• Published 2nd Mar 2020
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My Little Ninja Turtle (Part 1) - MlpTmntDisneyKauane

The turtles went on an adventure in another world called Equestria to saved it from the evil Kraangs, but for that, they needed to learn more about this new world, but luckily they meet the Mane 6.

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Patrol Day

The next day after the battle in Canterlot and the discovery of a Shredder counterpart in Equestria, the ponies turtles and the Mane 6 decide to do a patrol day around parts of Equestria to catch sight of some Kraang or some Hoof Clan or anything about Shredder, Rarity and Donnie patrol Canterlort, Pinkie, Mikey and Applejack patrol Ponyville, Rainbow, Raph and Fluttershy patrol Cloudsdale and Twilight, Spike and Leo patrol the Everfree forest.

In Canterlort, Rarity and Donnie sat at a cafeteria table watching, searching and asking some ponies about something suspicious today, so far so good.

"Anything suspicious Rarity?" Donnie asked.

"No, everything looks normal in Canterlot, but just one question: Why would those soldiers attack Canterlot again?" Rarity asked.

"Yeah, that was a good point, but you never know what could happen, besides, it's not just attacks that we need to watch, we need to watch something suspicious that is something from the Kraangs or the Hoof Clan." Donnie explained.

"Pretty smart." Said Rarity.

"Well, that's what I am on the team." Donnie said.

"And your brothers are lucky to have someone like that on the team." Rarity praised.

"Too bad they don't respect that." Donnie said.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Rarity asked.

"Well, it's just that they always make fun of me being a nerd." Donnie said.

"Make fun of you? But why is that?" Rarity asked.

"Nor do I know why, I think it's because they find these things boring that nerds like to study and they end up making fun of him for that." Said Rarity.

"But don't they know that being smart is nice and not at all silly or boring?" Said Rarity.

"Yeah, and they are only impressed when I create something that they really care about, like when I created the Shellraiser, that was the first time Raph had said I was amazing." Said Donnie joking.

"Oh, but this is absurd, they should be impressed and thank you with everything you do, after all, you are the brain of the team and it was because of you that your brothers did the things they didn't know how to do but only you knew. " Said Rarity.

"Huh, April once told me something almost like this." Donnie said.

"Who's April?" Rarity asked.

"Well ... she's a human girl." Donnie was talking while falling in love talking about April. "And ... she is sweet, she is brave and very beautiful and ..."

"*Gasp* Oh my gosh Donnie! You have crush with her !?" Said Rarity excited and curious.

"WHAT!? No, i mean ... uum, she is pretty but i ... i ..." Donnie stammered as he blushed.

"Oh Donnie, this is so cute! Have you told her that yet?" Rarity asked.

"NO! No, no I didn't told her." Donnie said feeling down.

"Donnie, what's the matter? Doesn't she like you?" Rarity asked.

"No, she likes me yes, but not as a ... Well, you know." Donnie said.

"Yeah, i get it." Said Rarity.

"Besides, I don't think I have a chance to do that." Donnie said.

"But why wouldn't you have a chance?" Rarity asked.

"Look, remember when me and my brothers said that in our world we are mutant turtles?" Donnie asked.

"Yeah, I think that weird I admit." Said Rarity.

"Exactly, she would never be with a mutant like me, if I tell her that me and her that we are more than friends, I bet she will be disgusted." Donnie said.

"Donnie, she won't stop being with you just because you're a mutant, she'll stay with you because she likes you the way you are, no matter who you are or what you look like." Said Rarity.

"Do you really think so?" Donnie asked.

"Well, think about it: If she chose you as a friend, she will definitely want to have you more than a friend." Said Rarity. "Besides, why wouldn't she want someone like you? You're smart, skilled, and as it seems, pretty, I don't think it's an ugly freak like these humans say."

"This is because you know me as a pony, you have no idea exactly what my brothers and I are like." Donnie said.

