• Published 6th Apr 2020
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The cool children - therandomone95

Spike, Button Mash and Pipsqueak are the losers of their school, and when some dark and ancient magic bottle of liquid helps them to stand out, Ponyville, or even Equestria itself, is in danger.

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6. A conflictive party

Author's Note:

Get ready for what could possibly be the edgiest chapter yet.

I so wanted to avoid 'that' tag, but I guess there was no other way...


Chapter 6: A conflictive party.

It was finally sunday, the day of the so-called party at Snips' place. Spike and Button Mash were just finishing getting ready for the party, and they both parted from their homes with confidence. Spike waved goodbye at Twilight and Button Mash kissed his mom on the cheek before going on his way to the party. When they passed Sugarcube Corner they spotted each other and ran to meet each other to talk.

"Hey, Spike!" Said Button with excitement.

"Hey, Button!" Replied Spike, who was just as excited.

בואו נצטרף עכשיו

"OW!" Exclaimed Button and Spike at the same time.

"What the actual what was that?!" Asked Spike with concern.

"Oh, don't worry about that." Replied Button with confidence.

"Huh? Why?" Asked Spike, rubbing his forehead.

"That was our friends joining forces, now we are friends!" Said Button, doing the same.

"But we were friends already!"

"Then I guess we're even closer now! By the way, if you're going to the party then we'll go together."

"Oh, so you're going too? Who told you?"

"Snips, Snails and Rumble! And you?"

"Diamond Tiara, and I'm pretty sure Silver Spoon too!"

"Dude, this is so cool! The potions actually worked!" Exclaimed Button with joy in his voice.

"I know, right?! We're finally going to be cool!" Said Spike with excitement before finally taking a better look at Button Mash. He was wearing a black jacket with a striped shirt and some good-looking jeans. Spike also noticed that his distinctful helicopter hat was missing. "Hey, Button, what's with the look?"

"Oh, I'm trying new looks to see if I'm less invisible now. I'm actually surprised you're not dressed for this party." Said Button while looking at Spike, who wasn't wearing anything but his spikes looked a bit tamer.

"Yeah, I don't think this'll be such a big deal, I mean, it's just a house party with a bunch of foals we already know." Said Spike shrugging, while Button did the same.

"Let's go, it's just half an hour before the party starts!" Said Button before turning around and walking towards Snips's house. Spike just followed him.

'Hey, is he serious? Did you-'

"Yes, Spike, I joined with his friend and I have to say, he is a very good looking stallion." Said the fake Rarity appearing before Spike, Spike looked to the direction the fake Rarity looked, but he didn't see anything.

'I don't see anypony there.'

"Yes, you see, since him and I are made of the same type of magic we can see each other, but you can't see him. It's like I told you when we met; you can see me but nopony else can because I'm just a vision. But I can see and sense him and he can see me because we are like drops of water, only instead of water is magic." Said the fake Rarity, winking at the stallion that Spike couldn't see.

It was a long walk before they arrived at Snips' house, but once they got there it was time to party! They heard music coming from the inside, meaning that the speakers were on and it smelled like delicious food. Both of them entered the house and everypony seemed to be in the living room; Snips, Snails, Rumble, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom were there, and of course, every filly and colt they didn't know very well was there too.

Everypony's gaze turned towards them when they entered, since they weren't exactly used to go to parties. The situation started to become awkward until Button's dad saved the day.

"Well, who fucking died?" Said Button bluntly, which got a laugh out of everypony, who proceeded to continue to do what they were doing.

"Hey dude! You came!" Button and Spike heard Rumble call them, and he went running towards them with Scootaloo by his side. Once Rumble was in front of Button, they gave each other a 'brohoof' as guys called it. "Oh! And I see you brought Spike too!"

"Umm... Yeah! I..." Started Spike before the fake Rarity interrupted, her eyes turning white.

