• Published 19th Mar 2020
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Lunar Rosemary - Liquid Truth

Luna journeyed through bizarre worlds to find and bring Twilight back.

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3 - Journey

Luna stood at the top of a knoll overlooking the flat expanse of the Prairie of Betwixt, letting the wind soak her with the music it carried. Flickering her ears, she could hear the silent sound of horns playing her a greeting tune, the flowing notes opening the sequence to the path winding through the yellow grasses, which in turn swayed gently along with the rhythm.

“Prairie,” she slowly said, “what have you here?”

The prairie kept on singing the same tunes over and over, unchanging to the passage of time.

“Prairie,” she said a little louder with a playful smirk, “it’s time to wake up.” She whistled a fast tune, trotting down the road as she dragged the music of the biome to a staccato. She could almost feel the playful grin permeating from the landscape.

Betwixt played its notes faster, letting them carried away by the wind to wake up its inhabitants.

Luna played a jingle and chuckled. “Care for a little dance?”

Betwixt laughed, its voice coming out as booming calls reverberating through the landscape and sharp notes jumping between the swaying blades of the grasses. Small fluffy hexapedal critters with elongated ears came out of their holes and hopped around, dancing to the upbeat music. Silver-coated coyotes ran playfully around Luna, jumping about and inviting her for a dance.

Luna laughed and turned her trot into a canter, jumping about the coyotes and letting the music guide her steps down the path. She whistled notes back as the song hastened its pace, answering the music of the prairie and creating a musical banter between them. She lit her horn and swirled the ambient magic to create a dancing pattern across the grasses, tickling Betwixt and causing more of the hares and coyotes to come out of their hidings.

The group of coyotes, hares, and one pony eventually slowed their dance down, settling to a steady march and letting the prairie’s music back to its usual pace but with the notes sharper and bolder.

Luna giggled as she marched to the beats, grateful that the prairie now resonated with her more intimately. The prairie, in return, smiled gratefully for the musical companion it hadn’t had for quite some time.

Luna slowed her march a little as the road came to a fork in the distance. She closed her eyes and raised her ears, struggling to find a different tune that may lead her to her destination.

The prairie, sensing her distress, asked her where she was going.

She stopped abruptly, standing still and making a few heads turn around as the coyotes and hares marched past her.

The critters joined the prairie’s choir of question.

“A unicorn,” she slowly began. “There’s a unicorn out there, purple coat and eyes, her hair indigo with two streaks.” She turned toward the critters. “My beloved. Have you seen her?”

The prairie sang and shifted its grasses, bending one of the paths to another angle far from its former. The coyotes whimpered as Luna gazed toward the end of the path where it submerged under the horizon. The hares scampered away and back toward their holes.

“Don’t you worry,” she said, “I’ll be okay.” She raised her head high and trotted away. “And I’ll bring her back. I don’t think she can hear the Worldsbridges’ music. Even if she could, there’s no way she could understand them. She’s lost. Only I can find her now.”

The prairie sang her a song of warning, that not all biomes were as friendly as it and some were downright hostile. It was not worth the risk of going for Evermoor.

“It always is,” she stated, her tone not carrying any hints of argument. “For Twilight.”

“For Evermoor?”

Luna smiled at the coyote clutching her hoof tight, singing it a calming tune. “If that’s what it takes, then forevermore,” she said. “How long is forever anyway?”