"But it doesn't matter, just like that old saying: Never judge a book by its cover. And I can bet that this is what April must have seen it in you." Said Rarity.

Donnie felt better when he heard all that Rarity said.

"Thank you Rarity, you are very generous." Donnie said.

"Like my element my darling, it is very good to help a friend." Said Rarity.

"Do you consider me as a friend?" Donnie asked.

"Of course yes, and you?" Rarity answers and asks.

"Well, yes, I think it's very nice to have a friend from ..." Before Donnie completed what he was going to say, something caught his eye. "Wait." He said.

"What, what's the matter?" Rarity asked.

"There's a Kraang over there!" Donnie whispers pointing at the Kraang.

The two purple-haired unicorns look at a Pegasus Kraang.

"Oh, so now this Kraang wants to get in trouble, huh?" Rarity whispered. "Then let's finish him off!" She said.

"Wait, we need to know why he's here, and we don't want cause to panic the ponies." Donnie explained.

"Oh yeah, you're right. But how are we going to spy on him without he notices us?" Rarity asked.

"Don't worry, I got this." Donnie said.

He picks up a spy cockroach that was with him.

"AAH! A cockroach?!" Said Rarity scared and disgusted.

"Not just any cockroach, a spy cockroach, he will be close to the Kraang without him noticing and we'll hear him on that megaphone" said Donnie while he took the megaphone.

Donnie releases the cockroach and the cockroach walks towards the Kraang, climbing up the hidden wall, Rarity and Donnie then started to hear Kraang talking to someone on his mini phone that was on his wrist, who was talking on the audio seemed to be the voice of Shredder.

"Have you managed to capture another pony for the mutation yet?" Shredder asked in the audio.

"Negative, one called Shredder, after yesterday's attack, those known as ponies should now be more aware and careful about what is called a threat." Kraang answered.

"I figured, something else?" Shredder asked.

"I assume that the world known as Equestria now being watched by enemies of the Kraangs known as ninja turtles together with the six heroines of Equestria known as the Mane 6." Said the Kraang.

"So Mane 6 now helping these ninja turtles? Why am I not surprised by that?" Shredder said sarcastically on the second question. "And how are the mutations of the other ponies." He asks.

"The mutations are still being tested, one called Shredder, we have already done it in two ponies, but none of them are as strong as you wanted." Said Kraang.

"Then work harder on that! I need new mutants for the next attack." Said Shredder.

"Next attack?" Said Rarity.

The two continued to listen to the Kraang.

"Now make sure the other Kraangs have captured some more Ponyville and Cloudsdale ponies," said Shredder.

"Ponyville!?" Donnie said.

"Cloudsdale!?" Said Rarity.

Kraang hears these two voices and looks at where those voices come from, but luckily Rarity and Donnie realized that Kraang heard and took two menus and covered their faces pretended that were customers of the cafeteria, Kraang did not suspect anything and speaks again with the Shredder in the audio.

"Confirmed, Kraang will check on the Kraangs right now." Said Kraang turning off his audio and flying out of Canterlot.

"Oh goodness, we need to warn the others in Ponyville and Cloudsdale." Said Rarity.

"But how are we going to get to Cloudsdale in time? The air balloon is in Ponyville and it doesn't go fast enough, and we both don't have enough magic to levitate ourselves." Donnie asked.

Rarity looks around Canterlot for maybe some pegasu to help, she finds a gray female pegasus with yellow hair and crossed eyes called Derpy.

"I got a idea, hey Derpy! Come here, darling!" Rarity calls Derpy, and Derpy is already coming.

"Hi Rarity, can I help you?" Derpy asked.

"Darling, I need you to Cloudsdale to tell Rainbow Dash and her friends that the Kraangs are going to Cloudsdale." Rarity asked.

"Of course, Rarity. But just one thing: What are Kraangs?" Derpy asked.

"No time to explain, just tell Rainbow and her friends about these Kraangs." Said Rarity.

"Okay, I'll be going now." Said Derpy flying to Cloudsdale.