בואו נצטרף עכשיו

"OW!" Spike and Rumble exclaimed in unison, which surprised Scootaloo and Button.

"Oh right! You also got one! Wow, I didn't think it would work on you since you're a dragon and all!" Said Rumble, gently rubbing his forehead while Spike did the same.

"Yeah, I wasn't sure either."

"Wait a minute, Rumble, did you-'" Started asking Scootaloo before Rumble cut her off.

"-Offer them the solution of a lifetime? Hell yes!"

"Wow, so you guys-"

בואו נצטרף עכשיו

בואו נצטרף עכשיו

"OUCH!" Scootaloo, Spike and Button Mash let out a little yelp, luckily nopony else heard them since the music overpowered their screams.

"You guys got one?" Asked Scootaloo as the pain left her brain.

"Yep, Rumble was the one who told me about it." Said Spike.

"I swear I'll never get used to that." Said Button, rubbing his forehead.

"Guys, this is awesome! I hope we can all hang out someday and I can show you some tricks with my scooter!" Said Scootaloo, the glow in her eyes becoming slightly noticeable.

"Yeah! And maybe some other day we can go to my place to play some Smash! I don't have four controllers but we'll only need our special friends to play!" Said Button, his eyes also starting to glow.

"Oh yeah, and maybe some other day we can play buckball?" Said Rumble who didn't fall behind.

"I'd love to do all that! I just feel so connected to you guys right now!" Finished Spike, who's eyes started to glow as well before all of their eyes went back to normal.

"Well, Scoots and I are going to get something to drink, would you like some?" Asked Rumble.

"Yeah, some cider would be nice." Said Spike who covered his mouth with his claws when he realized what he said.

"Yeah, I'd like some too." Said Button who gasped at his own words.

"Alright, let's go, Scoots!" Said Rumble before leaving with Scoots by his side.

The boys were surprised by this; cider? On a kids party? What were they thinking? Spike and Button inmediately stared at their assistants to see what they had to say for themselves.

"Don't look at me like that, darling."

"I'm doing this for your own good, son."

'Okay, I have two questions... What was that back there?' Asked Spike to the fake Rarity, who grinned.

"That was what we're trying to do! Now that you are magically connected to Scootaloo, Rumble and Button Mash you are true friends! Your desires were being shared with theirs and now you have REAL friends."

'And why did you make me pick cider? I'm not even old enough to drink!' Exclaimed Button Mash.

"Well, you have to seem more mature in order to be respected, just look at the other guests and tell me I'm wrong!" Said Button's dad, pointing at the other fillies and colts.

Spike and Button looked to the guests, and they looked surprised. They didn't know exactly what they were saying but Spike could make out some words and sentences out of the movements of their lips:

"I haven't noticed those guys."

"They go to the same school as us!"

"They are friends with Scootaloo and Rumble?! How?"

"They even ordered them to go for cider!"

"Wow, those guys are cool!"

"Yeah, I'd want to be their friend!"

Spike and Button smiled, it was exactly as Rumble said it would happen, now they weren't just the oddballs of the class, they were being respected! And not just that, they were starting to gain friends of every type! Popular, sporty, rich and even mature! They just hoped that their crushes finally noticed them.


From the other side of the room, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle were talking near the table where the food was at. Apple Bloom was trying to chat with Sweetie but she was too distracted to care.

"...So that's why I think Applejack should at least try some pears for a change. Hey, Sweetie Belle?" Sweetie turned when she heard Apple Bloom say her name. "Are ya even listening to me?"

"Oh, sorry, I was just distracted." Said Sweetie Belle, snapping back to reality.

"What were you thinking about?"

"It's just... It's Button."

"Button? You mean Button Mash?" Said Apple Bloom, who looked over to the colt. "What's with him?"

"I don't know, but he seems... Changed for some reason."

"You mean that outfit? I think it looks good on him."

