• Published 2nd Mar 2020
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My Little Ninja Turtle (Part 1) - MlpTmntDisneyKauane

The turtles went on an adventure in another world called Equestria to saved it from the evil Kraangs, but for that, they needed to learn more about this new world, but luckily they meet the Mane 6.

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Shredder's counterpart

After a battle in Canterlot, the ponies turtles discover that there is another Shredder in Equestria, a Shredder counterpart.

So to learn more about this other Shredder, the turtles tell the whole Shredder story of their world to Princess Celestia and everyone who was listening.

"And that's how Oroku Saki became Shredder in our world." Leo ends the story.

"Wow, I can't believe this monster did that!" Rainbow Dash said.

"And all of this because of a girl he liked!" Said Rarity.

"This is so sad!" Said Fluttershy almost crying.

"I know Fluttershy" said Pinkie Pie also almost crying and hugs Fluttershy.

"And worse, he kills the girl and stole his brother's daughter." Twilight said.

"And another thing worse, she thinks Shredder is her real dad and she doesn't believe it when they say it's Splinter who is her real dad." Said Applejack.

"Yeah, the Shredder story of your world is really terrible" Celestia agreed.

"Well, but ... Look on the bright side: If it hadn't happened, the four of you would never have existed." said Pinkie.

"And worse is that Pinkie is right." Rainbow agreed.

"I agree, too" Raph agreed.

"Yeah, Master Splinter once said that even when bad things happen, good things also always happen." Said Leo.

"Your master is really a wise man, I wish my Hamato Yoshi still to be like that too." Said Celestia.

"WHAT!? Are you saying that there is also another Master Splinter in this world!?" Mikey asked shocked.

"Mikey, if here have a Shredder, it is very likely that there is also a Splinter here." Donnie explained.

"Indeed, but know that here in Equestria many differents things have happened than in your world." Said Celestia.

"Like for example?" Raph asked.

"In your story you said that Tang Shen died, right?" Celestia asked.

"Yes, so?" Donnie replied and asked.

"It just so happens that the Tang Shen of this world was not the only one that was killed by the Shredder, unfortunately ... Hamato Yoshi was also." Celestia answered.

The ponies turtles couldn't help but be shocked by this.

"No way, It can't be!" Said Leo shocked.

"This is terrible, it is more than terrible!" Donnie said also shocked.

"So that means: No turtles, no mutations, no master rat, no sewer, no family, no ninjas and NO PIZZA!!?" Mikey said VERY shocked.

"I never thought I would say that, but this what happened in Equestria is much worse than what happened in our world." Raph said.

"Believe me, this what happened is actually much worse." Said Celestia.

"Jeez, and how is the story of the Hoof Clan in this world?" Mikey asked.

"It's practically the same as the Foot Clan of your world, Mr. Mickelangelo, only trades humans for ponies." Celestia explained.

"Ooh" Disse Mikey.

"Well, we already told our story, now could you tell us yours, your highness?" Leo asked.

"Of course Mr. Leonardo, but now you should know that this story is not 15 years ago like yours." Said Celestia. "Here in Equestria it happened 500 years ago."

The ponies turtles again were shocked (More shocked than before).

"WHAT THE?! But how is it possible that this Shredder is still alive!?" Raph asked shocked and confused.

"I have my 2 suggestions, or this Shredder has a long life, or he is immortal." Donnie said.

"And you are right in the second suggestion Mr. Donatello." Said Celestia.

"So this Shredder is really immortal? But how?" Raph asked.

"I will explain everything, Mr. Raphael." Said Celestia.

And the whole group started to hear Celestia's story.

"Right, 500 years ago, long after Nightmare Moon was banned ..." Celestia started.

And the Flashback begins: In Canterlot and with Nightmare Moon on the moon, Princess Celestia was in her castle.

"I was in my castle fulfilling my duties as a princess and one of those duties was to be a teacher of magic for my students" Celestia narrated.

Celestia was now at the Canterlort University of Magic teaching her students magic.

"At that time, I had many students, and two of those students were brother, and those students were Hamato Yoshi and Oroku Saki." Celestia narrated.

Hamato Yoshi and Oroku Saki were two unicorns, Hamato Yoshi had a burgundy coat and Oroku Saki had a gray coat, both had Cutie Marks Yin Yang, but Yoshi's Yin Yang had bigger white than black and Yin Yang de Saki had black bigger than white.

"Those two brothers were good students, but Hamato Yoshi surpassed his brother, although he was good at magic better than his brother, Yoshi were good at making friends, but Saki never wanted friends, he didn't even tried to make friends, not even with one of the other students, he always said that he would do better in his studies better if he didn’t have friends who didn’t hinder him.”Celestia narrated.

"Man, almost like our Shredder" Raph interrupted.

Celestia continues: "Anyway, Oroku Saki was always jealous of his brother, but his jealousy got even worse when he and Yoshi met a female pegasus named Tang Shen, and Tang Shen felt more interested in Yoshi than Saki, and for this makes your jealousy and your hate worse."