"Okay, now we are going to warn the others in Ponyville." Donnie said and the two run out of Canterlot.
Meanwhile in Cloudsdale, Rainbow, Raph and Fluttershy were on the lookout, but everything was fine for now.

"It seems to be all right in Cloudsdale." Said Fluttershy.

"Yeah, but we can't help but be on the lookout." Rainbow Dash said.

"She's right, we never know when an enemy can attack or where, he can be anywhere." Raph said.

"Anywhere!?" Fluttershy asked, startled.

"Anywhere." Rainbow Dash answered in a sinister way, which made Fluttershy more scared and more nervous.

"Well, uum ... So. I'll be watching more, over there, hidden." Fluttershy said it ran very fast.

"Is she always like this?" Raph asked.

"Yes, Fluttershy has always been very timid and fearful, but when somepony does something that really makes her angry, she yelled and makes that stare." Rainbow answered.

"I realized that yesterday." Raph said, still feeling humiliated that he was afraid of Fluttershy's stare.

So Rainbow Dash saw something flying in, it wasn't a pegasus or a Kraang, it was her pet turtle, Tank, that flew with his helix.

"Tank, my buddy!" Rainbow said.

"Tank? Who's Tank?" Raph asked.

Tank reaches Rainbow and she hugs him.

"This is Tank, my pet turtle, I mean, he's a tortoise, but I like to call him a turtle, I asked him to help us watch Cloudsdale too, isn't it, little guy?" Said Rainbow while she wagged her snout at Tank's snout. "So, anything suspicious about Cloudsdale?" She asked Tank.

Tank nods his head slowly in not.

"Great, keep up the good work, and remember: If you see anything suspicious, let us know, okay?" Said Rainbow and Tank licks her face making her giggle and hugs him.

Raph watched Rainbow Dash with her pet turtle, making him remember that same friendship he had with his pet turtle named Spike, he was happy to remember those moments, but then he felt sad.

"See you later, Tank" Rainbow says goodbye to Tank who was already flying away.

Rainbow returns to Raph, and she couldn't help but notice that he was looking sad.

"Raph? What's the matter?" She asked.

"WHAT!? N-Nothing! Nothing, I'm fine, why the question?" Raph disguised it.

"It's just that you looked sad." Rainbow said.

"Looked sad? How silly, I never get sad." Raph said.

"There's no point in pretending, Raph, I saw you looking sad, and it's okay, everyone is sad, even me. So, what's taking you down, man?" Rainbow asked.

So Raph decide to tell.

"Fine, is that seeing you with your pet turtle, it reminded me of when I had my pet turtle."

"Wait, wait, are you a mutant turtle and have a pet turtle? That's weird." Said Rainbow, and Raph just frowned. "But, it's cool, and what was the turtle's name?" She asked.

"His name was Spike." Raph answered.

"Wow, just like our dragon friend Spike, coincidence." Rainbow said.

"Yeah, I thought about that too when I met the little dragon." Raph said. "Anyway, I loved MY Spike, he was my buddy, I always talked to him and he always understood me."

"Wow, me and Tank are also just like you and your Spike." Rainbow said.

"Yeah, it was." Raph said.

"It was? What do you mean? What happened?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Well, do you know the mutagen I told you about?" Raph asked.

"Yes, you're talking about the green goo turns anyone into a mutant, right?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"That's it, what happened is that Spike ended up entering the mutagen, and on purpose." Raph said.

"On purpose? But why?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"He wanted to be like me and my brothers, but it turned out that the mutagen also messed with his mind, he now also wanted to destroy my brothers, and I admit that it was kind of guilt. Don't tell my brothers that I admitted that! " Raph said and warned.

"Okay, I'm not going to tell them, but why is it your fault?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Because I always told him that I couldn't stand my brothers, and it was I who left the mutagen in my room with Spike." Raph said.

"Okay, but then what happened next?" Rainbow asked.