"That's not what I mean. I mean I've never heard him curse before, and those clothes look good but they are something so... unnatural of him. Plus the way he moves, the way he talked, I don't know, It's just not like him at all." Said Sweetie Belle, in a tone between worried and curious.

"Well, maybe you should go talk to him." Said Apple Bloom, to which Sweetie Belle turned red.

"What?! But, but..." Sweetie tried to stammer out an answer but failed.

"What's wrong? Afraid he might kiss ya?" Said Apple Bloom, mocking her friend, who finally thought of something to say.

"W-well that's easy for you to say! Spike isn't acting all that weird!"

"SHHHHH! Not so loud!" Apple Bloom made her friend talk more quietly. But thinking about it, Apple Bloom hadn't really checked Spike.

Suddenly, some fillies and colts turned their attention to where Spike and Button were; Apple Bloom looked over to where Spike was but she was horrified by what came next.


Spike was done checking the guests, and he turned his attention to a pony that was coming closer to him, it was Diamond Tiara, and she was coming with Silver Spoon behind her.

"Hey, Spike! I'm glad you could come!" Said Diamond Tiara, who kissed him on the cheek.

"Yep, I'm glad too." Spike could've sworn he saw somepony run towards the back door, but he couldn't quite make out who it was, so Spike shrugged it off and proceeded to greet Silver Spoon.

"Hey, Silver Spoon! I'm glad you're here!" Said Spike as he kissed her on the cheek.

"Thanks, Spike!" Said Silver Spoon, blushing.

"SPIKE! THIS IS AN EMERGENCY! I MISCALCULATED!" The fake Rarity suddenly appeared in front of Spike, and she looked very panicked.

'Wha-what's wrong?' Asked Spike with concern.

"I'll just tell you two things: One, go to the back door RIGHT NOW! And two-" The fake Rarity was suddenly interrupted when Rumble came back with the cider Spike had asked for earlier.

"Here's your cider, drink up, dude!"

"Thanks, bro." Said Spike before drinking the cider, Spike wondered where Rumble had brought this cider from, since he knew this was MUCH stronger than the cider the Apple family sells during cider season, but what he didn't expect was its effect on the fake Rarity.

'Rarity! What's wrong? Are you okay? You look like you're in pain!' Said Spike to the fake Rarity, who looked like she was about to vanish.

"Alcohol messes me up, but don't let this distract you! Just go to the back door, and whatever you do, don't hang out with..."

And suddenly, the fake Rarity was gone, Spike felt really lonely then, and this effect didn't go unnoticed, since Button Mash and Rumble seemed to sense the effects of their drinks effect on them.

"Woah, are you guys okay? You suddenly seem... down." Said Diamond Tiara while looking at the boys, who looked like they were about to pass out.

"It's fine, it's just our first time drinking." Said Spike, who was starting to feel dizzy.

"Oh, okay then, I'll go to get something softer for you!" Said Diamond Tiara before trotting away.

Silver Spoon saw her chance just then, and she decided to make a move. "So, Spike, do you wanna hang for a bit?"

"Uh... Button, are you going to be alright dude?" Said Spike, looking towards Button, who was already in a sleeping position.

"Don't worry dude, I'll bring him with Snips and Snails, he's going to be alright." Said Rumble, starting to carry Button.

"Oh, alright then. Let's go, Silver Spoon." Said Spike, to which Silver Spoon squeaked and dragged Spike upstairs, to Snips' parents room. Silver Spoon closed and locked the door behind them and they sat down on the bed just as Spike finally noticed where he was.

"Uh, Silver Spoon?"

"Yes, Spike?"

"What are we doing here?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to go somewhere private." Said Silver Spoon before snuggling in Spike's chest.

"Silver Spoon?"

"Yes, Spike?"

"Can I ask you something?"

"You can ask me anything."

"Why do you like me?" Asked Spike, to which Silver Spoon opened her eyes wide and looked at him for a few seconds before blushing and looking down. Almost as if she was ashamed of herself.

