• Published 18th Aug 2020
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If Wishes Were Portals - ColtKit Productions

Unofficial Sequel to "If Wishes Were Ponies". Adult Harry creates a next Gen portal, to visit any world in the multiverse. The Asgardians recognize this achievement & bring Equus into interdimensional Politics, but is that a good thing?

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Ch2 (REWRITE): The Dark Ling

Castor Searle, Human liaison to Equestria for the "Muggle World", was currently over seeing the transfer of aluminum bars for magical Crystals and gems. Which, in these past couple of decades, the "Muggles" had fully adapted into a form of clean energy.

After much debate, Lin Yueshi, a human Solicitor the Ponies found to help them adapt to Earth, came up with a solution to the issues of trading Aluminum to Equestria.

The ponies had near no aluminum, they didn't even have the right minerals on their world to make much of any. It's sheer value, meant trading gold for it would topple their economy. But ponies had an abundance of magical gems, which were apparently on Earth, but so rare they were hoarded by the magicals.

The Solicitor suggested passing laws in both lands, so it was now illegal to trade gold for either Aluminum or Crystals. Instead, it was decided that the material would purely be traded for each other. While the gems were originally useless for the muggles. The ponies taught them how to use them as a power source for technology.

Cars, airplanes, and vehicles of all kinds were adapted to run on Crystals. All forms of "Muggle" technology was adapted to run on them as well. The world's energy crisis had been solved. Even third world countries were better off due to the affordability of the Crystals. They cost no more then a can of aluminum, and a single Crystal could power a house for 3 months.

Houses were even re-designed by the ponies to be completely self contained. No more need for sewers, as the foundation of the building completely sterilized the water, and vanished the waste. This meant they were no longer dumping polluted water into the oceans. Which meant the ice caps, after the ponies repaired the damage (to the oceans, air, and ozone layer), were no longer in danger of melting.

And, due to the Crystals powering each individual house, there was no longer a need to hookup buildings to miles of wires and cords. They were now running on their own, due to the Crystals. All houses were self contained. This might be of great convenience to the big cities in first world countries... but it was a bloody godsend to the third world nations.

Of course, not everything ran so smoothly.

There had been... a bit of an incident... with the magical humans... another Dark Lord popped up, and conquered all of Australia... however... this one wasn't so bad...

She held no desire for genocide. She merely wanted a place for magicals to call their own... this was almost a necessity, given how panicked muggles were, after the third world war. When they saw, first hand, what one deranged magical could do.

The Wizards had fled, in fear of the Witch hunts starting all over again. Caster doubted that would have happened, but both groups were scared, and needed some time to cool off.

The magical's bloody buying Australia, gave them that chance. There had been no further war, nor epic conflicts.

This knew Dark Lord convinced most of the wealthiest pure blood families, and even all the wealthiest beings of the other races (including the Goblins), to pool their resources to BUY a continent.

She started by slowly buying up property, with a few million pounds bonus for each individual if they left the country. Then, when the country's powerful begun to panic, they gave the government's leaders several trillion, each, if they signed over the country to them.

Once all the muggles were gone, the wizards moved all magical life INTO the continent. Dividing up the land to give to each species. Not all left their homes, but most did.

The magical world now owned a continent, and the former Australians had been accepted into luxurious living all over the world. After all. Each former resident of Australia was a millionaire now... unfortunately, this near bankrupted the wizarding world, but that didn't effect their country too much... it just meant their money wasn't worth the cost of an aluminum can to the rest of the world. But of course, that meant nothing to the magicals, as unlike the ponies, they had no desire to trade goods with the "Muggles".

The UN didn't force the issue, deciding to respect that the races wanted to be an isolationist government. Satellites kept an eye on Australia, to make sure the various races stayed peaceful, but didn't interfere with them.

It helped that the creatures had spent countless trillions on acquiring the land, and the magicals managed to convince the UN they had nothing else to offer but the entirety of their joint treasury. Which they claimed to have already given to the former residents of Australia.

Now the Wizards had a place of their own, bringing all recorded muggleborn family lines, that were willing, into their territory... then They just stayed there, expanding their understanding of science and magic, and receiving much aid from the ponies in rebuilding their society. The centuries in hiding had stagnated them, and giving up their countries treasures had them rethink their economy.