"Me and Slash, which was now is his name, we were in town collecting the mutagen bottles, but when I was alone discussing with one of my brothers, Leo, I had no idea what Slash was doing with the others." Raph said.

"Let me guess, was he hurting them?" Rainbow guessed.

"Exactly, first it was Donnie, then Mikey, and then me, when I told him I didn't want that and that he was nothing but a monster, as soon as he said those things, he fought me and hurt me, and after me, it was Leo." Raph said.

"Man, does this mutagen really change the head, and what happened next?" Rainbow asked.

"I managed to defeat him with a trick that Master Splinter taught me, but I didn't want him to leave after that, because that's what he ended up doing." Raph ends the story feeling sad.

Rainbow Dash was sorry that this happened to Raph and Slash.

"I'm sorry for that, I know you two were great friends, I'm sure he will be back one day." She said.

"I hope. But as long as I don't have him, I have my brothers who always accompany me." Raph said, feeling a little happy.

"That's what it's like to have an act of loyalty, my friend." Rainbow said.

"I already told you! We are not ..." Before Raph completed what he was going to say, he thinks about being friends or not. "Look, I think Mikey is really right, I think the two of us should really try to be..."

But before Raph finished speaking, he was interrupted when Derpy fell on top of him.

"Oops, my bad." Derpy apologizes.

"Derpy? What are you doing here?" Rainbow asked.

"Rarity sent me here to say something to you." Said Derpy.

"It is what it is?" Rainbow asks.

"She said these things are coming to Cloudsdale." Said Derpy.

"Things? What things?" Raph asked.

"Well ... Uum, I think something that starts with K, let me remember, it was Kranly, Krenji, Kang, Kango ..." Derpy tried to remember.

"Kraang?" Rainbow asked if that was it.

"Yeah, that's it, Kraang. So, she said these Kraangs are coming to Cloudsdale." Said Derpy was happy to tell it (and having no idea it was a bad thing).

"Are the Kraangs coming here!?" Rainbow asked shocked.

"Yeah, you're welcome for telling this, bye." Said Derpy leaving smiling.

"That cross-eyed pony has no idea that this is a bad thing, is it?" Raph asked dryly frowning.

"Raph focus, the Kraangs are coming here, we need..." Rainbow is interrupted when she hears a cry that seemed to be from Fluttershy.

"That's the cry of..." Raph is interrupted by Rainbow Dash.

"Fluttershy!" Rainbow said worriedly.

The two strong pegasus run where Fluttershy's cry is coming from. When they arrived, the Kraangs had already arrived, they were capturing other pegasus that were there, including Fluttershy.

"No! Let me go! Help! Somepony help me!" Fluttershy cry.

"I'm coming Fluttershy!" Said Rainbow, flying to help her friend.

"Stop the one known as Rainbow Dash." One of the Kraangs ordered.

The Kraangs shoot with their laser weapons, but Rainbow is quick and managed to dodge the lasers.

"Hah, you guys are really bad at aiming." Rainbow joked.

But then one of the lasers hits her tail.

"Well, maybe not that much." She said while holding her tail.

Meanwhile, Raph was giving the Kraangs some beatings that were capturing other pegasus.

"Why don't you take somepony your size?" Raph asked joked.

The two pegasus continued releasing other pegasus and taking down the Kraangs, until they saw the last Kraang that was with Fluttershy going to the portal.

"Raphael, Rainbow Dash, help!" Fluttershy cry.

"Fluttershy! Let her go!" Rainbow ordered and flies to try to free her shy friend.

But unfortunately, it was too late ...

"RAINBOW!!!" Fluttershy cry and she enters the portal with Kraang.

When Rainbow got to where the portal was, she just ends up hitting her face on the wall where there was no other portal.

"NO! BRING HER BACK!! FLUTTERSHY!!!" Rainbow Dash screamed while hitting the wall where the portal that led her friend had once been. But then she stops beating and her anger soon becomes sadness. "I should have saved her first."