"I guess I'm just really lonely." Said Silver Spoon sadly.

"What do you mean? You are like one of the most popular girls in the whole school."

"Maybe, but not in a good way." Said Silver Spoon, to which Spike looked at her with a questioning look. "You know how much we're hated, Diamond Tiara and I have to put on a "major bitches" face to show that we are strong, but sometimes that's all ponies see. Plus, it doesn't help that I practically just hang out with Diamond Tiara. Don't get me wrong, I know we'll be friends forever but everypony always looks at her first."

Spike looked down as well, he realized that Silver Spoon was talking about the way he felt since Twilight and him came to town, not only is he left behind to clean after her, but ponies only look at her, the princess of friendship, who would wanna look at her assistant?

"But you are different, you are not like other dragons, and you looked at me in the clothing store! As I said, I love Diamond Tiara but sometimes I'm tired of being... Of being her..."

"Her assistant?" Finished Spike. Silver Spoon looked at him and she saw that he had a sad but understanding look on his face.

"Yeah. I just want somepony to see me... first." Then, out of nowhere, Silver Spoon closed her eyes and kissed Spike on the lips, and he was far from ready, Spike's first kiss was being stolen, but then again, he didn't exactly try to resist. Spike was kissing somepony who knew exactly how he felt, and it was a cute and rich filly who just wanted to be noticed.

Just as Spike was starting to melt into the kiss, the image of Apple Bloom surfaced in his mind, and Spike inmediately remembered that he was only doing this to get popular, nothing more. Spike knew that he had to stop this situation before it escalated, but before he could try and push Silver Spoon away, he heard a knock at the door.

"Spike! Are you in there?" Spike froze, it was Diamond Tiara.

"Oh hell yeah, NOW THE FUN BEGINS!" Silver Spoon said, when Spike was trying to ask what was she about to do, Silver Spoon mocked Diamond Tiara across the door. "HEY TIARA, SPIKE AND I ARE MAKING OUT IN THIS BED!"

"WHAT?! Spike, please tell me that's not true..." He heard Diamond Tiara say in a hurt tone.

"NO, WE ARE NOT MAKING OUT!" Said Spike, trying to stop the situation from evolving, bur failing.

"YES WE ARE! MWAH! OH SPIKE! I'VE WAITED FOR THIS FOR A LONG TIME!" Said Silver Spoon, Spike looked at her face, and he had never seen a filly with so many emotions in her face in his life: Silver Spoon had a mixture of anger towards Diamond Tiara, pride for having kissed Spike and a touch of madness.

"WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?!" Asked Spike to Silver Spoon.


"HEY, WHAT'S GOING ON IN THERE?!" He heard Snips' voice through the door, and Diamond Tiara whispering afterwards just before Snips shouted again. "YOU BETTER NOT BE MAKING OUT IN MY PARENTS' ROOM OR I'LL KILL YOU, SPIKE!"

Spike didn't know what to do, since he was partly drunk and he was in the middle of a jealousy war; so he did the first thing that came to his mind: he pushed Silver Spoon away, he ran to the window and he opened it to jump.

"Spike, what are you doing?" Asked Silver Spoon.

"Sorry, I gotta go!" And with that, Spike dropped from the window. Luckily, he was a dragon, and his scales helped to soften his fall, only making Spike dizzier.

Spike looked to his surroundings, and he saw that he was outside Snips' house, but not only that, but he was just where the back door was. He recalled the fake Rarity telling him to go there before she vanished.

'Why would she want me to come here?' He asked himself before trying to get off the ground. But he stopped when she saw a filly running towards him.

"Oh my Celestia, are you alright?" Said the filly before helping him get up.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine, thanks." Said Spike before taking a better look at the filly. His heart froze when he saw that it was Apple Bloom.

"Good, that was one big fall." Said Apple Bloom, helping him get to a nearby bench before letting go off him.

