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Pipsqueak never saw himself as important or ever thought that someone like him could make a big impact on people's lives. But lately he has made new friends who are more like family to him and who have become the light of his life. However, the brighter the light the bigger the shadow that cast them. An evil force threatens the lives of Pipsqueak and his friends and the events from this changes not just their lives but the lives of those around them.

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"I ordered one of my butlers to drive and it was easy to find Scootaloo's address on the internet...can I come in please?"

That’s a problem.

Comment posted by Choose23 deleted Nov 1st, 2020

oh my, this is confusing but interesting

Before I knew it the white goat was charging at me like a bull and I didn’t get a chance to turn my feet to run. It then rammed into my stomach knocking all the air out of me. The last thing I remember was that I was falling to the ground and hitting my head. Everything was captured in darkness. But in that darkness I was still conscious and I saw the white goat lighting the way for me.

I followed it for what seemed like hours and then we ended up in a place I didn’t recognize. It was a beautiful large castle with a bell at the top of its tower and a city right below. The whole area was surrounded by water that imitated the night sky that was full of stars and a blue moon.

So, your gonna follow the same goat that knocked you out?

“This seems weird,” Rumble stated as he got from where he was sitting. “Maybe you should go tell someone about this. Maybe like the Rainbooms or something.”

Pipsqueak scratched the back of his neck. “I-I was thinking of doing that! B-but...I’m too shy…”

Honestly, I probably wouldn’t even tell them.

“But I really think you should. What if that magic turns you into some sort of crazy demon monster like what happened to Sunset Shimmer at the Fall Formal or Twilight Sparkle turning into Midnight Sparkle back at the Friendship Games? You should really tell the girls.”

He had the power for a year. I’m pretty sure it would have happened by now.

And there was that time I tried to levitate my mother’s booze and I just dropped it and it shattered. She got mad and bea-I mean got upset…”

What was he gonna say?

“Sure, you just need to tell someone to make sure it would become an issue.”

Do you mean “wouldn’t”?

“ Why are you not in practice? ”

Rumble laughed nervously. “I-I was...getting my ball…”

“It took you a whole hour to go to your locker and get a soccer ball? ”

You could also say you were helping with the boxes.


“TWENTY!?” Rumble complained as he was dragged off.

Twenty? I can’t even do five.

The creature that stood over Pipsqueak was a pony-like animal with black dragon scales, a dragon tail with fire on the tip, and a single red and black horn.

Why the hell is that in his house?

Snowfall turned around again but this time her appearance was different. Her brown eyes were now red and sticking out her head was two large red and black antlers. Her nails became long and black and she scratched the couch making marks.

Just run away from home.

“I wish I was free...like the stars in the sky…”

Again, run away

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