"Calm down, Dash. We're going to save her." Raph guaranteed.

Rainbow tried to calm down.

"*Sigh* I hope so." Rainbow said.

"Okay, now let's let the others know about this." Raph said.

The two pegasus left Cloudsdale and went to Ponyville.
Meanwhile in Ponyville, Applejack watched Ponyville right while Mikey and Pinkie watched in a funny way (and ridiculous to Applejack). The two funny ponies were dressed in ninja clothes (like from Ninjago), Pinkie Pie wore pink ninja clothe and Mikey wore an orange.

Pinkie and Mikey were spying on hiding in the bush, on big rocks and even on a lamp post, Applejack just walked around looking at the two goofballs, rolling their eyes and frowning. So Pinkie and Mikey were hiding on top of a tree and pretended they were talking in a magaphone with each other.

"Psshh, orange ninja to pink ninja, are you listening, Over?" Mikey asked Pinkie.

"Psshh, pink ninja listening to orange ninja, what's the question, Over?" Pinkie asked.

"Psshh, something suspicious or threatening in Ponyville, Over? Mikey asked.

"Psshh, negative, everything looks good and safe, orange ninja, the ponies look happy without concern, what about you, Over?" Pinkie asked.

"Psshh, all positive, Over." Mikey replied.

But then something hit the tree causing the two silly ninjas to fall, and it was Applejack that had kicked the tree.

"Can you guys stop this clowning?" Applejack asked unsympathetic.

"What? We are just spying like ninjas." Said Pinkie.

"And with those cool clothes, it was Pinkie's idea." Mikey said.

"Yeah, so that nopony can notice us while we hide." Said Pinkie.

"Just for the record, everypony was able to see the two of you get hide, even with those clothes on." Said Applejack while pointing to the ponies that looked at the two costumed ninjas.

"Psshh, orange ninja to pink ninja, we were discovered, Over." Said Mikey still pretending to speak on a magaphone.

"Psshh, positive, abort mission, Over!" Said Pinkie.

"Can you two stop these 'Psshh' and 'Over' and we consent to keep a close eye on Ponyville?!" Applejack asks unsympathetic while she returns to watch Ponyville, leaving Mikey and Pinkie who soon took off their ninja masks .

"*Sigh* Whenever I do something funny, my friends get irritated." Pinkie said feeling sad.

Mikey did not like to see his pink friend sad, so he decides to talk to her for a while.

"I understand you, my brothers also curse me when I do something like this, they don't understand that I do it for fun." Mikey spoke.

"Me too, I also do these things for fun, I do it for all sad ponies to smile, that's what I do in my life, make the ponies and my friends happy." Pinkie was happy to say those things. "But sometimes, some of my nonsense annoys them instead of making them smile." Pinkie felt sad again.

"Well, i guess that's because some ponies just want to be alone and at peace from time to time. Oh, one thing I don't do either." Mikey realizes what he said.

"Yeah, but I think you're right, I mean, I LOVE to make the ponies happy." Said Pinkie.

"I know, and I also LOVE doing my silly things, but ... I forget that not everyone likes the things I do." Mikey said.

"Yeah, as for me, I have MANY ponies who love my way of cheering them up, and I have FEW who don't." Said Pinkie.

"Now me. Huh, I guess NOBODY likes the things I do." Mikey said.

"'noBODY maybe, but there is somePONY who likes it." Said Pinkie.

"Really? Who?" Mikey asked.

"It's me silly!" Pinkie said and hugged Mikey.

"Really? Do you like it !?" Mikey asked happily.

"Of course, you are funny, cool and a great friend from another world that a pony like me could have!" Pinkie said cheerfully.

"Friend? Did you say friend?" Mikey asked.

"Of course yes, you is my friend now!" Said Pinkie.

Mikey was really happy that Pinkie Pie said that and hugged her tight too.

"You are also a great friend from another world that a mutant turtle could have." Mikey said happily.

"You know, I always wanted to have a mutant as a friend." Said Pinkie.