"Apple Bloom? What are you doing here? I thought you'd be enjoying the party." Said Spike, still sore from his fall.

"I... just needed to get some air, that's all. And why are you here? And most importantly, why did you fall from the window?"

"Oh, I just... got into some problems with Snips." When Spike fully saw her, he noticed that she had red eyes and a slightly wet trail running down her face from her left eye. "Hey, are you okay, Apple Bloom?" Asked Spike, to which Apple Bloom turned away before she could blush.

"Uh... Yeah! I'm fine!" Replied Apple Bloom, trying to look as casual as possible.

"But you look like you've been crying." Said Spike softly. Apple Bloom tried to think of an excuse, but she knew that she had nowhere to hide. Apple Bloom sighed and decided to tell him the truth in a subtle way.

"Yes, I've been crying."

"But why?"

"You wouldn't get it."

"Please. I want to know." Said Spike, giving her a comforting look, she felt butterflies in her stomach when she saw him.

"Fine... I have this... GIANT crush on a boy... but I just saw him and I don't think he would like me back."

Spike felt sad, if Apple Bloom had a crush on some other colt then he was lost. But Apple Bloom was sad and he decided to help her anyway because that's what friends do. "Oh, and are you really sure he wouldn't like you back?"

"Yes, I saw him with a girl who is better than me in every way! She is more popular, she has her cutie mark and she is not treated like a baby!" Spike saw that Apple Bloom was starting to tear up again, and he stopped her by grabbing her head by the sides of her face, making her look at him in the eyes.

"Apple Bloom, you're not really thinking highly about yourself here. You are the best filly I know! Anypony would be lucky to have you!"

Apple Bloom felt her heart race when she heard Spike say those words, maybe there was a chance that Spike might like her back! "Do you really think so, Spike?"

"Of course!"

Both of them sat beside the other in a weird silence, where neither of them knew what to say, but they just felt comfortable with the other. Apple Bloom calmed down, since now she knew that Spike had good thoughts about her; Spike, however, had mixed feelings, he liked being around Apple Bloom but he had just learned that she had a crush on some colt. The silence lasted for only some more moments, Apple Bloom felt like all the words that needed to be said were already spoken, but Spike started the conversation again.

"Tell me, who is he?" Asked Spike, if Apple Bloom told him who she had a crush on, then maybe he could use that to make her notice him more. Apple Bloom flushed red and turned away, but Spike's drunk brain thought it was because she was just embarassed to tell him, like any other filly or colt would be.

"What?! I-I-I won't tell you!" Said Apple Bloom with a small frown, avoiding eye contact.

"Then maybe you can give me hints?"

"You would never guess who he is."

"Try me."

Apple Bloom thought that maybe it was the right time to come clear to him, since they were alone in a bench and the mood was right. But then again, what if the revelation shocks Spike so bad that he rejects her? Apple Bloom finally decided to let Spike knew she loved him by slowly sinking it in with vague clues.

"Okay then. Let's see: He goes to the same school as me, I see him everyday at school, I've known him for a long time, his name starts with an "S", and I had a certain opinion of him until one point, where he changed and he became a guy that I'd really be into."

Spike was truly puzzled, for one part, one part of his brain was hoping that she was talking about him, but his brain was partly drunk and he had just fallen from a second floor, so the other part of his brain started to connect the pieces the wrong way around.

Spike thought about all the options, and there was one that stood out from all the others...

It was Snails. Every single clue Apple Bloom had given him matched Snails, his name, he went to the same school as her, she has known him since day one at school and there was a point where Snails joined the buckball team, surprising everypony. Spike's rational mind didn't want to believe that but his logical mind was smacking the facts in his face.

Spike was about to say that he had a pretty good guess about who it could be, but suddenly the back door opened, surprising both of them and revealing a very angry Snips with Snails backing him up.

"SPIKE! WHERE ARE YOU?!" Snips said with a devilish face.

