said with a scowl.

“I-I…” with all the attention on him Pipsqueak immediately lost his voice and his brain was over frying with thoughts on how to escape the classroom.

Before the poor boy could start bawling his eyes out in embarrassment another voice that came from the seat in front him spoke up.

“I-I understand!”

Everyone looked over to see a boy with light yellowish gray skin, light brown hair and eyes, and two buck teeth. The young boy is Featherweight and is famous in the class for being one the youngest students in the camera club.

“W-what Pipsqueak is trying to say is that because he died the relationship between them is even deeper. He cared about his friend so much that he would die for them…”

“Oh?” Diamond Tiara leaned back on her chair looking at Featherweight. “So you would sacrifice your life for a complete stranger?”

“U-uh…” Featherweight scratched the back of his neck as he looked away from Diamond Tiara feeling uncomfortable. “W-well I don’t know if I-“

“I rest my case,” Diamond Tiara smiles triumphantly and turns back around in her seat.

“Oh buzz off Tiara!” Apple Bloom says aloud while staring daggers at the girl.

Miss Cheerilee sighed. “Alright enough of that. Anyway I hope you all paid attention because I’m going to give you all homework for this movie and it’s due tomorrow! And if I don’t get all of your homework...you might be given a surprise pop quiz~.”

All the students groaned as Miss Cheerilee took a whole stack of papers out her desk and started distributing them to the class.

“So...according to the girls and the 4K servillance footage of you two running out and screaming like hyenas,” Vice-principal Luna was massaging her temples as she sat at her desk staring at the two biggest troublemakers in Canterlot High: Snips and Snails.

“You two were hiding in the lockers of the girl’s changing room,” Luna stared at them with her deep night sky eyes that could make a dragon freeze in its tracks. “Do you two have anything to say for yourselves?”

“As a matter of fact we do! W-we..” Snips tried to force his brain to at least fart out one good excuse but there was no gas. The boy looked to his partner for help, Snails nodded and replied immediately with that stupid looking grin on his face.

“We were totally not staring at their butts and taking pictures!”


“What!? I said we weren’t!”

“Then what were you two doing?!” Luna’s voice picked up with impatience and anger, both Snips and Snails cowered in their seats. Snails shut his mouth since Luna’s gaze made him forget what he was going to say next so it was up to Snips to save the day.

“W-we were...huh…” Snips clapped his hands together as the story came to mind. “We got lost looking for the boy’s changing room! Yeah! It’s really hard to tell between those two signs they are very identical!”

Vice-Principal Luna raised an eyebrow. “One sign says “girl” and the other says “boy”. Unless you can’t read there is ABSOLUTELY no way in the SOLAR SYSTEM that you two would have gotten confused.”

“I-I’m too small so I can’t see the signs!” Snips chuckled nervously as he pulled the collar of his shirt.

“I can’t read English!” Snails yells aloud and then looks at Snips with a stupid smile and a thumbs up.

“How was that?” he whispered.

Snips facepalmed in response

Vice-principal Luna shook her head. “Your punishment will be to move the boxes with the new supplies from the closest to the storage room. If I see you two goofing off or I come back and see that your work is not done…”

Luna stands up and towers over the two boys like a demon. Snips and Snails held onto each other for dear life.

“Then I will give you an even harsher punishment. Are. We. Clear?

“Y-yes ma’am…” both Snips and Snails said as they continued shaking.

During recess the Rainbooms were all gathered in the music room with Rainbow Dash and Applejack playing with their guitars and Twilight observing them as they did.

“Okay...Applejack I think you should start playing that solo right after Rainbow Dash.”

“That would kinda sound awkward won’t it?” Applejack asked as she was tuning her guitar.

“No way!” Rainbow Dash elbowed Applejack. “We sound the best! Let’s do what we did before!”

Applejack chuckled. “Alright, but don’t do that weird tongue thing again.”

“What!? But that was awesome!”

“It was so funny!” Pinkie Pie giggled. “Your tongue was playing a solo~!”

Fluttershy, who was sitting next to Pinkie Pie, whispered. “I-it was pretty gross…”

“Exactly darling, gross!” Rarity states aloud from the corner of the room. “We are not KISS Rainbow Dash so please don’t do that again! I almost lost my lunch seeing such a disgusting display.”

“Plus your tongue got stuck in the strings and me and Pinkie had to help you get it out,” said Applejack as she cringed from remembering that ridiculous moment. Pinkie Pie laughed aloud remembering Rainbow Dash’s hilarious screams.