"And I always wanted to have a talking pony as a friend." Mikey said.

Pinkie and Mikey cut off the hug, but Pinkie then decides to do something.

"Okay, can i just, say something crazy?!" Pinkie asked.

"I love crazy, i mean, i AM Crazy!" Mikey answered.

Pinkie Pie sing.

"All my life i've thrown a party some ponies no understood
And then suddenly, a bump into you"

"I was thinking the same thing 'Cause like... "Mikey said and sing too.

"I've been searching my whole life to find my own place
And maybe it's the party talking or the chocolate fondue"

"But with you..." Pinkie Pie.
"But with you..." Mikey.
"I found my place." Mikey.
"I can see your face." Pinkie Pie

Pinkie and Mikey sing both.

"And it's nothing like I've ever known before!"

"Friendship is a open door!
Friendship is a open door!
Friendship is a open door!"

"With you!" Pinkie Pie.

"With you!" Mikey.

"With you!" Pinkie Pie.

"With you!" Mikey.

"Friendship is a open door" Pinkie and Mikey.

"I mean it's AWESOME" Mikey.

"What?!" Pinkie Pie

"We finnish each other-" Mikey.

"Pizza with cupcakes?!" Pinkie Pie

"That's what I was gonna say!" Mikey.

"I've never met somepony..." Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie and Mikey sing both.

"Who thinks so much like me!"

"Jinx! Jinx again!"

"Our mental synchronization
Can have but one explanation"

"You-" Mikey.

"And i-" Pinkie.

"Were-" Mikey.

"Just-" Pinkie.

"Meant to be." Mikey and Pinkie.

"Say goodbye..." Pinkie Pie.
"Say goodbye..." Mikey.

Pinkie and Mikey sing both.

"To the pain of the past"
"We don't have to feel it anymore!"

"Friendship is a open door!
Friendship is a open door!
Friendship is a open door!"

"With you!" Pinkie Pie.

"With you!" Mikey.

"With you!" Pinkie Pie.

"With you!" Mikey.

"Friendship is a open door" Pinkie and Mikey.

"Can I say something crazy?" Mikey asked and Pinkie just giggles. "You wanna be my BEST Friend Forever?" He asked and Pinkie just smile.

"Can I say something even crazier?" Pinkie asked and just Mikey smile. "YES!" She anwsered.

Pinkie and Mikey hug each other, falling together on the floor and having a good laugh. But then, the laughter and the fun ends when the two hear someone calling them, they both look and it was Rainbow and Raph coming.

"Mikey!" Raph calls him.

"Pinkie!" Rainbow calls her.

"Raph?" Mikey said.

"Rainbow?" Said Pinkie.

"What is the problem?" Pinkie and Mikey asked at the same time.

"The Kraangs invaded Cloudsdale, they captured many pegasus." Raph said.

"And Fluttershy too!" Rainbow Dash said worriedly.

"Fluttershy?!" Pinkie asked shocked.

"Did the Kraangs take her!?" Mikey asked, also shocked.

"Who taked who?" They overheard Donnie asking who had just arrived with Rarity.

"What happened? Who taked who?" Rarity asked.

"The Kraangs went to Cloudsdale, take the pegasus and Fluttershy." Raph explains.

"Fluttershy!? Oh, this is horrible!" Said Rarity shocked.

"And where's Applejack?" Donnie asked.

"Argh! Get your hooves off me!" Everyone hears Applejack shouting.

"She's over there," said Pinkie.

"And seems she is in a trouble!" Mikey said.

"So let's help her!" Rainbow ordered and everyone runs to where the Applejack scream was coming from.

When they arrived, it was the Kraangs again and this time capturing Applejack, and Applejack struggled to get away from the Kraangs. "

"UGH! Let me go, you old cans with brains!" Applejack cursed.

"Wow, I wish I could have told this with the Kraangs that myself." Raph said.

The Kraangs opened the portal ready to take Applejack.