"Oh, I need to get out of here!" Said Spike, getting up from the bench.

"What? What did you do?" Asked Apple Bloom with wide eyes.

"I... accidentally broke a vase?" Said Spike with a dumb smile.

"Oh, then you better go now!" Said Apple Bloom, waving goodbye at Spike, who did the same. Apple Bloom was kinda diasppointed that Spike couldn't tell her if he had guessed who it was, but then again, being beaten up by Snips and Snails wasn't exactly the best choice.

"Maybe next time." Said Apple Bloom to herself, thinking about how she could confess to the dragon the next time they were alone.

Spike hid in a nearby bush, looking to the house to see if Snips and Snails were there, but he was surprised when he saw Button Mash being carried out of the house by Rumble, who looked rather disappointed by something. Rumble left Button outside the door, and since Snips and Snails seemed to be still inside, Spike decided to check on his friend.

Once Spike was next to Button, Spike helped him get up on his hooves. Spike looked at Button, and he saw that his eyes were starting to tear up and he was drunk too. "Button, what happened to you?" Asked Spike, getting a better look at Button. He looked like he was about to pass out, which he was, considering he was just barely awake.

"So, you remember when we drank that first cup?"

------------------------------- Ten minutes earlier ---------------------------

Button was drinking whatever type of cider Rumble had given him, and suddenly he felt its effects on his body; Button felt dizzy and he felt like his body was getting heavier and heavier by the second. Button loked to his dad, and he saw that the stallion looked like he was about to disappear.

'Hey, are you alright?' Asked Button to his dad.

"Alcohol messes me up, so I'll be out for a few seconds..." Said Button's dad before looking at the fake Rarity, who was invisible to Button, but looked very panicked to the stallion's eyes. "I think I'm about to vanish, but don't let that distract you! When Sweetie Belle approaches you, the only thing you need to do is..." And from one moment to another, Button's dad was gone.

Button not only felt confused by that, but also the fact that there was no way this was regular cider. Button's mom hadn't let him drink cider but he just knew that this was stronger than the cider the Apple family produced.

Button suddenly realized that he was being carried by Rumble over to where Snips and Snails were, and when he did, he got off from Rumble's back and gave the colts, who were just getting some apple juice, a dumb smile.

"Oh, hey! I'm glad you could come." Said Snips, offering Button some apple juice, which Rumble denied for him.

"I think he doesn't need that right now." Said Rumble with a sheepish grin.

"Ooooookay. So I was thinking that maybe we could work on your hoofball stats (since you're trash at buckball) to see if we could earn some bits by playing a hoofball match in front..."

Button saw that Snips turned away from him to speak of some new plan to get money, but Button didn't take in any information Snips possibly gave him, both because his brain was drunk and because his attention was focused somewhere else.

Button saw Sweetie Belle, who was looking at the back door for some reason. Button took in every detail about her, her beautiful mane, her white fur, and how beautiful she looked in general. Then, Sweetie turned around and made eye contact with him for a brief second before looking away. Button thought that it was because he still looked ugly, but he failed to notice Sweetie blushing.

But then, Sweetie put on some kind of determined face and she started to walk over to where he was. Button was incredibly nervous, maybe she wanted to talk to him? maybe she wanted to talk with somepony else in his general direction? Button's train of thoughts stopped when she was just a few hoofsteps away from him. Both of them stood there, looking at each other with visible nervousness. Sweetie opened her mouth to speak, but then...

"BUTTON! Are you even listening to me?!" Snips interrupted as he stood between him and Sweetie.

"I... Ummm..." Button tried to stammer out an excuse while trying to look back at Sweetie Belle, but Snips kept blocking his vision.

"See? This is another reason why you're bad at sports! Your focus is horrible and-" Snips started before Rumble joined the conversation, making it even more difficult for Button to see Sweetie Belle.