Rainbow Dash blushed in embarrassment. “Okay that was just one slip up, but I can do it better the second time!”

Twilight shook her head. “I advise not doing that again.”


Twilight fixed the glasses on her face. “Well a guitar string could have a lot of germs from your fingers so doing that again will probably get you sick.”

Rainbow Dash blows her off. “Oh please! We’re high school girls with super magical powers! You think a little cold can stop me from rocking the world upside down?!”

Twilight crossed her arms and sighed. “Yes Rainbow. We may have magical powers but are still human. And humans get sick when they put their mouths on things where it doesn’t belong. Am I right Sunset?...Sunset?”

Sitting away from the Rainbooms was Sunset Shimmer, who had her back turned and her head down. Twilight made her way towards her and tapped her on the shoulder.

“Sunset? Are you okay?”

Feeling contact, Sunset perked up in surprise and turned to Twilight with a try hard smile. “Oh h-hey Twilight! What’s up?”

Twilight then squinted her eyes, staring at Sunset questionably.

“Alright, what’s up?”

“What’s up? Nothing's up! What made you think something was up?”

Twilight looked back at the rest of the Rainbooms and they all had the same disbelief face she had. She turned back to Sunset and said, “Sunset. Something is obviously bothering you. What is it?”

Running out of excuses the bacon-haired girl sighed in defeat.

“It’s not really a big deal or anything...well I don’t know if it is but...have you girls realized anything strange about the geo-stones?”


“Well I don’t know if the same thing is happening for you girls but my stone sometimes glows out of nowhere and vibrates. I don’t know why…”

The other Rainbooms were quiet for a bit until Fluttershy spoke up.

“A-actually, my stone has been doing that too. But I didn’t think it was anything special.”

“Same here!” said Rainbow Dash. “I have to put the stupid thing in my cabinet and bury it under my clothes every night because it keeps making noises and waking me up when I’m trying to go to sleep!”

“So do you all have those weird changes in your stones?” Twilight asked the group. All the girls nodded. “Does your stone do that too Twilight?”

Twilight nodded. “Yes, but same thing as Fluttershy I didn’t really think it was a big deal.”

“But the vibrating and glowing kinda gives unnecessary attention when walking around in public with it,” stated Rarity.

“But it’s also fun!” Pinkie Pie jumps up as she puts the stone to her ear. “I love the music it gives off!”


Pinkie Pie looked up at the other girls. “You guys don’t hear the music? I don’t know what type it is or what language it is in but it sounds so good~!”

Following what Pinkie was doing the other girls took their stones and and put them to their ear. And just like Pinkie Pie said there was a strange music being played through the stones. It was a strange upbeat music and multiple voices could be heard on the other side of the stone.

“What is this?” Twilight asked Sunset. But then the stones started glowing and vibrating and the music became even more intense. To not damage their ears the girls took the stones out and stared at them intently.

Sunset, who was wearing a concerned look, just shook her head. “I...don’t know…”

Meanwhile, Snips and Snails were carrying mountains of boxes out of the supply closet.

Snails groaned. “This sucks.”

“Well this wouldn’t have happened if you weren't talking like an idiot with Vice-principal Luna!” yelled Snips.

Snails fired back. “Hey! You were the one who got us caught in the first place! We were hiding in the lockers and you just decided to make the loudest fart possible!”

“It wasn’t my fault! Blame the burritos from the cafeteria!”

“Mexician food always makes you gassy! Why do you keep eating it!?”


Snails groaned even louder. “Dude! Let’s just skip this and go to the arcade!”

“Are you crazy!?” Snips shakes his head. “Vice-principal Luna will have our asses! We need to finish this job!”

“Do we have to? Let’s get someone else to do it!”

“Who would-“

But then walking past them at the right time was Pipsqueak who had his hands in his pockets and was mumbling to himself. Since Pipsqueak is in the same class as them, Snips and Snails know him pretty well and know that he can be easily manipulated. Snips and Snails smiled evilly as they placed the boxes down and ran over to Pipsqueak, cutting right in front of his path.

“Hey Pipsqueak~!” Snips and Snails chorused.

Pipsqueak was taken aback but still replied, “H-hey Snips and Snails. What are you-“

“Are you free?” Snips went over to Pipsqueak’s left side and put his arm around him.

“You’re not doing anything right buddy?” Snails did the same thing on the right side.

“Huh? Well I was just heading to-“

“You’re free!? Good!”