"They will take her!" Said Rarity shocked.

"Oh no they won't!" Rainbow said flying fast to help her cowgirl friend.

The Kraangs were already ready to take Applejack.

"Hey you!" The Kraangs hear Rainbow Dash saying that. "Let go of my friend now!" She ordered.

"Kraang says to who known as Rainbow Dash is too late, your friend is gone." Said the Krang and enters the portal with Applejack and the portal closes.

And all that was left of Applejack was her hat, Rainbow takes the Applejack's hat and her sadness soon becomes anger.

"AAARGH! First they took Fluttershy, then Applejack, and now who? I HATE THESE KRAANGS!!" Rainbow Dash cursed.

"Dashie, please calm down, we will save them, I promise." Rarity promised.

"I'm sorry for the other girls, but let's save them." Donnie guaranteed.

Rainbow feels more or less better.

"Now, where are Leo and Twilight?" Raph asked.

"They went to Everfree Forest." Pinkie asked.

"What!? Why are these two going there?" Rainbow asked.

"This seems to be a Twilight thing, but I think the two are coming at the two sisters' castle." Said Rarity.

"Are you talking about the ancient castle of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna?" Donnie asked.

"That's it" Rarity answered.

"But why are they going there?" Raph asked.

"There's only one way to know, let's go!" Donnie said and everyone runs to Everfree forest.
And finally in the Everfree forest, Twilight, Leo and Spike had just left the forest.

"Okay, that was a little scary." Said Leo.

"Yeah, the Everfree forest is really scary." Twilight said.

"So, are we arrived?" Leo asked.

"Yes, we arrived, at the castle of the two sisters." Twilight said.

The two looked at the old castle.

"Wow, it looks like a haunted castle." Said Leo.

"Yeah, but you don't have to be scared." Twilight said.

"Scared? Me? I'm not scared." Said Leo, but when he looks at the castle, he gulped. "Okay, maybe a little." He said.

Twiilight just giggled and said: "But don't worry, Equestria can be inhabited by magic and even black magic, but believe me, this castle is not a bit haunted."

"Yeah, but the girls thought it was haunted by the Shadow Pony, it even caused a big panic inside the castle." Spike said.

"But when we solve this fear problem, we start to come here from time to time." Twilight said.

"And, can you tell me why we are here exactly?" Leo asked.

"Something tells me something else about the Kraangs in that castle." Twilight replied.

"But what does this castle have to do with the Kraangs?" Leo asked.

"There's only one way to find out." Twilight said and she, Leo and Spike enter the castle.

Inside the castle, the three entered the castle's old library.

"* Sigh* It's great to be back here again." Said Twilight who was already excited to read the books, she flew looking at all the shelves.

"I'm starting to think that Twilight only came here because of the books." Spike joked.

"Twilight, are you sure there is anything about the Kraangs here?" Leo asked.

"I'm not sure Leo, but I feel like there's really something about the Kraangs here in the castle, maybe in one of those books, I just need to find it." Said Twilight continuing to look for something more about the Kraangs.

So Leo also decides to look. But what the gang didn't know is that they were being watched by Shredder.

"Who are these three?" Shredder asked irritably.

"One of them is the one known as Leonardo who is the leader of those known as turtles, and that alicorn is the one known as Princess Twilight Sparkle." Said the Kraang.

"So, this is Celestia's student who became a princess as everypony says? Interesting." Said Shredder smirking under his helmet. "Send my soldiers over here, I want to see this gang fight against them" He said.

Returning to the library, Leo had become interested in a book that had a Katanas design on the cover and so Leo started reading that book.

Twilight still kept looking relentlessly for a book that talks about the Kraangs.

"No. No. No. It isn't that either." Said Twilight who was looking at books that didn't say anything about the Kraangs, she gets a little frustrated. "*Sigh* Did I get it wrong about this castle having something about the Kraangs?" Twilight asked herself.

But then, a brilliant book caught her eye, she took that book and started reading.