"Dude, Snips could really be onto something here! We just need to make some free time to train you and-"

"Hey guys! I was just checking to see if any of you need anything else! Because Snails just came in with a bunch of pastries straight from Sugarcube Corner!" Said Scootaloo, who joined the conversation while eating a cupcake.

"Not right now, Scoots, we were trying to tell Button our plan to get some money out of buckball matches!"

"Oh, maybe I can help you with that! I am getting better at flying and maybe I can use that to-"

Button tried to look at Sweetie Belle, but he heard a long sigh and hoofsteps going towards the exit. Button rose his head, only to see Sweetie Belle leaving the party with her head hanging low. Button just dropped to the floor, partly because he felt like relaxing and because he had lost his chance to talk to Sweetie Belle.

Snips was about to scold Button for dodging the conversation again, but he heard a filly scream from upstairs. Snips froze when he remembered that his parents' room was upstairs, and he rushed over there to check that nopony was there or else his parents would kill him.

"Button, are you okay?" Asked Rumble, looking at Button, who was starting to tear up.

"Take him outside, I don't think he can take it anymore." Said Scootaloo, to which Rumble sighed and nodded before carrying him on his back again.

"You know, to be in our team you really need to step up your game, Button." Said Rumble as he was passing through the door. "Just go, I don't think you could survive an hour in here." And with that, Rumble left Button on the entrance.


"And here I am." Finished Button.

Spike was sad for his friend, both because he had lost an opportunity to speak to Sweetie Belle and because his friends now thought he was a loser again.

"And why are you here?" Asked Button.

Spike sighed and told him his incident with Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon and Snips. When Spike finished, Button looked down, Spike did the same. Things were starting to get bad for them again, Button was starting to be a loser again and Spike was in the middle of some conflict between Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, not to mention Snips probably was mad at them.

"Let's just go, dude, nothing's gonna get better for us here." Said Spike.

Button Mash and Spike walked one block, thinking about everything that happened to them in the space of ten whole minutes, fifteen at most. This was something that wasn't going to be easy to fix, but somehow they would find a way. But just as they passed a building, they spotted Pipsqueak sitting on a bench by himself, looking really happy about something. Spike and Button gasped and ran to where he was.

"PIP!" Pipsqueak looked up when he heard his name being called by his two 'friends'. His expression changed from happy to annoyed, and they noticed it, but decided not to dwell on it for now.

"Oh man, are we glad to see you!" Said Spike in a joyful tone.

"Are you?" Said Pipsqueak in a cold tone. Spike and Button looked at each other and then at Pip again. Maybe they DID need to dwell on it.

"Dude, is there something wrong?" Asked Button.

"Really? You're just going to pretend you haven't been avoiding me since yesterday?" Said Pipsqueak in an annoyed tone, which surprised Button and Spike.

"What are you talking about?" Asked Spike to the colt.

"Yeah! We haven't seen you since... since..." Button started, before the realization sunk in his brain, as it did in Spike's.

"Uhhh guys? Why are you acting so weird?" Asked Pip to his friends, who were staring into the distance.

"Oh, nothing! We were just thinking..." Said Spike.

"And we want to say sorry, we didn't even realize we were ignoring you. Can you forgive us?" Followed Button.

Pip looked at his friends, he recognized a liar when he saw it, but this time he could feel that they were telling the truth, and they looked like they actually were sorry.

"Aww, alright then!" He said before extending his front hooves. Spike and Button hugged him with visible relief.

"Oh, and what were you doing here, exactly?" Asked Spike.

"Yeah, you look like something good happened to you." Said Button.

"Oh, you guys won't believe this..."


Pipsqueak was just leaving Sugarcube Corner, since he wanted a cupcake from there because Pinkie Pie is the best cook in all of Equestria (at least in pastries). And he noticed his best friends walking alongside each other, Pipsqueak decided to get their attention to see what they were up to, since Button was dressed very differently and Spike looked like he tamed his spikes.