"Yeah, just like our Shredder." Raph interrupted again.

"Ok Raph, we already get it, now can you please stop interoperating?" Leo said bored.

Celestia continued: "I always noticed that Saki was always jealous of Yoshi, and I always tried to help him, I always told him not to be jealous of his brother, for him to be happy with the talent he already has, and for him not to let your anger and envy between him and his brother, but no matter how much I helped him, he never listened to me or anypony else except himself. The last time I told him what I always said to him, in front of his brother, Saki's anger crossed the line, he increased his tone with me, he shouted at me saying that he didn't care what I said, he wanted to be better than his brother, better than me, better than everypony, but what he said after that, shocked me."

"Really? What did he say?" Mikey interrupted and asked.

Celestia continued: "He said he wanted it all, just so he could rule Equestria too, he wanted me to make him a prince, in fact, he said he wanted to be more than a prince, he wanted to be king. After his tone of voice with me and what he said, I stopped taking it easy with him and started taking it hard, I told him that with this envy, anger and greed that he had, he will never be a prince or a king and I did the that I had never done before, I expelled him from all my magic classes and from university, after I did that, he was filled with anger and said that no matter what I said, he would one day rule Equestria like a king, he leaves the room and the university after that, i was mee feeling uncertain to have done this to him, but Hamato Yoshi as he was a good student told me that i did the right thing, that i did what i had to do. "

"And he's right, you shouldn't have a student like that in your classes." Leo interrupted.

"Yeah, students like Saki deserve to be kicked out of their classes." Donnie said.

"Yeah, unlike Sunset Shimmer, this Oroku Saki who was actually much worse than she was, he was very greedy." Twilight said.

"Who is Sunset Shimmer?" Mikey asked.

"We'll talk about her later." Twilight said.

Celesta continued: "I thought I would never see him again after that, but I was wrong, just like the Shredder of the world of you four, after Oroku Saki learned the truth of his past about the Hoof Clan, he was filled with more hate than he already had, and then swore revenge. Then in the middle of the night, he invaded my castle library, using a spell book and the Alicorn Amulet, he did a spell that turns him into a powerful, immortal and evil alicorn and he named himself Shredder, I waked up to hear an explosion outside the castle, that's when I saw Shredder who was now an alicorn, he said the first thing he would do now that he became an alicorn was to destroy me. It was then that our fight started, leaving all the ponies of the city in a panic, all except Hamato Yoshi, Hamato Yoshi fight against Shredder when I get hurt, Yoshi did everything just to protect me, but then he was not aware of it anymore, Hamato was about to be death with the Shredder's claws, but then, Tang Shen who was there and saw everything that was happening, she gave her life for Yoshi, she stood in front of him and the claws that were going to hit Yoshi, ended up hitting Shen who died after that. Hamato Yoshi couldn't help but be devastated by that, he cried with Tang Shen in his arms, I need to do something after that, so I went back to fighting Shredder, I was getting hurt, but Shredder was too, I even give him a mark on his right face using fire magic, but that mark and those wounds were not compared to mine that were worse than Shredder's, I was getting weak, I could barely get up, I was about to be killed by Shredder's claws, but then, Hamato Yoshi did something I didn't expect, he also gave his life to save mine by doing the same thing that Tang Shen did for him, I also couldn't help being devastated by that, but I didn't cry at that time now, I needed to get rid of Shredder once and for all, I used all the magic I had and managed to expel Shredder from Equestria, trapping him in Tartarus forever.

(End of Flashback.)

"That night, I had lost my two students, one to evil, and one to death." Celestia ends the story feeling sad.

The whole group was extremely shocked by the story.

"This...is...horrible!" Fluttershy said that she has already started to cry.

"I can't believe this Splinter did it all for you, even giving his life for you!" said Mikey who wanted to cry.

"Yeah, this Shredder is the same as ours, and this Splinter is also the same as ours." Raph said.

"This is the only thing same." Donnie said.

"Yeah, I can't even imagine if that same thing happen with our Master Splinter." Said Leo.

"And certainly worse things would happen than if we didn't exist." Donnie said.

"Wait, did you say you trapped Shredder in Tartarus?" Twilight asked Celestia.

"Yes, but it looks like he somehow escaped." Said Celestia.

"Yeah, he escaped and now he's out there somewhere sending these robot soldiers to attack Equestria and kidnap ponies." Rainbow Dash said.

"But now one thing I still don't get it, why is he kidnapping the ponies?" Mikey asked.

"Something tells me that it must be his and the Kraangs." Donnie guessed.

"But why would the Kraangs be kidnapping the ponies?" Raph asked.

"I think ... they are being used for mutation testing!" Donnie guessed and is shocked to finally get it everything.

"What? Do you think that could really be that?" Raph asked.

"I think is this, Raph, remember yesterday when the Kraangs were kidnapping the Cutie Marks Crusaders?" Leo reminded Raph.

