• Published 19th Mar 2020
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Lunar Rosemary - Liquid Truth

Luna journeyed through bizarre worlds to find and bring Twilight back.

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1 - Invitee

A gust of frigid air shimmied across the bright summer noon, and the dry desert storm parted to let it through. Silver specks of golden dust swirled as the cold breeze met the heated whirlwind, gracefully dancing the waltz under the countless twinkling stars of the dim sunlit sky. They jumped in time as the song came to a staccato, sliding along the rocky creeks and cheerfully danced the swing, leaving behind a trail of burning ice and frigid ash that dug through the ground and out the other side of a lavender unicorn’s mental biome.

Twilight banged her head against the bookshelf she had been staring at for half an hour. She used to be able to randomly pick a title from the library’s fiction shelf, enjoying the analysis of the story more than the literary beauty itself. It had been a minor hobby of hers since she started learning at Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns.

“Twilight!” came the voice of her number one assistant. “Another letter from… uh, you know who.”

“Burn it on the stove,” she replied. She heard shuffling from behind her and a clicking sound from the kitchen. She knew that Spike didn’t burn the letter, of course. She knew he had hidden all of the letters somewhere she couldn’t find so that she wouldn’t burn them herself. He was a considerate assistant, one she wouldn’t give for the world.

Twilight let out a sigh and floated down a thick book from the upper shelf. It was a book of plays written by a legendary writer, one that she had only read once because most of his plays were of the romance genre. A sappy genre. A genre that was full of nonsense and gibberish. A genre she had liked for a brief period. A genre she had no more interest in since three days ago.

“You should read Luna’s letters, Twilight. It’s been three days.”

“No, Spike. I’ve had enough of her.”

“Please, Twilight. You’re making the both of you miserable.”

Twilight trotted away, up to her bedroom with the book in tow. As she climbed up the stairs, she idly opened the cover of the book to find a couple of loose and yellowed papers. Most likely notes left behind by literature students, she thought. She took them out and flipped to the first page.

She paused as a glimpse of the paper sparkled under her telekinetic grip. Taking a closer look, she found that one of the papers was embellished with glittered ink, creating ornate patterns along the sides. Sure enough, as she separated it from the rest of the stack, she found that it was an invitation card. It read: You are invited to: Evermoor Fair.

It was a mesmerizing sight. The intricate writing was none that Twilight had seen, more perfect than her mentor’s finest pieces and more elegant than her once-beloved’s calligraphies. She stared in awe for a few seconds, admiring the bold curves and the flowing serifs. The image of the text bored its way into her mind, cradling the storm and the breeze together in a warm embrace.

She bolted to her room and spread the stack of papers on the floor, throwing the book haphazardly to her bed. It made her frown that none of the notes had anything about the fair. It made her smile that, turning the card around, it told her all the knowledge she needed to exit her world and head for Evermoor.

“Spike, take care of the library for a while!”

“What? Wait, Twilight, where are you going?”

“White Tail Woods!”

It was too late for Spike to stop her from galloping through the night, saddlebag strapped tightly against her back and a single invitation card within. Her mind was racing to the only thing she could think of: “Off the edge of the world and over, let us guide you yonder.”

And so Twilight galloped with a determined smile, following the path bored into her mind and listening to the assurance that she already had the key to open the forgotten Gates of her world. Sounds of her rapid hoofsteps were drowned out as she flicked her ears left and right, trying to find the exact source of the Music of the Worldsbridges.

Before she knew, she was already cutting away branches through the woods. She could hear the song clearer now, resonating her eardrums and heartstrings and calling her name, waiting for the Invitee and eager to let her through.

Twilight sang back a call with her melodious voice giddy and eager to meet the biomes outside of her world.

White Tail Woods shuddered in response to her call, marking the opening of Equestria’s Worldgate and readying the journey for one Twilight Sparkle.

It was dawn when Twilight found herself on the other side of White Tail Woods. She stood by the cliff, staring in bliss at the beauty of the Undiscovered West and enjoying the morning breeze. The birds chirped around her in a catchy choir, the swaying trees nodding along with the beat. Animals all around her gathered to watch the sunrise, bug bears and timberwolves alike basking in the golden rays of the western dawn.

Twilight trotted forward the moment the Sun showed herself fully from the horizon. The animals gave concerned whimpers and noises as her hoofsteps faded away, but she simply smiled back and waved, promising them her return with the bright red star silhouetting her figure over the westward path to Evermoor.

The timberwolves waved back and howled in unison, joining the birds’ choir that wished her a safe odyssey. The bug bears, after the choir had finished, sang a question with a deep rumble, reverberating through the landscape and between the mountains.

Twilight sang back an affirmative, echoing through the sky and over the horizon.

The woods swayed in response and all creatures within dipped their heads, saying goodbye as Twilight left the world for Evermoor.