"Guys, we've been here for an hour, and we haven't found anything about the Kraangs." Spike said bored.

"Patience Spike, we still have to find something about the Kraangs." Said Leo.

"Look, just in my opinion, but I don't think we will find anything about the Kraangs here." Spike said.

"I found something about the Kraangs here!" Twilight said happily.

"Oh, I take it back." Spike said.

"You found?" Leo asked.

"Yes, and it says here why the Kraangs are so interested in invading Equestria." Twilight said.

"Really? And what's that?" Leo asked.

"Listen, a thousand years ago ..." But before Twilight read on ...

"Behind you!" Spike warned.

"Huh?" Twilight looks back and is faced with a Hoof Clan aiming a missile gun at it. The Hoof Clan fires the missile.

"Twilight, look out!" Leo warned and pushed his friend, the missile only reached a pile of books.

"Oh, that was close!" Twilight said relieved.

"Are you okay?" Leo asked Twilight.

"Yes, thank you Leo." Twilight thanked.

Then more Hoofs Clans appeared.

"These guys again, really?" Spike complained.

Leo prepares his Katanas and Twilight prepares her magic.

"Ready to do this again?" Leo asked.

"Certainly." Twilight replied smirking.

And the fight started, Leo cut the robots with his Katanas and shot them with his magic, Twilight also uses her magic to knock the robots down and also kicked them, and Spike kicked, punched and spit fire at the robots.

"Spike, behind you!" Leo warned.

Spike looks and comes across a Hoof Clan that was about to strike Spike with his sword, but suddenly, Raph appears and kicks him right in the face of the robot.

"Raph?" Spike said.

'Not just him, but also we, "said Rainbow Dash, and the rest of the group: Rarity, Donnie, Pinkie and Mikey appeared.

"Do you need help getting these guys down?" Mikey asked.

"Sure!" Spike answered.

And the whole gang fights against the Hoofs Clans, Mikey beat the robots with his Nunchakus, Pinkie dodged the robots the same way when she did it with Rarity, Rarity and Donnie used their magic to bring down the robots, and Rainbow and Raph used their hooves beating the robots.

"Why don't you use your Sais?" Rainbow asked Raph.

"I still haven't figured out how to handle them with my hooves" said Raph as he continued to punch the robots.

Finally, the fight is over, all the Hoof Clan robots have been destroyed.

"Ah yeah! We are really getting really good at it!" Rainbow said.

"Yeah, thanks to the turtles." Said Pinkie.

"And we are also getting very good at this thanks to the girls." Mikey said.

Pinkie and Mikey get brohoof.

"I never thought I would admit it, but we are really doing great teamwork." Raph said.

"Yeah, if we continue like this, no enemy will stand a chance with us." Rainbow said.

"I'm not so sure about that." The group hears a thick male voice calling them, they look and come across Shredder.

"Shredder!?" Mikey said shocked.

"So this is the Shredder that you four talked about so much?" Rainbow Dash.

"It's really him." Raph replied.

"But this is not our Shredder, this is the other Shredder that Princess Celestia spoke about." Donnie said.

"And believe me, I am even stronger and more powerful and more evil than my counterpart that you four know." Said Shredder.

"Oh yeah? This is what we will see!" Said Rainbow, flying straight to Shredder.

"Rainbow Dash, no!" Said Leo.

Rainbow Dash was ready to attack Shredder, but then, Shredder uses his magic and stops Rainbow Dash and throws her hard on the ground with the others.

"Rainbow!" Twilight cry.

"Ow, yeah, he really is stronger and more powerful." Rainbow Dash admits while she feel pain.

"We are not yet ready to fight him" said Mikey.

"Mikey is right, guys, get together." Leo ordered.

Everyone ran together, and Leo and Twilight use their magic ready to teleport.

"We end here, Shredder, but this isn't over yet." Twilight declared and the whole gang disappeared.

"You're right Twilight Sparkle, we're just begin." Shredder gave his evil laugh.