"Yeah, and when they said they were going to experiment with them." Mikey reminded Raph.

"So if this is really why the Kraangs are here, then this is a big problem, as if trying to make our world into their dimension was not enough, now it seems that they also want to transform Equestria into their dimension." Donnie exclaimed.

Mane 6 are shocked.

"So they want to transform our world and us into mutant brains!?" Said Rarity disgusted, still remembering when she saw Kraang's living brain.

"Man, what's wrong with these Kraangs? Seriously, it looks like they want to turn everything around." Raph said.

"So guys, now that we know why the Kraangs are here, we need to be aware, we don't know what will happen next, whether it's the Krangs or the Hoof Clan will attack." Said Leo.

"So it looks like the ten of us now will work together to save Equestria." Twilight said.

"Eleven, I'm in it too." Spike said.

"Yeah, we'll all help you, I don't know if we've already told you, but the six of us saved Equestria many, many times, just like you four who saved New York many, many times." Rainbow said.

"Yeah, we're all the same." Said Pinkie.

"And I'm sure that if we come together, neither the Kraangs, the Hoof Clan, nor the Shredder will have a chance to destroy Equestria." Said Applejack.

"We will win, together." Said Rarity.

"So, what do you boys think?" Twilight asked.

"Certainly!" Mikey said.

"I can't wait to fight the next threat." Raph said.

"Yes, we are all going to do that." Donnie said.

"Together" said Leo.

And the whole group extends the hooves.

"Let's save the world" said the whole group, raising their hooves up.

"Good luck to all of you." Said Luna

"Yes, and I hope that wherever Shredder is, he still takes time to plan something terrible for Equestria." Said Celestia worried about the next attack.
While in the old castle of the two sisters, there was the Hoof Clan taking the ponies they had kidnapped, the ponies were scared and begged the robot soldiers to free them, many say scared things like:

"What are you going to do with us !?"

"Please, let us go!"

"What do you want from us !?"

"Leave us alone !!"

"Where are you taking us !?"

"I wanna go home!"

"We don't want to die !!"

"Please, someone help us !!"

"Help please!!!"

"SILENCE!!!" And then, that same thick, masculine voice that spoke to the robot soldiers after he couldn't take any more hearing the ponies whimpering and he shut them up, and this someone with a thick male voice was exactly the pony that the turtles and the Mane 6 were talking about, this somepony was the Shredder,

Shredder pony: https://www.deviantart.com/mlptmntdisneykauane/art/MLP-TMNT-Destruidor-815692441

"Now listen to me well, if I hear another cry from any of you, I swear you all will be wished to never screamed or lived in your life!" Shredder warned all the ponies.

And who else was there was the Kraangs.

"And here are some ponies you asked for." Said Shredder handing the kidnapped ponies to the Kraangs. "Now I want you to make these ponies stronger and more obedient to me alone." He ordered.

"The Kraangs did as much as possible, the one known as the Shredder." Said a Kraang.

"The Kraangs will ensure that these creatures known as ponies will be useful for their plans to take over the world known as Equestria." Said another Kraang.

"Excellent, and I promise you will have what you wanted, transform Equestria in your dimension.

Celestia has always shown too much restraint when it comes to rule. When I am king, you all Kraangs will be free to take whatever you want in Equestria, because you Kraangs have worlds that you want to have and transform." Said Shredder

"But Kraang must remind the Shredder that the world known as Equestria is ruled by those known as Princess Celestia and Princess Luna." Said Kraang.

"Celestia and Luna is yesterday's message" Shredder started while some Kraangs were in doubt. "A clapped-out, distracted regime" Shredder continued while some Kraangs whispered to each other. "Whose failings undoubtedly presage" He continued while some Kraangs realized that Shredder was rhyming with every sentence he spoke. "The need for a different dream" And the Kraangs started to think that Shredder was about to sing, and they were right, because then Shredder started to sing.

"Yes, the pony kingdom times are a-changin'
Which means that kraangs must too
My vision is clear and wide-ranging
And even encompasses you"

"So prepare for the coup of the century
Prepare for the murkiest scam
Meticulous planning, tenacity spanning
Decades of denial is simply why I'll be king
Undisputed, respected, saluted
And seen for the wonder I AM!!"

"Yes, my hooves and ambitions are bared
Be prepared"

"(Be prepared, be prepared, be prepared, be prepared)" The Kraangs and the Hoof Clan accompany the Shredder song.

"Be prepared" Shredder.

"(Be prepared, be prepared, be prepared)" The Kraangs and the Hoof Clan.

"Be prepared" Shredder.

(Be prepared, be prepared, be prepared)

"Be prepared!" Shredder.
"(Be prepared, be prepared, be prepared, be prepared, be prepared)" The Kraangs and the Hoof Clan

"Be prepared!!" Shredder.

"(Be prepared, be prepared, be prepared)" The Kraangs and the Hoof Clan.

"Yes, our teeth and ambitions are bared" Shredder, The Kraangs and the Hoof Clan