The witch responsible for this? A young changeling Queen, by the name of Elly.


‚óŹ In Australia, country of The Hive Alliance.

Elly smiled as she walked through her hive, occasionally stopping to nuzzle one of her drones. The drone nearly always blushed. Some even exclaiming "QUEEN MAMA!!!" with the most scandalized voice.

Her little drones, her children, were far more spoiled then what Chrysalis had put Elly through. Yes all still worked for the good of the hive, but their ability to share love had resulted in them becoming more self efficient.

Although, due to Earth not being as heavily saturated by Magic, her transformation hadn't been as complete as Thorax, or the other changeling hives of Equus. Other changelings had mutated into various kinds of bug ponies, depending on the environment surrounding their hive. There were now several races of changeling, with each of the original queens now spawning the occasional Queens of their own race.

Hives such as the Forest-Lings, with wood branches and moss growing out of them. The Moth-Lings, who were very Fluffy and cute... with an obsession with lamps. With even more lings based on Crickets, Bees, Wasps, Spiders, Butterflies, and of course Thorax's hive of Fae Beetles.

In their Ling state, Elly and her grubs, still looked very similar to the "unreformed changelings". Their holes had been filled, as well as their exoskeleton having become more colorful (although still darker colors), and they all grew manes of colorful spider web like hair. Even the male Drones.

Each race of lings, still had Workers, Drones, and Warrior lings. With each breed having different characteristics, unique to both their station and species. However, no Queen had any use of infiltrators anymore. Those had been reassigned as "Cuddle Bugs". In order to spread love around to those who needed it.

All Lings maintained their shapeshifting, though that was mostly used for playing games and defense now. They could change into near anything. From people, to inanimate objects, and even creatures that only existed in their imagination. With each race having their own quirks, with the occasional unique abilities beyond transformation magics. Elly's hive's own quirk, was that they actually had 2 default forms. Which made it harder to detect.

In their "natural" Earth forms, they were a rare type of humanoid sub species... that had gone extinct a few thousand years ago. They could look human, but they also had their original "Changeling" form.

Wizards were shocked to learn, not only did they misunderstand Equus, a legitimate Alternate world, in another dimension... but they got their own personal history wrong as well. Of course when you have a ghost teaching the subject for a hundred years... such issues should be expected.

Changelings weren't actually "Human" on this side of the portal. They might look it, but they weren't. They were a race of Fae, a "Sub species" of human. Fae weren't just a clan of powerful wizards, that lived a long time ago. They were the real deal.

Given their nature, the portal had affected the Changelings a tad differently. This wasn't figured out until years later, but Changelings appeared to be based on an extinct race, on this side of the portal. They looked human, but their biology was different.

They still function like a bee hive. While there were a lot of females, as workers, most of them were barren. The few Queens lay eggs, instead of live births. Then those eggs hatch into large larva. However, once they molt, they appear as human children. These were called "Fae", by muggles... and had been hunted to extinction by the none magicals of ancient Greece and Rome. Changeling Queens, like Fae Queens, only need to breed once, and then they can lay millions of eggs over the course of hundreds of years.

Once Elly learned what the Philosopher Stone, she had acquired in her first year of Hogwarts, could do... she studied all she could of Alchemy. The Stone was most famous for creating gold and the elixir of life, but truthfully it could do so much more. Near any level of permanent transmutation could be achieved. The only limit was the user's imagination... Elly was very imaginative.

Later, but still in her Hogwarts years... she used the stone to turn a tree into a new species. It was still a tree, but now it bared berries made out of Love Honey... She had made hundreds of those trees around her original property, feeding them to her first grubs. Her hive had never known hunger.

Then when Elly made the discovery that she could share her own love, with her grubs, without costing her reserves... Love was not, as Chrysalis claimed, a finite resource. Though Changelings needed to absorb it to live, and spend it to use magic, they could generate it for others... indefinitely... Yet Chrysalis never told her Hive that. She had even gone so far as to purposefully misdirect them.

Elly had denied it for the longest time. After all, it was possible Chrysalis just didn't know. She was the first Changeling Queen, she was bound to make mistakes through trial and error... but it became far too Obvious when Chrysalis revealed herself... when she attempted to destroy Elly's trees, and kill the newly ascended Changeling Queen... even kill her "Defective" grubs.