“Listen,” Snips went over and picked up the two stacks of boxes. “We were tasked to do this job but Trixie wants us to help her with her new magic show! So could you do me Snails a solid and take these boxes down to the gym supply room? There are at least ten more to go!”

“Uh…” Pipsqueak sweatdropped. “I don’t know if I can-“

“Thanks buddy!”

Snips then slammed all the boxes onto Pipsqueak’s arms and the poor boy felt like his legs were going to snap by the weight.

“See you later man!” Snips says as he runs off.

“Yeah! See you later!” Snails waves goodbye and runs after his friend.

Pipsqueak sighed, he knew that obviously they were just using him to get out of work but he didn’t have what it takes to tell them off.

“Come on Pipsqueak!” Pipsqueak yelled to himself in his head as he was heading for the stairs. “You got to stand up for yourself ! You can’t just let other people walk over you! That’s what Dad always says!”

Pipsqueak stopped in his tracks as the name of a person he cared for recalled a horrid memory.

“T-that’s what Dad always says…”


Pipsqueak struggled to open his eye lids as he felt like they were held down by heavy stones. With all his strength he opened them and his vision caught the glance of the dark night sky.

“How can I see the sky? Wasn’t I...in the car?


Pipsqueak looked down and realized that his whole fit was covered in holes, broken glass, and blood. He then scrunched up his face because of the horrible but powerful smell of gasoline.

“What’s going? Where’s Mum and Dad?”


“Huh? Is someone calling me…?”


The boy shot his eyes open to see a woman with pure white skin and long brown hair but her face was covered in blood and tears. When she saw Pipsqueak was awake she grabbed him from his seat and held him.



“W-what happened? Where’s father?”

“Shh! Be quiet Pipsqueak! Help is coming soon…”

While Pipsqueak’s mother was holding onto her son for dear life, Pipsqueak glanced over her shoulder to see the front of the destroyed car. He saw the silhouette of a man with a giant metal pool sticking out his stomach. The boy gasped in horror as he looked at the side mirror to see the face of his father, his eyes looking dull and lifeless.


“BE QUIET PIPSQUEAK!” the mother tightened her grip on her son. “YOUR FATHER WILL BE OKAY! HE IS JUST EXHAUSTED!!”

“Mum…” tears began to flow out of Pipsqueak’s eyes. “...I think Dad is…”


Pipsqueak’s mom started into his sons eyes, her eyes looked demented and hyper as she bore a look of anger and resentment. And it was all pointed towards Pipsqueak himself.

“IT’S YOUR FAULT THAT WE CAME OUT HERE! IF YOU DIDN’T THROW A TANTRUM ABOUT WANTING TO GO OUT FOR YOUR STUPID LITTLE BIRTHDAY EVEN THOUGH WE BARELY HAVE MONEY TO GET BY WE WOULDN’T BE IN THIS SITUATION!! NOW SHUT UP AND LET-“ Pipsqueak’s mother started coughing out blood and she held her son tightly again, not allowing him to escape. “L-let him rest…”

“D-dad…” Pipsqueak continued to cry under his mom’s embrace for even though he was young he knew the truth that was right in front of him.


The poor boy started to shake but took deep breaths to calm his nerves.

“Come on Pipsqueak...” he said aloud. “You’re strong. You can do this…”

Right at the start of the stairs Pipsqueak stopped and took it one step at a time. He was slow but he was making progress as she was reaching the middle of the stairway.

“There you go Pipsqueak!” Pipsqueak reassured himself that he was doing a good job. “Remember, one foot at a-“

But then as his left foot landed on a step it slipped and made him lose his balance.


Then all the boxes fell out of his arms and crashed to the bottom of the stairs. But then Pipsqueak realized he himself was falling at a tremendous rate. He screamed aloud and held his arms out for the initial impact.

...but nothing happened.

Pipsqueak opened one eye and saw that his hands didn’t even touch the ground then he opened both to fully realize that his whole body didn’t touch the ground either.

He was floating, in midair.

“I-it worked!”

Pipsqueak then balanced himself and landed on his two feet.

“I didn’t think that would work, but I guess these powers are-huh?”

Pipsqueak glanced over to the right side of him to see that he wasn’t alone. Dropping the soccer ball from his hands and staring at the small boy in shock was Rumble.

Pipsqueak began to sweat profoundly and gulped in fear. “H-hey Rumble…”

Rumble blinked a few times and then responded, “...what. The heck. Was that?”

Author's Note:

Sorry this took long! Life and all that! Anyway, thank you for patience and hope you enjoyed the first official chapter!