"HEY, GUYS!" Pipsqueak tried to yell at them, which only resulted in some other ponies to look at him, Pipsqueak had enough, first they ignored him yesterday and today too? There had to be something wrong.

Pip decided to follow them, and he was surprised when he saw that it was a party at Snips' place. Pip came to a realization that left him with only sadness; if his friends knew about this party but he didn't, they had been ignoring him and they were going to that party without even telling him anything then that must mean that he was the reason they had been the laughing stock at school.

Pip decided to get away from that party, if he came then the party would be ruined or he would be the only amusement of the ponies in there. Pip sat on a bench all by himself, and for the first time for as long as he could remember, he felt more lonely than ever before. Without his friends by his side, there was really no one else to hang out with.

Pipsqueak started to cry, he was just a lonely colt left out from a party. Everypony in his class was there except him, and it's like nopony even noticed at all; he could hear some music coming from the house, Pip wanted to dance along since this was one of his favorite songs, but it just remembered him that there was no one else to dance with.

"Hey, are you alright?" He heard a female voice call him, he opened his eyes to see that Dinky was talking to him.

"OH, HI!" Said Pipsqueak suddenly, trying to look as if he wasn't crying.

"Have you been crying?" Asked Dinky, who looked very concerned for Pip.

"Me? Oh no, I've just-"

"Don't even try and excuse yourself, I can see it all over yourself." Said Dinky bluntly, making Pip realize that there was no getting out of this one.

Pip sighed. "Yes, I was crying just a minute ago."


"I... don't wanna tell anypony. It's embarassing."

"Please?" Pip looked at her, Dinky was doing the most adorable puppy eyes she could, which worked since Pip couldn't really say no to her, specially with a face like that.

"Okay, it's just... I just realized how much of a loser I am." Said Pipsqueak, which made Dinky put on a sad face with a bit of anger towards Pip for thinking of himself like that.

"Why would you say that?"

"For starters, my friends left me alone and they've been ignoring me since yesterday. Now I realize that without them I'm nothing, and supposedly there is this big party that everypony is going to, but I didn't even know about it, I just found out that my friends are going without me. Probably they're ashamed of me." Said Pip, starting to tear up.

"Pip, you're not a loser, you're the cutest, kindest and nicest colt I know!" Said Dinky, making Pip blush slightly.

"And why are you not at the party?" Asked Pip, wiping his tears.

"I don't really like Snips, and this party is at his place, so I'd figured I might just not go at all." Said Dinky, shrugging. " But don't change the subject, you need to stop being so hard on yourself. You are not alone."

"I'm sorry, it's just that I hang out with them pretty much all the time, without them I feel lonely."

"W-well... If you ever need somepony to talk to, I'm here for you." Said Dinky, putting her hoof on Pip's shoulder, making his heart race. "Look, I need to go and get some things my mom wants, but I'll see you at school, is that okay?"

"Yes, I'd like that."

"Good. I'll see you later. Just talk to me if you need to. Please?" Pip was too focused on his own thoughts to see that Dinky said that last part blushing, or that she even said it.

Pip just saw her trot away, but he was focused thinking about what she said, or more accurately, that she said that she would be there for him!


"I guess I got too lost on my thoughts to keep track of time, I must've been here for like twenty minutes or so." Finished Pipsqueak.

Spike and Button had smiles on their faces, even though the party sucked for them, ot least one of them had a happy day.

"So you're not mad at us?" Asked Spike.


"And we're still friends?" Asked Button.


Button and Spike sighed. "Look, we're going home because our heads are hurting, but we'll see at school?" Said Spike.

"Okay, see you guys there!" Said Pipsqueak before standing up and going to his own home.

Button and Spike thought about Pip, he had just talked to his crush and it seemed to work! And he didn't even need to take a bottle of some weird magical liquid from the back of a building. Meanwhile things were even worse for them!

Had they really made the right choice?