Chrysalis outright admitted that Elly's trees were a threat to her power. After all, how could she control a hive that didn't fear her. That didn't rely on her. She KNEW Changelings could feed off each other, safely, through the sheer act of sharing love... but she hid that knowledge, just to retain her power... Chrysalis... had never had the hive's best interest at heart. She wanted to maintain her power, above the needs of the hive... Elly... would never make that mistake...

They dueled for hours. Chrysalis was more powerful, but Elly knew more versatile magic, and could draw on the power of the Philosopher's Stone.

In the end, when it looked like Elly was going to die... Dumbledore arrived... and drove the injured Chrysalis off...

Dumbledore had done so much for Elly... so-so much. During her second year, he discovered she was a changeling... and still allowed her to go to his school... even taught her Alchemy, personally, when she showed an interest in it... and he hid Elly's true nature for as long as he could...

Dumbledore... had been a good Wizard. Elly had always felt indebted to him. Without him, her hive never would have become self sufficient. So she returned the favor. When she bought all of Australia.

It helped that she could use the Philosopher's Stone to make near anything. Gold was nice but she couldn't afford to saturate the Market. As such she begun trading other rare metals and magical gems, through the use of the stone. She would often turn any common rock, or entire tree, to something worth selling to the muggles... and sometimes the Wizards. With such funds, and the help of the other magical races of Earth, she bought an entire continent.

She divided it up into separate countries, among the magicals of Earth, then reorganized the various Wizarding governments. Each city in Wizard country, was more of a city state. Self ruling and largely independent, with no power over each other or the other races.

The muggleborns and squibs, of each nation, even settled their own city states. Making fair laws between themselves and pure bloods, within their borders. Though the Wizards maintained a confederation of all their city states, the states themselves held more individual power. Some even having Kings, while others were democracies, and then a few were a mix of the two.

The other species each got their own country, as well. Elly had cast weather manipulation spells, with the aid of the stone, to make it so each country had a different type of environment. Some even had an eternal winter, for the creatures used to the cold. She even created a country with such thick clouds, no light could get through (For the Vampires). While other races had their countries several miles, either above or below, another species country. Such as the goblins, living deep under the ground.

There were even wild life reservations, in between each magical country, for magical beast. Elly had even been able to draw on the power of the stone, to teleport entire magical forests to these reservations.

After Elly helped every creature settle in their territories, and delivering a few universal laws the various Kingdoms had to agree to before getting the land, Elly let them do their own thing. She even managed to convince the Wizards to give up their control over most races, as it was no longer needed. With each race having a voice on a Senate of Magic, which mostly handle disputes between nations and foriegn affairs. They couldn't actually pass any laws or budgets, but their joint military was expected to uphold the original Doctrine all races agreed to.

The Kobolds were especially thrilled with the agreement, as it meant they could go back to tending to the none Sapient Dragons. After hundreds of years of being kept apart by Wizards.

Wizards viewed the Kobolds ability to easily tame beast dragons as a danger to them... but it was later revealed that there WERE Sapient dragons on this side of the portal (which is why Spike didn't transform but the ponies had, despite there being beast unicorns and Pegasi on Earth).

The Kobolds had merely been hiding them, due to fear that the Wizards would hurt them... but the Sapient Dragons had revealed themselves to Elly.

Meanwhile, Elly stayed out of all the other races affairs, as best she could. She focused on tending to the needs of her hive, and the Hives of the other queens that had popped up.

While all worker drones were female, few could ascend into Queens. However, Elly realized that, through great magical power and sufficient overdosing on love. Any Worker could ascend into a Queen. The magical power needed, was about equal to a pony with a cutie mark in magic, and just as rare. But definitely more common then Chrysalis had the workers believe.

There were now a few dozen hives in the Changeling Alliance, though all the queens still had to obey Elly. She wasn't about to let one of her daughters, turn into another Chrysalis.

Regardless, Elly had managed to convince the ponies, with the help of the Muggle humans, to allow the rest of her scattered hive to rejoin her in this new world. The ponies were against it, but the humans were adamant they give the changelings sanctuary.

Elly was thankful to both the magical and muggle tribes of humans. She owed them a debt. One she intended to repay. Coming to Earth really had been the best decision she ever made.